Why Should I Engage in Local Politics?

Tune in to The Brew as Val and Luis speak with Riverside City Council Member Andy Melendrez about the importance of voting in your local elections, as well as investing in local arts programs.

How Failing to Get an Internship Got Me to Where I Am Today

After experiencing failure all summer, I had a moment of clarity. I started to ask myself “why do I care about what others think about me, this is my life.” Working a job that I did not enjoy showed me that nothing in life is permanent if you are willing to do something about it. Each life experience is a choice to either complain or to treat it as an opportunity to reflect and grow.

Failing to Care for Myself Was The Best, Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me

Every so often I struggle with my mental health, but not too long ago, I hit my rock bottom. I would sleep all day because I felt like I had no reason to wake up. The day I realized I failed myself, I asked myself “Is this how you want to feel the rest of your life?” and the obvious answer to that question simply was; no, I didn’t.

How Failure Taught Me To Be A Captain

Before starting my position as Captain of the Dance Team, I thought my utmost responsibility was to bring in 1st place. But my mentality toward leadership has shifted ever since. Performing on stage no longer meant winning. It meant cherishing the countless hours rehearsing my journey with the girls.

How Poor Time Management And Academic Probation Led To My Success

I always thought that setting myself up for success means having a diverse portfolio that will offer me as many options as possible after graduation. It was only through therapy and self-introspection that I learned I needed to slim down my workload and focus on what I really wanted to do with my career.