How to Nail Your Zoom Interview

Most of us interviewing these days are doing so virtually, usually over Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or some other video conferencing platform. While there are certainly advantages to being able to interview from the comfort of your home, virtual interviewing presents a few unique challenges to overcome if you want to nail your interview and get the job. As a general rule, if you treat your virtual interview with the same levels of seriousness and professionalism as you would if you were interviewing in person, you will likely do a great job. Even still, if you follow the following pieces of advice, you can help yourself stand out from other applicants for the right reasons and maximize your potential for success.

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Prepare As If It Were Any Other Interview

This first piece of advice might seem obvious, but treating your Zoom interview as if you were interviewing in person is fundamentally important. While in theory you could keep a stack of notes about the company you are applying for on your desk outside of your webcam’s view, your body language would come off as forced, and your answers would seem less organic. Instead, treat the interview as one you would have to do cold and in person. Be prepared to answer even tricky questions. Your extra effort will shine through and set you apart.

Dress for Success

Though you don’t need to leave your home to interview by Zoom, you should still aim to dress professionally for your interview (at least from the waist up). While your background, experience, and how you answer questions are far more important than any outfit, dressing professionally demonstrates that you care about making a good impression and that even if you are to continue working from home, you can dress in an appropriate way when the situation requires it.

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Do a Test Run

The day of your interview should not be the first time you test your webcam, microphone, computer, and charger. By taking a few minutes the day before your interview, you can go into your interview feeling confident that your interviewer will be able to see and hear you and that your computer won’t die in the middle of an important question.

Prepare for External Factors

In this new work-from-home world, there are many factors that are entirely outside of our control that we must deal with in a given workday. Many of us have roommates, pets, and babies that share our space, and without taking steps to prepare for external factors, it is easy for a virtual interview to be completely derailed. Before your interview, find a quiet space and make it known that you will be interviewing so that those who share your space know not to interrupt you. Even if something less than ideal happens, such as a roommate walking through your background or a pet jumping on your keyboard, remember that your interviewers are human and have probably experienced the very same thing at some point.

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