Digital Artists and the NFT Market

About This Episode

Today the team speak with the NFT Jeweler Gambiit, the creator of the NFT Chain, to talk about how digital artists are implementing their work with the NFT market.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Show:
0:00 – Introduction
1:23 – Who is Gambiit?
1:45 – What is an NFT?
2:20 – What got Gambiit into crypto and blockchain?
6:40 – Pioneering an Idea
8:36 – Digital Artists, Beeple and NFT’s
10:22 – The Reseller Market
11:12 – How NFT’s Can Fix the Market
12:42 – Video Games and NFT’s
18:24 – The Variety of Implementation of NFT’s
20:49 – Crypto Wallets and the Future
24:28 – Losing Your Crypto Wallet Horror Story
25:50 – The Flaws in Crypto
26:59 – The Way Tech Can Progress
29:16 – The Downsides of NFT’s
34:29 – The Supply Chain and GPU’s
36:35 – Nobody Knows Everything about Crypto
43:08 – Investing in Alt-Coins
45:18 – What’s Next for NFT’s and Artists?
47:31 – Building Your Work on the Best Platform
50:32 – Steve Aoki and the NFT Chain
1:01:45 – The “Old Money” Mindset
1:01:07 – Gambiit’s Failure Story

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[00:00:00] So then like a way that the block chain could fix things, you know, like I’ve been talking to companies and I’ve seen like how other people are doing it, like, you know, they put like a sticker like in the shoe. And then like when you scan in what your phone verifies it, you know? So, like, let me let me check your uses. Are they real? You know, like, you know, you don’t want to be wearing fake stuff, especially people calling you out, you know, also on verification, like, that’s the most important part.

  [00:00:36] All right, welcome to the brew. I’m your host of Valtteri Salomaki. Today, I’m joined with my co-host, Luis and we got a special guest today. We got we got Eddie in the house, who is the first NFT jeweler, which is going to be a little conversation talking about everything tied into NFT’s and everything else. What’s going on right now with all the craziness which we were literally just talking about off screen with all these all coins and stupidity in the market, but also market application, which I think is a it’s a two sided effect. But before we get started, you can introduce yourself a little bit a little bit of your background. You know,  where you come from. I know you also went to UCR and stuff like that, so you can give a little background that also recommend putting the mic a little bit closer just for the audio, because I know

 [00:01:17] you want it at about a kissable distance.

 [00:01:19] Joe Rogan stuff. A fist away All right. So. So, guys, my name is Eddie Jaramillo and I’m from South Central. And, yeah, I went to UCR. I just graduated last year and now I’m here doing a podcast for, like, you know, you see, I related students and stuff. So, I mean, that’s pretty crazy. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m glad I’m here, you know, and you just keep it going.

 [00:01:42] Yeah, no, absolutely. So I mean, majority today we’re going to be talking about things like NFT. So before we get started, just for those that are tuning in and that don’t know what, NFT is a non fungible token and pretty much what that is, is it’s authentication of a digital art piece. And what we’re going be talking about today, which I think is quite fascinating, is how you took concepts like NFT. Right. And then you made it a physical product as well, because that’s something that I’m super fascinated. And how do we how do we turn the NFT world into digital physical products? Because it’s a it’s a little tricky on that end because it’s a digital system ledger to prove that it’s legit and that one out of one and you’re bring it into the physical space. But I think to get started. What do you mean introduce you to, like, the concept like block chain and course any of these kinds of things? Because for most people, you know, it just goes right over their heads.

 [00:02:27] So then like my journey in the cryptocurrency career, like started like when I was going to Long Beach City College. Right. And I was just talking with my homie poller. And then we used to talk about this stuff about crypto and stuff like that. And then like, I’ve always been into like tech, not Supertech, but just like reading about taking on the data. So one day I found out about that guy that was creating the black market. I forgot what what it was, but that’s how you would buy like illegal stuff. And I was like, whoa, what is this guy silkroad?

 [00:02:55] We don’t we don’t condone this guy’s activity.

 [00:02:57] So this is how I found out about it.

