Honeybook Client Management System

Besides the extremely easy interface Honeybook presents itself with, this client management system has far outdone any other CRM system our team has tried. Say bye-bye to wasting time with buggy systems and hello to finding yourself with more time working on things that matter: getting clients and converting sales. Accomplish writing a proposal, getting […]

Microsoft Sticky Notes

As a naturally forgetful person, I need to write down the tasks that I need to get done, and with Microsoft Sticky Notes, it allows me to do that without having to use paper. Not only is it paperless, but it also allows me to have all my information and tasks in one place rather […]


I have always been the guy with about several notebooks in current use and about a dozen more full ones at home. However eventually there comes a time where all that information needs to go into one place and Evernote made compiling years worth of story ideas and note taking into a relatively easy task. […]


Coffitivity easily creates a work environment as if you were working in a local coffeeshop. With plenty of options and locations to choose from, you can selectively pick where you would like to “work” while working from home. -Nick, Lead Producer at The Brew Check out Coffitivity

Fences by Stardock

A desktop organization tool that allows you to create small “fences” to organize your files on your desktop. You can create dedicated grids and locations on your desktop, as well as customize colors and text to further create your own organization on your desktop. Check out Fences by Stardock

Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Matrix Notebook

This is the GOAT notebook. It has been my go to for the last 5 years. I go through one each year and also love being able to go back and see notebooks from years past to see notes, todo lists, and other everyday notes. -Luis, Head of Business Development at The Brew Get This […]


If you wanna take notes like a champ this is the way. It allow you to pool your notes by category and allows for tagging so you can quickly look up your notes based off your own categories. -Luis, Head of Business Development at The Brew Check out Notion


When I have a todo list that is longer than a CVS receipt, having Todoist to help me sort out my task and duties with explanations and sub categories is great. When my list a more manageable, I just use my notebook. -Luis, Head of Business Development at The Brew Check out Todoist

Pomodoro Timer

Burn out is a real thing with me, so having a timer that fits breaks into my work day is great! Also, it makes me feel like I have more time to think with a clear head. -Luis, Head of Business Development at The Brew Check out this Timer


Loom is a tool that allows you to record your cameras, microphone and desktop for sharing. It is a little bit like zoom recording, but even better because the videos are instantly available (no more processing time woohoo)! Everything is stored on cloud so you do not have to worry about storage issues; and the best part? Viewers […]