Splice is great because I can use this for both video editing as well as music production. Splice is a resource that allows you to choose from thousands of sounds. For example, if I am editing a video and I capture b-roll of birds flying, I can find a variety of bird sounds to use […]


Lightroom is my go to software for editing my photos. In my opinion, it is much easier to use than Photoshop and it allows me to get my colors just how I want them. Although Photoshop allows you to do much more with content, Lightroom is a great place to start if you want to […]


My biggest hobby is DJing and producing electronic music. Splitter.ai is one of my favorite music resources as it allows me to extract acapellas and vocals from songs if I ever want to use them for mashups, edits or remixes. -Evan, Ad Strategist at The Brew Check Out Splitter.ai

Premiere Rush

Sometimes life gets busy, and you can’t be creating content from the comfort of your own home all the time. With Premiere Rush, you can edit videos anywhere through your laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone! Premiere Rush is a great resource to utilize when you’re out and about and need to create a […]

Microsoft Sticky Notes

As a naturally forgetful person, I need to write down the tasks that I need to get done, and with Microsoft Sticky Notes, it allows me to do that without having to use paper. Not only is it paperless, but it also allows me to have all my information and tasks in one place rather […]