 [00:02:59] And then he got caught by the FBI. Right. And there was Bitcoin. I was like, what is this, what is this. Right. And then like I started looking deeper into it, you know, getting down the rabbit hole, you know, and stuff like that. And then I find out this coin engine coin. And then I was like, wow, this is going to revolutionize, like the gaming industry, like, in my opinion back then. Right. And then because there was a time where I was selling like digital assets already, like for a video game. Right. Like I would create like this big dinosaur and then, like, sell it on eBay. But I was like down, this is too much work. Like, I wish there was just a system inside the game that. Let me transfer it quick, quick, you know. So I’m like, so then that’s that’s how I started reading about engine coin. I mean, technically I was transferring NFT’s before NFT’s. And it’s you know, because the whole know I’m telling you, I was I was selling like digital asset in this video game, which is technically an entity. Right. They just haven’t given it that name. But there are items like video games I think are and you know, like four nice games like Call of Duty Skins

 [00:03:54] know, I can be if they do it right.

 [00:03:55] Yeah, they do it right. And when you do that, that’s going to be awesome, you know. So they’re like, fast forward now. 2020. You know, I get an MBA talk shop early and then I tell my homies I’m going, I get in there again and this is cool, you know, like it’s the future I think. Right. And then just being in that like environment, like it’s like introduce me to like more sectors of the NFT. Right. And more people. So then obviously me like I like learning. So like I follow these people into the discourse. I look over stuff on YouTube and I just started learning about all these NFT’s. Right. And then what it could do. And at first I think where we’re at right now is like and it’s the only art, you know, but like this is only the beginning. And it’s like I just think people right now are focusing on the art part, you know, and it’s like, nah, nah, nah. I like this is more than that. You know, just this is just the beginning. So then one day I was just like down LeBron and I bought it at  eighty bucks and then it was just like out of nowhere. Three weeks later I was like three point five thousand dollars. I was like, well, you know, it’s selling my my life. So we’re going to buy a house, you know, a down payment, you know, for the house. Because then I had the Anthony Davis like three pointer. I had Rondo, you know, in the finals to him when I was my my my NBA torture, just looking nice and know. And then one day I just like, you know, I started running because I like running that night. And then I’m like, wow. And then I don’t know what it was, but I think I was seeing this company object infinite and they’re creating like these digital  portraits that are for NFT’s. Right. How do we get this, like how do I use this, how do you know this is though? And then I just started running and I’m like, all right, my physical asset, which is gold. Right? I’m a jeweler. Right. I work in downtown L.A. I’ve been going since I graduated college. You know, my home, my physical asset is worth money and my digital asset is worth money. So why not just like, let’s combine these two worlds, you know, the physical and the digital, you know, the crypto and the gold, you know, because like people when they talk about like crypto and gold, it’s like an enemy kind of, you know, because it’s like Bitcoin is the gold and then gold is the gold. Right. But I just I’m like, wow, it’ll be cool. It will be like merge these two together, you know, because it’s like I don’t know if I’m using the word right, but a juxtaposition like, you know. So then like, I just seen it that way and I was like, well, all right, let’s do this. And then, OK, at first it was the LeBron thing, but then I’m like, wow, like you could put anything on it any. And it’s I know it’s on me. Like we’re going to be the first guy to put a beep on. And, you know, I have the most expensive chain in history, not the biggest collection of the digital age, you know.

 [00:06:38] No, it’s more like when when you pioneer something. Right. Like your name is associated with it. And that’s the that’s the most important piece. Right. Like anybody else can potentially to download and try to figure out and try to replicate you. But they’re not you. Right. And I think what you brought up, which is super unique, is the way you were perceiving and if into the value chain, because at the end of the day, like when people buy jewelry, you can price the jewelry piece based off the value associated with it. Right. Like like somebody is like, oh, that price is that like a lot of people don’t know really like the pricing of jewelry and stuff like that. You’re just going to buy it for buying. Like obviously there is price tiers and there’s, you know, you know, quality gold. There’s no diamonds on there. Bling bling, there’s a multiple different factors. But then when you add another layer to it, which is NFT, which is already being blown out of proportion in some aspects, what you’re doing is you’re saying that like, look, these NFT exist out there and they have the same kind of perceived value to it. Let’s combine them together and let’s grow a value of individual assets, which I think is fucking genius, to be honest, because it’s, for example, like nephews right now, they make sense in like you brought up. It’s right now in the art world, which is fine. I think it’s a good introduction because now people are like, you know, like what is this block saying? Like, how does it actually work? What is it NFT like? And they’re researching it. And I think that’s going to then open the door for these other possibilities. It’s the first time that block chains like tangible to people, I guess. But art itself, like what was it like? Ilan’s like first t weet was like like three hundred thousand dollars and some stupid stuff or like up to a million dollars

