Why Plastic Straws are Bad and You Should Feel Bad for Using Them!


While Valtteri is a HUGE fan of environmentalism he believes that banning straws and forcing people to adopt another habit is not the way to go about shifting change. He acknowledges that the footprint of single use plastic straws is a big issue. But, he does not believe that the practice of banning plastic straws is causing people to act in their own sustainable ways. Meaning that some people might feel as though they have done enough simply by just having someone else take away their ability to use a plastic straw. Making it so, there is no real change in the day-to-day sentiment of their feelings towards the environment or making a change. 

Kelley believes that when it comes to it, he is all for banning straws. He wants to make an impact no matter how small it might be on someone’s day-to-day routine. While someone having to use a sippy cup lid or a cardboard straw might be different for them, it will lead to a lowering of the carbon footprint that one person is leaving. As someone who runs a coffee business, he has the direct control over this impact. So if he can control it and make an impact for the environment, he will do that. 

The group goes on to talk about how there has to be a shift in consumer behavior around this topic. People are looking for a silver bullet approach to saving the environment, when truly a lot of the pressure should fall onto the corporations who are the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, right behind animal farming. 

While Valtteri and Kelley both agreed that plastic straws are OVERRATED, it is clear that there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

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