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Amanda Torres

I Would Tell My Middle School Self that She is Capable

“I would tell my middle school self that she is enough and she is capable of doing all things; it’s up to her to start. The beauty that she is looking for starts with her heart. Lastly, I would tell her that she is loved and cared for. I would remind her she is worthy of love which is the meaning of her name.”

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"If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough." –Oprah Winfrey

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Losing Myself for a Year and Finding Her Again

“The harder thing is not in what skills you have, but in developing character- and because I already have that down, I can do anything.” It just took a year of underestimating myself to realize that…I would never disrespect myself to that extent again- because I know myself, I know the things I enjoy and am set to do.

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When You Feel Unloved

I used to be a pretty judgmental person, thinking that I knew the right way to go about things… until my first year as a working professional when I started experiencing loneliness and depression. Depression can be very humbling sometimes, as I’ve now realized that everybody’s got their shit.

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How to Nail Your Zoom Interview

Virtual interviewing presents a few unique challenges to overcome if you want to nail your interview and get the job. If you follow the following pieces of advice, you can help yourself stand out from other applicants for the right reasons and maximize your potential for success.

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How a Breakup Led to a Better Relationship with Myself

Being in a relationship during quarantine is tough for any couple, whether you’re experiencing a newer relationship or an existing one. The combination of Covid stresses alongside an unhealthy relationship left my mental health in pieces, and I had to figure out how to heal through it…

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Things Don’t Always Go the Way We Plan, and That’s Okay

Being a first-generation Palestinian, I had always been motivated by his desire to understand more about his parents and their background. My dream was to use my experience and exposure to politics to connect with the folks there and help them in some way. However, my dreams were “shattered” when I went on a college study abroad trip to Palestine.

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An Introduction to MoreThan

This is a post dedicated to the collaboration between MoreThan and The Brew. Read The Brew’s interview with Hana Brannigan, who started MoreThan as content platform helping others in their eating disorder recovery journeys.

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Comprehensive & Adaptable SMART Goals Template

While many of us know full-well the benefits of having goals, it is not always easy to set, track, improvise, and achieve them. Here is a SMART goals tracking template built on Google Spreadsheets that you can customize to your own unique needs!

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How a Lack of Self-Worth Led to a Life of Empowerment

It was during grad school when I was studying abroad in London. I was by myself one day and was cutting vegetables with a knife and all I was thinking was, “Oh my gosh, if I wanted to end it, I could.” I immediately threw my knife down and went to my blanket and started screaming…

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How a Mistake at My First Internship Taught me about Organization

I felt like I failed my boss and the company because of my behavior. Nonetheless, I try not dwell on my failures; instead, I try to learn from them. Years later, I am now an Audit Associate at KPMG and have found that the organization lessons I learned from my past slip-up has helped me day-to-day operations in the corporate accounting world. 

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Easing My Anxieties with a To-Do List

A few months ago, the Free Logic/The Brew team made a video offering encouragements and tips on how to get through the difficult quarantine period. While we shared many ways to reduce anxiety and increase productivity, my #1 tip was to create a to-do list in my journal. Read on to learn about how to maximize your to-do list!

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How I Landed a Google Interview Using LinkedIn

When it comes to leveraging LinkedIn, my advice to you is simply to “suck it up.” I know it is straightforward, but if you don’t try out those opportunities, you will live with regrets. You have to put yourself out there and gain those experiences. 

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How Getting Deported Led Me To Where I Am Today

My deportation equipped me for any other hardship down the road. I almost felt untouchable after I overcame it. I learned to not keep my feelings to myself, and instead, to share it with my peers. My community around me found inspiration from my story, and that is one of the things that I’ve given back.

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Finding Community in Serving Others in the Medical Field

When I started my undergrad at UC Irvine, I was planning to work on my electronic music YouTube channel full-time and create my own record label one day. It was my time in college that made me switch my path from music to medicine, as I realized I wanted a deeper sense of community and connection with others.

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The 4 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose

Our generation has so many options given to us. We’re told to pursue this career, take that path. We need to know our purpose and avoid following what others want for and from us. Read on to learn about the 4 questions that can help you find your purpose!

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Finding Your Passion for Others

Part of what makes finding your passion so rewarding is that it oftentimes results in helping others. An athletic trainer may love what they do, but helping others achieve their same goals is what brings the most reward to them. But… how does one find their own passion?

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It’s Not All About the Job Referral

For the longest time, I had this misconception that I would instantly get a job referral once I was able to secure a coffee chat. However, the most valuable piece of advice I can give you when networking is to never go into it expecting to come out with a job referral.

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