Is it Smart for Sports to Return During COVID19?

When it comes to sports returning during COVID19, the team is mixed in their feelings. Valtteri believes that it is OVERRATED while Nikhil believes it is UNDERRATED. 

Looking on why it is OVERRATED. It can easily be summed up by the lack of fans in the stands. There is a reason why some people believe that the fans are another member of the team. Their energy can make or break the performance of a professional team. So much so that popular video game 2K integrated the fans into the free throw portion of the game. If you are a visiting team, the home team’s fans can make it harder on you to make the shot, and vise versa. So, now that some sports have come back with limited to no fans in attendance, it has made the celebratory part of the game seem pointless. You can argue that without the fans being there the teams might not have the same sense of pressure to perform, thereby leading to a lackluster performance. 

Turning our attention to why it might be UNDERRATED. Look no further than what happened with the NBA. What people are witnessing right now are pickup games at the highest level within basketball. The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers were in the NBA Bubble for 3 months. In those 3 months all those teams did was eat, sleep, and breathe basketball. The eventual end came through the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers beat the Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to become the 2019-2020 NBA Champions. COVID19 has taught us that we cannot take for granted what we had prior to the pandemic. Sports included.  

While there was a bit of disagreement about whether or not sports during COVID19 are OVERRATED or UNDERRATED, we can all agree that we are happy to have them back. 

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