Blockchain in Elections, Working Remotely, VR vs AR, & more!

In this episode we discuss blockchain in elections, working remotely, and VR vs AR with Professor Rich Yueh from UC Riverside. Want to know what the Information Systems professor really thinks of Artificial Intelligence?

When it comes to outdoor dining, it’s all about the experience. Whether you are with friends and family or with a significant other. Sharing a meal with someone is a huge way to connect with that person and your overall environment. Outdoor dining can be the best way to catch up with those people you have missed the most while keeping an openness to your environment. When you think about how it has been impacted because of COVID19, it’s clear that a lot of the same issues that came up from vacationing during COVID19 are here as well. This idea of having to worry about this pandemic and having it loom over you at every moment while you are trying to enjoy your meal does not help towards a relaxing meal. Instead of it feeling like you are there to enjoy your time with whoever you are there with, there is almost this sense of it becoming a mechanical function. One where you are told to wait outside with a mask on and guided to your seat where you are expected to stay for much of the eating experience. This ultimately removes all the feeling of the eating experience is casual. For those reasons above Valtteri has to side with eating out being UNDERRATED except for when COVID19 is involved, in which case it is OVERRATED. 

Moving on, Kelley brings up this idea that most people should make a conscious effort to eat outside more, in whatever sort of way that might be. He talked about how when he and his bandmates would travel to and from shows, they would often stop wherever and eat their meals. At times that would mean that they would be eating at gas stations, quick stop foods or whatever they could get their hands on. But, even though the food was not the best, he holds those moments where he would be eating outside with his friends in high regard. He looks back at those moments as being ones of happiness and bliss because he was with people he admired. This is why Kelley believes that outdoor dining is very UNDERRATED. 

While the means to which outdoor dining got wide adoption in the United States might not be the greatest, it’s a trend that we all hope will continue. Because of how great the expectation of outdoor dining is along with the memories to be made, it will continue to be UNDERRATED. 

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