Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz

You may recognize her from Bon Appetit or her many features on NY Times Cooking and Vice, but to me, Claire Saffitz is recognized as my baking hero, or baking mom – if you will. Gone are the days of looking up dessert recipes on AllRecipes (no hate if you do). Dessert Person has challenged […]


Splice is great because I can use this for both video editing as well as music production. Splice is a resource that allows you to choose from thousands of sounds. For example, if I am editing a video and I capture b-roll of birds flying, I can find a variety of bird sounds to use […]

My biggest hobby is DJing and producing electronic music. is one of my favorite music resources as it allows me to extract acapellas and vocals from songs if I ever want to use them for mashups, edits or remixes. -Evan, Ad Strategist at The Brew Check Out

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Probably the most used app on my phone, Ultimate Guitar Tabs is a resource I will endorse time and time and again. As a self taught guitar player reading sheet music was never a skill I quite mastered, with UGT I have access to a large library of both community and professionally transposed tablature to […]

Gallon Water Bottle 

I bought this bottle when some of my friends around me were taking on the “75 Hard Challenge” during which they had to drink a gallon of water everyday. Since I am only 5’’1, I soon realized that finishing the entire gallon everyday is probably not the best thing to do (losing too much salt). […]

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes

If you’re not a climbing geek, this may not be relevant but still entertain this read as I take a crack at simplifying climbing terminology. As much as you may think an aggressive shoe (aggressive shoe = very pointy shoe) is not suitable for your foot type, dispel all those preconceived notions! This type of […]

Moka Pot

I’ve tried every coffee tool under the sun, and out of all the ones I’ve tried, the moka pot has the greatest return. This nifty tool is a stovetop coffee maker that brews coffee by boiling water in the lower compartment to generate steam to pass through the coffee grinds. And if that’s all too […]