Should You be Vacationing During COVID19?!


There is a feeling of ease that you want to experience when you are vacationing and when you are trying to do that while a global pandemic is happening, that ease might be a lot harder to come by. Instead what you are likely to come across is the feeling of fear. Fear about whether or not you will get COVID19 as a result of you wanting to vacation. While you travel you are going to worry about every part of getting to your destination. You’ll probably worry about the drive to the airport, being in the airport, the flight, and the travel to your hotel or resort. Because of this cloud that will be consistently hanging over the vacation, Valtteri cannot in good faith recommend going on vacation during COVID19. 

With that feeling also comes the understanding that throughout the United States people are getting the feeling like they want to escape what is going on with COVID19. So, there is a bit of sympathy that goes into knowing that people want to feel some relief from what is going on. With that said, Kelley goes on to say that right now there really is no escape from COVID19 anywhere you go. So, people have to be able to digest that right now there are no such things as vacations or weekend trips. Thinking that there is a way to get past and escape COVID19 is very overrated. 

While addressing the issue of vacationing during COVID19, someone in the live chat brought up the idea that you can go camping or to a cabin with someone in the woods or the mountains. This idea was something that both Valtteri and Kelley agreed with! Saying that if this is on the table, this is definitely something that can be done safely and would be great for a nice getaway. 

So, unless you are going up to the woods or the mountains vacationing during COVID19 will remain OVERRATED. 

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