 [00:08:11] for like it was Jack’s first tweet. Jack  Dorsey,

 [00:08:13] Jack Dorsey, CEO of

 [00:08:15] Twitter. It sold for like a few million dollars.

 [00:08:18] And he did it for charity, though he did else also, Elon.

 [00:08:22] So, yeah, it’s the ethical side. I’m cool with that. But I don’t get the side where it’s like some people just they forgot there’s like one person, like a kitten or something like that for like two hundred Jesus. I’m like,

 [00:08:33] boy,

 [00:08:35] crypto kitties.

 [00:08:36] It is. I think one thing that’s happening that’s that’s like at first like I think Beeple and like all those, like the bigger artists, the bigger digital artists that are happening, I think all that stuff is like cool. Like you have this dude who like like people like yourself, like people who fell into it, that they were already kind of doing it, you know, like people had that thing where every day for like three thousand and buy something. Yeah. Like five thousand. Now he was making a digital piece of art and he was spending on Twitter. I mean, like here he goes. What I mean today all he did is just take what he was already doing and then just connect it to th e block chain in the next it to Ethereum. And then he started selling it for what was a piece that he sold. How many millions did he get for that?

 [00:09:14] I think it was like 70 plus million or like

 [00:09:16] it was easy, you know. Yeah, yeah. It was like seventy million like sixty nine something. And people are like now it’s like he’s selling it like sixty nine. But the dude’s like next day emulator like it’s like it happened that quick and those pieces like he did when he first his first ever Nettie’s he did in collaboration with it was like a buddy of his that was also a digital artist that was doing NFT before him. And he did, he was like, OK, can you help me make Nettie’s. And he was like, Yeah, I can help you do it. And he was like, What do you want to do? And I was like, he’s like, I’m going to get some of my old pieces. And I think it was like a hundred, two hundred of them. And he sold them for a dollar each. But on Twitter he was just like, all right, I’m selling them for a dollar each. You can get them, come get them. And they sold out instantly. And like now if you still have one of his pieces, they’re worth like eighty grand

 [00:10:02] for the nice part about for the last part of the smart move from him is that you also get five percent commission on every single

 [00:10:09] one. It depends on what he said. Yeah.

 [00:10:11] I think he put information on the on the, on the newer ones. He didn’t, I don’t

 [00:10:16] think he put on the old one. On the old. Yeah. That’s the crazy part. Like that royalty part after like you know, I think the best part is like the secondary market now because the item survives a secondary market like you’re going to keep getting that road to forever, you know. So that’s the important part.

 [00:10:31] Yeah, no, not like the reason why I’m so fascinated by all this is because we are. A reseller market in overall inlike like these bigger companies are now realized, like Nike and Adidas, they’re like shit like, yeah, we’re making shoes, but where you can actually make more margin, more money, that’s why they invest in the stock and stuff like that. And I started realizing and understanding that because I was helping a shout out to Jason in the Bay exclusive shoes, because he he won against an empty suit with shoes and he actually figured out a way to tie that left side to some of the shoes he’s selling. And I’m like, damn, this is fascinating. Like the reseller mindset. And then the NFT mindset is very similar. And if you do it correctly, you can make a completely new business

 [00:11:11] out of it. Yeah. So, I mean, like one of the problems that I think anybody could like fix, especially like in the physical world, is like let’s take, for example, the shoe game. Right. Like, how much billions of dollars are like fake, you know, fake shoes, you know, like a lot, you know, a lot of people will be, you know, just increasing, like, you know, buying replicas.

 [00:11:31] Are you buying meat? No, but hell no.

