Did The Recent Antitrust Senate Hearings Even Mean Anything?


Both Nikhil and Valtteri share the same sentiment when it comes to how this antitrust hearing went. 

Nikhil went on about a US Senator going off on Mark Zuckerberg over whether or not Facebook tracks their users cookie data. Anyone with even an elementary knowledge of the internet knows that EVERY PAGE on the internet will track your cookies. That is how websites remember what you had in your cart. As well as how they know you are fond of a particular brand so they use that to hit you with ads. 

Valtteri went into the idea that what the hearings represent and what they should lead to are supremely UNDERRATED, but this hearing in particular was OVERRATED. Valtteri brings up how the United States Senators would oftentimes bring up the issue of censorship within these platforms when that was not the purpose of the hearing. By changing the subject to one that fit their parties agenda, those US Senators took away time that could have been spent on the topic of antitrust and getting to the real core issue that was at hand. Moreover, there were times where these US Senators seemed to not be able to tell the difference between social media platforms. With one US Senator grilling Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, about a policy that Twitter is using. While conjuring the sprite of Jack Dorsey into the halls of Capitol Hill might seem cool, it is pointless considering Jack would have nothing to do with the topic at hand. The Senator mixing up the social media platforms with one another just highlights how some of the members might not be equipped to tackle the issues being faced today. 

It’s clear that we need more hearings like this in place to ensure companies do not have too much power over competition within the United States. With that being said, we also need to think about having representatives who are educated in the needs of a modern time.

Until that happens, these Antitrust hearings are OVERRATED. 

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