3 Reasons Why You Should Exercise While Working From Home

3 Reasons Why You Should Exercise While Working From Home

It’s no secret that the current COVID-19 pandemic has led to many radical changes in the lives of just about everyone.

Many people can no longer go into the office and must work from home while students are forced to attend classes remotely through video platforms such as Zoom. Now that people are home so much, their mostly sedentary lifestyles have become extremely sedentary. But, it’s possible to make some major improvements by incorporating daily exercise into your at-home routine.

Here’s why you should:


1. Preventing the “Quarantine 19″

The “quarantine 19” is what many people refer to as the weight they’ve gained due to COVID restrictions. There are many reasons why such a large amount of people have gained weight during the pandemic, but it mostly boils down to disrupted routines and shifting lifestyles. It’s now possible to wake up, get straight to work, complete your day, and then finally get out of bed. Additionally, easy access to food from the kitchen has led many to develop a mindless snacking habit throughout the day. This constant snacking and lack of movement are two of the largest contributors to the “quarantine 19.”

Developing a daily exercise routine (and eliminating the snacking habit) can significantly improve the chances of preventing, or even removing, that extra work-from-home weight.

2. Safeguard Your Mental Health

The physical toll that the pandemic has inflicted on the population is easy to detect and measure. The mental toll, however, often goes unseen.

From burnout to diagnosable disorders; substance abuse to self-harm; the mental effects of the pandemic have been well-recorded. But, as the saying goes, “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” Regular exercise can improve mental health by releasing endorphins that can help improve one’s wellbeing.

Adding exercise into your daily routine can help prevent the onset of mental illness or the worsening of a previously present illness.


3. Promote Social Bonds

In addition to improving one’s physical and mental health, regular exercise can also help promote social bonds during the pandemic.

Exercise can become a family activity that everyone in the household participates in, thus promoting social bonds among family members. It’s possible to exercise outside with others, as long as proper social distancing protocols are being followed (no physical contact, masks are worn by all persons involved, with no less than six feet of space between all participants). This can provide people with an opportunity to connect with others outside of the household while also remaining safe.

Other considerations are to organize group workout times with friends over Zoom or Skype, which is an even safer option than a socially-distanced in-person exercise session. Being able to connect and laugh with friends while promoting a healthier lifestyle is an excellent reason to exercise while working from home.


There are many reasons why getting exercise every day is important, but it’s especially important now when there are so many factors working against good health. Improve your health and wellbeing by developing a regular exercise routine—you’ll be happy you did.

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