Data Privacy and a Cookie-less Future

From chocolate chip to the ones that track your data join Val and Luis as they discuss the future of Cookies. Join us as we discuss exactly what cookies do and how a future without them may be in store.

What is the No Code Movement?

What is the No Code Movement and could it potentially be the future of coding? Tune into The Brew as Val and Nikhil explain what No Code is, different services that offer no-code solutions, and how the possibilities of No Code are endless.

Clubhouse, Amazon, and the Future of Social Media

Join Luis in teaching Val what exactly he’s missing out on being an Android user without Clubhouse. Get ready to learn about the future of social media as well as what’s going on with Amazon in this week’s episode of The Brew.

The Future of Blockchain Technology and NFT’s

Val is joined by Ryan Chew and Qing Ze of Tribe to discuss something he always wanted to talk about, the world of Blockchain and NFT! Join us and learn what exactly what these things are and how exactly your future might be impacted by this future technology.

Understanding New Trends in Technology

In this episode, Val speaks with Kan Wang, lecturer of the University of California, Riverside and the Assistant Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder with the County of Riverside, California, to talk about the importance of understanding new trends in technology and how it can save your business from falling behind your competition.

Understanding Lead Generation

Lead generation is often overlooked in college curriculums even though it is vital in finding and capturing potential clients/customers for your business. In this episode, Val and Luis explain what lead generation is, what it means to build a sales funnel, and why small businesses need to build their online platforms as soon as possible.

Building a Hardtech Startup Company

A hardtech startup is a company that involves the creation of new hardware technologies in the startup field, much like the company that Abhishek Sastri founded, FLUIX LLC. Watch this episode where Abhishek talks about the ins and outs of building a hardtech company!

New Trends and Pivots in Technology

As tech companies face hardships with new competition entering the market, companies can either fold to the competition, change their business models, or partner with other companies. Tune into the Brew as the team talks about new trends in tech and how companies are staying afloat in these uncertain times.

EPIC Games Sues Apple & Google

EPIC Games, the creators of the internationally successful video game Fortnite, is filing a lawsuit against Apple and Google after the removal of the Fortnite app from their respective app stores. What caused Apple and Google to remove the app? Tune in to learn more!