A list of curated, free-to-use personal branding resources.

Olympic Personal Branding Toolkit

A surprising toolkit that I came across comes from the Olympics themselves. While focused mainly on how athletes can create their own personal branding, I’ve found that a majority of their material can be used for working professionals as well especially since the hustle of personal branding can be made in any field of work.


NPR’s 3 Minute Listen On Personal Branding

This quick listen from NPR provides insight on how important personal branding is, as well as how important it is to be confident in your own branding.


The Personal Brand Workbook

This is a free to use, personal branding workbook that can be typed into from Adobe Acrobat or downloaded and printed. The workbook comes from PwC, a company that provides audit, assurance, consulting, and tax services.


Growing Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Coming from our very own show The Brew, our interviewee Neil Goyal provides insight on how to grow a more meaningful network of colleagues. This clip below talks specifically about personal branding, however you can find so much more about business and personal growth from the full episode as well.

Personal Branding Toolkit

This toolkit comes from Kait Ledonne from LinkedIn, focusing on how to customize and utilize your LinkedIn profile to showcase and promote your quality of work to others on the platform.


(Bonus!) Personal Branding From Heidi Chen

Our bonus resource comes from our very own Heidi Chen who wrote an entire thought piece on personal branding. Not only does her article provide incredible insightful advice from a customer’s point of view, it also provides her own story of creating her own personal brand.

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