Being a Creative During the Pandemic

Val and Luis are joined by Constantine Pappas and Ethan Castro to discuss what it was like to be a creative during the pandemic. From disc golf to OnlyFans… learn with us what took these two individuals to survive COVID as creatives!

The Future of Sports Journalism

Watch this episode with Jon Fernandez and Jaryd Bongcaras of the Technically Foul podcast! Join Val and Luis as they speak about all things related to sports journalism, including how sports fans can become their own commentators.

EPIC Games Sues Apple & Google

EPIC Games, the creators of the internationally successful video game Fortnite, is filing a lawsuit against Apple and Google after the removal of the Fortnite app from their respective app stores. What caused Apple and Google to remove the app? Tune in to learn more!

How to Get Started in Entertainment

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an entertainer? Watch this episode with Constantine Pappas, a seasoned performer who has been all across Europe on the Viking Cruise as the lead performer in the national tour of the Phantom of the Opera!

Challenges Facing the Music Industry

Tune in to this episode featuring Gabe Bautista, a musician, actor, comedian and all around entertainer from the University of California, Riverside.