 [00:11:35] Dude, I have buddies who are buying replicas. Yeah. And they do their

 [00:11:38] fucking good, but I know exactly. They look like easy. Looks like one hundred ninety nine percent of whites.

 [00:11:46] We’re talking like Dior’s do they look identical.

 [00:11:49] So then like a way that the block chain fixes, you know, like I’ve been talking to companies and I’ve seen like how other people are doing it, like, you know, they put like a sticker like in the shoe. And then, like, when you you’re in what your phone either verifies it, you know, it’s like, hey, let me check your uses. Are they real? You know, like, you know, you don’t want to be wearing fake stuff, especially people calling you out and also verification. Like, that’s the most important part.

 [00:12:14] Yeah. Because at the end of the day, that’s what blocking solves. And I think that’s where people need to like like if you don’t understand it by blocking. Right. Like the number one thing you just got to understand about it. It creates trust, it’s verification trust. Because the biggest thing that none of us trust in medical and legal in any of these things is that you don’t trust the other person. So that’s why you have to have, you know, documents that are signed off and sealed and all these kinds of things because people don’t trust other people. Well, let’s not have people in the middle, right. Let’s let a system that can validate in real time, because what you brought up with video games and we’ll we can definitely go into this like where I imagine video games is that you grindin video games, you get some skins and stuff like that. You should be able to sell them in the game, make money off that right. And then also have the rights and exclusive rights for that, like later down the line for things like 3D printing and stuff like that. You should be able to cross level the digital world into the real world and then also cross them over games like, OK, like that’s the matter. It’s like if you do something I think fortnight is the first epic is genius about this because they brought so much IP from, like Marvel. Right. And like Predator. All these things bring it into a center source and then why don’t they use that have to do this where they would make snow?

 [00:13:22] I mean, I think the parent company, they just like put a whole mess of money into, like that huge project of the Metrobus. So, I mean, like it’s for and, you know, they’re going to create their metaverse and everybody else is creating the metaverse, you know, but I mean, as you know, be a tricky part, how you connect all of them. Yeah.

 [00:13:40] Well, have you seen the because of the lawsuit going on right now between Epic and Apple, all of this, all of the legal documents and all like the stuff that’s basically coming out that they had like on lockdown. But because because Apple wanted all this all this documentation, they have to put it out. So, like, they were going to do a partnership of discovery. Yeah. So they were going to do a I think they’re for this playoffs. I don’t know if I can do it now, but for this year’s playoffs, they were going to do a thing inside a fortnight to where you could play as like you can get a player like you could be. I think they were LeBron James is going to for sure be on it. And then I think like two or three more players, like big time players are

 [00:14:16] now seen as something like that Marvel

 [00:14:18] and NBA. Yeah. So that was going to do that. And then they’re going to let you play pickup games inside of it, like one of you one, two to three inside of four men. They’re going to let you do pickup games. You could be an NBA coach or you could be like any of the other skins, but they were going to let you do that kind of stuff. I was going to like an event kind of thing during during the playoffs. I, I don’t know if I’m going to still do it, because now it’s kind of like not it’s cool because people know about it. I hope they do,

 [00:14:43] but yeah, I’m pretty sure they are. Yeah.

 [00:14:45] But it’s cool seeing how like for sure. Like that’s where epic is going with fortnights, like they’re going to create like a of like its own little universe on local metaverse inside of fortnight. And I guarantee you it’s going to just become VR chat in like three years where you could just go in like watch a movie with your friends. Like Delegitimation. Yeah.

 [00:15:05] You open a room, but you’d be like, oh, right now I want to go jump in a balcony.

 [00:15:09] I mean, we

 [00:15:09] already already do that. Yeah. Yeah, we already do. That is just like we’re going to take it to like the next level, you know, because I remember like back then when like in the old days, like you could like see a movie with you’re like, Oh right.

 [00:15:23] Oh yeah. A little either in your home is like right here you can make the time like oh my God, missiles. They, it’s the same thing.

 [00:15:32] They’re just you know, they’re advancing. There’s like technology and. We’re going to be tight no segment.

