Are Unions Here to Save Us from Open Market Capitalism?


Valtteri starts off by mentioning how often companies and organizations do not put real importance on the day-to-day employees that work there. More often than not it is the ones who come up with the ideas that get the pay and recognition while those who are responsible for implementing the ideas are the ones who are left in the dust. This goes back into strategy and tactics. You need both to run a successful company. You need people who have the ideas (strategy) and others who can implement them (tactics). In a perfect world, you would have a team of people who are a part of both conversations. Putting one another in a position to better empathize with people from all aspects of the business. This is what unions and collectives aim to solve. 

Kelley puts it in plain english. “Workers are important. Workers rights are human rights. Human rights matter. And unions protect those.” Kelley goes on to mention how some people think poorly of unions without actually having any knowledge of them. This is mainly due to all the anti-union propaganda throughout the late 80s and early 90s. These views are some that should be just that, propaganda. At the end of the day, unions’ main fight is identical to that of human rights – they want equal and fair representation. 

Regardless of where you are in your opinions in regards to unions and collectives as a whole. I think it is clear that we all want workers to have rights and protections that they might not have at this time. These protections can be as simple as ensuring paid time off to something more existential, like healthcare. 

Until all workers throughout the world have a certain amount of unalienable rights, unions will be UNDERRATED. 

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