20 Tips for Working From Home

Content Why you want the best work-from-home setup possible Top Remote Work Trends in 2023 An organized space Light bulb: Get your daily dose of full-spectrum light Minimize Distractions Join a remote-friendly company. You don’t need anything fancy to get started, but if you want some inspiration, there are lots of office-based exercise apps you can […]

What it Takes to Create a Successful Startup

Val and Luis are joined by Steven Hoffman, author of the book Surviving a Startup! From dealing with failure to strategies to earn venture capital join us as we learn exactly what it takes to survive a start up!

Data Privacy and a Cookie-less Future

From chocolate chip to the ones that track your data join Val and Luis as they discuss the future of Cookies. Join us as we discuss exactly what cookies do and how a future without them may be in store.

Being a Creative During the Pandemic

Val and Luis are joined by Constantine Pappas and Ethan Castro to discuss what it was like to be a creative during the pandemic. From disc golf to OnlyFans… learn with us what took these two individuals to survive COVID as creatives!

Mental Health Awareness with Hana Brannigan

Listen to our Mental Health Awareness chat with Hana Brannigan of You’ll Bee Okay! From sharing our own mental health stories to tips on how to manage anxiety, the Brew team and Hana are here to tell you that it’s okay to struggle and seek healing!

The Future of Sports Journalism

Watch this episode with Jon Fernandez and Jaryd Bongcaras of the Technically Foul podcast! Join Val and Luis as they speak about all things related to sports journalism, including how sports fans can become their own commentators.

Digital Artists and the NFT Market

Tune in to this episode with the NFT Jeweler Gambiit, the creator of the NFT Chain. Listen to Gambiit’s story of losing his crypto wallet, his thoughts on the “old money” mindset, and what’s next for NFT’s and artists!

What is the No Code Movement?

What is the No Code Movement and could it potentially be the future of coding? Tune into The Brew as Val and Nikhil explain what No Code is, different services that offer no-code solutions, and how the possibilities of No Code are endless.

Clubhouse, Amazon, and the Future of Social Media

Join Luis in teaching Val what exactly he’s missing out on being an Android user without Clubhouse. Get ready to learn about the future of social media as well as what’s going on with Amazon in this week’s episode of The Brew.