 [00:15:37] It’s I think it’s going into a into a fun little place, especially with like like seven, eight right now. What’s happening is, like you, if you know what you’re doing, like you’ve done before, you can make money on video games. Now, like, I think on Cisco, I’ve made like I’ve made like two thousand plus dollars on Cisco just from opening up crates and

 [00:15:56] like having stupefies on Rusedski

 [00:15:58] back to old school.

 [00:15:59] And I remember during Katowice twenty fifteen, that’s what I when I was like hardcore addicted to Taxco, I a buddy of mine was like, dude, buy a bunch of these sacred packs. And this is back when I was like working and I shouldn’t like I had no money when I was not an adult and I was just like, fuck it dude. I bought like a hundred. I was like one dollar for the cigaret packs and I bought one hundred dollars one of these cigaret packs. And I started opening. I kept some of them. I felt like half. I was like, I’m going to keep 50, not open them. I’m going to open up 50. And out of the 50 that I kept, I sold them like probably like three years later. I forgot about it. I just like I saw playing Sasko. And then I went back and I sold them and they were selling for like ten bucks a pop. So boom, easy right there that now that’s five hundred bucks and no was more than that because I made like twelve hundred dollars off of cigaret packs. I don’t know what the fuck that was on for, but I sold all 50 for like twelve hundred bucks and then all the stickers that I had, one of the stickers was like this hollow Katowice sticker superior. I sold it for like five hundred bucks for a sticker that you could put on your virtual gun.

 [00:16:57] It makes no fucking sense.

 [00:16:58] Bombing of the supply and demand people wanted. They’re going to pay for it.

 [00:17:02] I get it to be like I was like I remember when I was like super deep in a Sisco’s like Fox. I really want to dragonball like oh, like I want all I want all at the Buji Skins. Do I want to get like a red lamina. But it was a whole I wanted to get like a howl because they, they took it away. It was like one of the raiders and foreskins you could get. But now I look back and I’m like, dude, like I suck at the game now. Like I’m nowhere near as good as I was back in those days. I think, like,

 [00:17:26] your brain just become slow.

 [00:17:27] You seriously know how your brain literally just stops. And I thought I was like, dude, if I had like a dragon lower and like a howl right now, I’d be like, such a disgrace. I just be, like, missing all my like all my shots with, like these like thousand dollar skins on my go.

 [00:17:40] Oh wow. Yeah.

 [00:17:41] No, I mean I get you what you’re saying because like my roommate, when I moved to Riverside, you know, he told me about one time when you had a skin and kind of Sragow and that it was weird like seven thousand dollars.

 [00:17:52] Oh yeah. Yeah.

 [00:17:54] That’s you know, people already paying this money all they just like verify it through the block chain. All ages all come together. I mean, it’s going to take some time, you know.

 [00:18:01] But yeah, it’s not that it’s not easy because you have to added into the gaming like the fundamentals are. The fundamentals aren’t hard, but it’s adding it into a gaming system that very difficult. And I get that side of it. But my point is like, dude, it’s just issue with these old school guys that are running the company is like, dude, you’re a young guy. They’re like, just give him some money, put him on the side of, like, a figure this out and get it to me and make it work. Because due to Nettie’s in so many aspects, from gaming, from jewelry, from digital art, music to all these things,

 [00:18:33] insurance reads like like some Wow. Stuff like take it ticket sales. You know, Mark Cuban is working on that part. Yeah.

 [00:18:42] Because at the end of the day it get use more contract

 [00:18:44] once once the Mavs can run it and they can make it work, it’s over like the NBA is going to pick it up.

 [00:18:49] It’s going to be dog for like tickets. You know why? Because like the recentre ticket right now, it’s crazy. Like you baobabs any ticket for like a hundred bucks. The result is like a thousand. You know what? The smart contract, you can make it so like that tickets one hundred and maybe the max two hundred. You know, like it’s all in the smart contract, like you’re going to be able to put that and then that’s better for the fans, you know, because like I wish I had to buy Bunnie ticket, you know, but now I’m not

 [00:19:12] gonna pay a thousand dollars. And the ones

 [00:19:15] who are going to Toronto because they found no cheaper there and it was literally I think it was cheaper for them to buy the resales in Toronto and get tickets to Toronto and get and get an apartment or Airbnb in Toronto. Then it was for to get them when they

