Will You Ever Get a Good Cup of Coffee Out of A Keurig?


Valtteri brought up how k-cups just don’t “do it” for him. He wants to be able to go through a process when it comes to brewing his coffee. There is almost something therapeutic about having a process in place that you can rely on doing every morning to get yourself a cup of coffee. While it is convenient to have your coffee done quickly without much of any work, there is no satisfaction when you get the finished product. You are just there for the caffeine. Nothing else.  

Kelley brings up that at his house he has what is essentially a giant K-cup machine where you put the pod inside and it gives you an entire pitcher of coffee within seconds. He says that while it is amazing it also “kinda sucks” but he mentions that the line between amazing and sucks is really blurry and that is why he likes the machine. Kelley goes on to talk about how at the moment there is no good solution for K-cups that will give you a good cup of coffee. He suggests that someone develop that and actually put some effort into the technology. 

The group answers a question from the live show stating how the pods might be bad for the environment. Kelley suggests that they should be made from a compostable material that will lessen the ecological footprint and impact. Finishing his point by stating that maybe if we did not look at the K-cups as something that is cheap and disposable, we would not be making them out of cheap materials. 

Luis closed it out by saying that he had a bad experience with a Keurig where the coffee just came out too watery for his liking. 

Ultimately, until someone can figure out how to make a good cup of coffee with a Keurig while making it eco friendly, K-Cups will continue to remain a hot debate. OVERRATED to some people and UNDERRATED to others.

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