Our Story

The Brew is a platform centered on authentic conversations and a supportive community

The story behind The Brew originated from the travels of Free Logic’s co-founder, Valtteri (Val) Salomaki, as he enjoyed coffee or beer chats with locals from all around the world.

He wanted to have authentic conversations to challenge his views, while learning valuable tips to help navigate his life. Upon returning from his travels, Val brought up the idea to his co-founder of Free Logic, Nikhil Mehrotra, of providing a platform where others can challenge their perspectives, while learning valuable information.

Soon after, they decided to start a podcast with the help of Nick Saldivar. Over time, as the Free Logic team grew, so did the vision behind the platform.

Now, instead of a podcast, The Brew is a full platform aiming to challenge and expand the perspectives of traditional ways of thought, while providing a supportive community that can help others navigate their life journey.

The Brew Team
& What The Brew Means To Us


It is all about human connection and building a community that focuses on collaboration over comparison. The Brew is a platform to be your authentic self and support others on their journey towards success.


It’s a space for open-mindedness, storytelling, and empathy. Every episode of the Brew is a new chapter highlighting unique insights and journeys of the people and world around us.


It's a platform where I can use my video production skills to create the various shows and podcasts on The Brew. In a way, I’m able to produce content to showcase thought leaders and better help our viewers.


The Brew is all about connecting with people from all walks of life and giving a platform to those ideas and individuals who might not have one.


It means I get to be my whole, unapologetic self. It means I get to ask ridiculous questions and state my opinions – I’m a voice to be heard.


It is a platform where we can freely give the opportunity to share stories and resources, give our time, support and the sense of being in a community.


To me the Brew mean expression, it provides a place where people from different walks and roles in life to come together and share their experiences in hope of uplifting and inspiring others.


It is a diverse conversation made for anyone. With the widespread use of topics that are discussed, it has been a true building block behind a community of collaborative support between various occupations.


The Brew is about learning of other struggles to reflect on our own, but not compare. To understand we’re not alone and everyone’s path to their purpose is unique.

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