 [00:19:27] were when he was talking about, you know, like I because like, how fixed that know, because it is a problem and I think like owners and they should know it’s a problem. The resale market on tickets,

 [00:19:37] you know, everyone knows, especially like I know that I’ve had a lot of artists who like they’re like bigger indie. So I mean, one of the dudes I Bonavia like well, like one of our artists and he’s like super vocal about the fact that, like, he hates it when, like, the tickets go on sale for, like, I don’t know, frontrow, you you got a ticket for like two hundred bucks or something like that. Right. And someone resource it for like five hundred, six hundred dollars, making it literally impossible for someone who maybe actually cares about people to go in Yemen. One thing that I love and it’s going kind of in that direction is the like the NFC Apple Pay tickets. Those are my favorite tickets when I was kind of like stuck my phone on the break.

 [00:20:14] You see, you could do you know,

 [00:20:15] LFC does the galaxy does that at the Carson Galaxy. You have getting seriously. I mean, I love Geritol. Like, don’t get me wrong then I grew up watching him when he would play for Mexico and then he went over to the euro leagues. But like hurts my heart to know he’s like playing against like the other team.

 [00:20:31] But I mean, we got along well, basically.

 [00:20:33] I mean, what time they play in Africa.

 [00:20:34] Five by. And I think it looks like I can watch the game.

 [00:20:38] I think he’s playing tonight.

 [00:20:39] Yes. Oh, thank God he’s been injured, you know.

 [00:20:42] Yeah, I think I’m almost certain that he’s playing today.

 [00:20:45] And I mean, those are fun. I mean, you know,

 [00:20:47] how do you think is going to be the it’s like the I’m excited about like when I can if I can open up, like my fucking finance account, like my trust wall and be like, oh, here’s my ticket to the game, you know, like because it’s one of those things where, like, I think we’re in the moment right now, we’re like, if you can design like a HAJRATWALA. But I also like trust wallet because if they figure this shit out, there’s a lot of room for them to be like a leader in the wallet space because they’re one of the only wallets that, like, natively right now from like today you can have crypto, you can you can have like both like actual coins, you can have they run all coins. You can also do those like, you know, like investment coins, like the ones where like the it pays like one hundred and fifty percent like

 [00:21:30] like you’ll find that’s the that’s weird and

 [00:21:32] that’s complicated by trying to learn a loyalty

 [00:21:35] like crushing. Which one is it. I know finance has one that you can buy. I do literally one hundred fifty percent monthly return. If you have like if you just have like fucking money lying around like ten grand dude I would toss ten grand into that coin sword. So every month you’re getting back fifteen hundred dollars. It’s.

 [00:21:51] Yeah. It’s a bit more

 [00:21:51] fun don’t you. You have to, you have to let go and that’s dangerous.

 [00:21:54] There’s, there’s two, there’s two coins. The one coin is like where you get it’s less interest. One side I think it pays like ninety percent and that’s like super volatile like that. You could go. It really depends. But the one fifty one, the one that pays more is because your money is locked in for three months. You can’t touch it for I think it’s ninety days. Yeah. You can’t touch it for 90 days. So like you know, like you know what would you want to lose kind of shit and but no like I trust was because like you can, you can host all those things so you can hold coins, the DFI stuff, you can hold all coins, you can hold and have teas in a intrust wallet. And it’s like the wallet. I think that can make everything flow really easily and make everything super understandable, like a nice UI that’s going to be the wallet that everyone’s going to kind of kind of gravitate towards.

 [00:22:38] You should have multiple wallets.

 [00:22:39] Oh, yeah, dude, you can’t trust anybody. You have one,

 [00:22:43] you get hacked. And I want to say, gee, that’s all your money have. You can’t let that

 [00:22:47] I have crypto in like four different wallets. So it’s you know, it’s I and I think I have all of my coins out and they fall it just because they have to be there. I don’t have any other wallet.

