Finding Your Passion for Others

Oftentimes, the reason we find our passion in our work is how we provide benefit and help to others

Part of what makes finding your passion so rewarding is that oftentimes results in helping others. An athletic trainer may love to maintain physical and mental health, but helping others achieve their same goals is what brings the most reward to them. But how does one find their own passion?

In Ristretto form, I’ve found a quick 10 minute video that can aid you on the right path to finding your passion. The video introduces speaker Adam Leipzig, a movie producer, executive, and distributor, and how he found a certain problem within his group of peers. If you want a head start, skip ahead to 3:11 if you want to get straight to the concept!

For me, I love video production and producing online shows because I personally love turning show concepts into complete productions; turning nothing into something. But what I have come to find out is that I love being able to take people’s ideas and not only make it a reality, but to also provide a platform for others. I produce to live show of The Brew, but in doing so I’m able to provide a base for someone to talk about their lives and share with others their advice and shortcomings that they’ve experienced in their careers.

I hope this quick video helps guide you to finding what you love to do in life. Years ago when I came across this video, I didn’t think about how helping others could be the reason why I love doing what I do.

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