 [00:22:57] Yeah. My phone. But yeah. And I would say like for anybody who’s interested in things like crypto and getting crypto, like, yeah, you should have different wallets. And then also like if you’re a newbie you should use

 [00:23:07] three verifications three,

 [00:23:09] but also use things like Coinbase that’s actually like you can actually like if you lose your money, they have to secure it because they are not an iPod company. So like, look at drinking yourself, especially when you get into this world because there’s so much risk that people aren’t like perceiving the back of their minds or someone can get a hack. You can lose it if there’s a wallet that you use or like another platform you’re trading off of and they go under, you don’t get your money like they have no security.

 [00:23:33] You’re doing this

 [00:23:34] happened before it went like these markets, like some marketplaces just like hacked or whatever. And it’s like fifty million like bitcoin lost, like Wohlschlegel. You know, that’s the scary part because like it’s people is like, you know, just some people like livlihood right there, you know, their investments and like the beginning, it’s just like it’s terrible. You know, it’s weird.

 [00:23:51] I think it also goes without saying that if someone on Twitter tells you they can help you buy like some shit and they ask you for like a wallet address, like just heroin.

 [00:23:59] Yeah. Just don’t do it. But I mean, it’s in your wallet just like public. So the wall is needed.

 [00:24:05] So there’s there’s two old addresses. There’s like the there’s the deposit and then there’s the withdrawal one right there with fuck. I think it’s a overdrawn one though with the withdrawal one that’s public because that like that’s a show where you can like buy a burger with it and you can scan the QR code and you can because it’s withdrawing from your account. But the deposit one, that’s the one that can fuck you over. Like if you if they can get access to that one, then they can just complete your account.

 [00:24:28] Yeah. You’re making a wallet like save your password and save your twenty seven. They’ll phrase it. So be careful about that because what I like once you lose that like it’s a ghost, don’t get it back. You know his leg and leg. It happened to many people, you know, especially a lot of ogg’s now I kept like, you know Bob Bitcoin probably got a dollar like ten years later, they lost their you know, they lost their password. They can recover it. Like now that Bitcoin is worth like a million. You know, there was

 [00:24:55] a story back in 2019 when Bitcoin first hit 20 grand, like back in the day about that dude who lost like one hundred and something million dollars. And he because he threw away the hard drive

 [00:25:07] that his

 [00:25:08] ship was in and he he literally went to the landfill like years later. And he just sort of like, just look. Do you imagine the desperation

 [00:25:15] go you go

 [00:25:16] to a fucking landfill just

 [00:25:17] looking. I mean, it’s like those dinosaur guys,

 [00:25:19] you know, with a little brush right there, like she does excavate it.

 [00:25:24] I think I just I just take a little hard lead and just

 [00:25:27] just fucking lose. All look very good right now. Let’s go right now. Treasure hunt, bro. That like that

 [00:25:34] nowadays. That’s worth even more double it.

 [00:25:37] Yeah, he probably has people by looking hard enough. One hundred and sixty sixty million. Dude, I would I would pay

 [00:25:43] like three hundred million.

 [00:25:44] I would give 50 percent for whoever finds it and just get a, you know, hundreds of thousands of people to look for it. But yeah. Know, I mean, aside from the point, this is this is actually like a good conversation we’re having about, like the flaws and things like crypto and stuff like that, because it is a secure thing and it’s honestly on yourself, like you have to, like, understand what you’re going into, the risk associated with it, what is the probabilities of it, what you can do and what you can’t do, because Voloshin overall, that drives it. Also, you have to understand, like, what is the actual application like? What does it solve? Like, what we’re talking about is like there is problems with ticket sales, there’s problem with resellers, there’s problems of trust. And when you’re looking at like what you want to get yourself into, don’t look at it like the hype behind the value of like the like, for example, Bitcoin was the first one. There’s a lot of fundamental problems with Bitcoin, like there’s a lot of issues with it. It’s a really shitty coin. If you actually

 [00:26:33] Bitcoin doesn’t have smart control, great bitcoin

 [00:26:35] doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t Ethereum is legit. If there should be one coin that’s worth 60 grand, it should be a theory.

 [00:26:42] That’s why it makes everything possible. And it makes this whole, like, web like possible. And what’s cool about it is that like, yes, they’re young, created this, but there’s like hundreds and hundreds of people working on it, you know, not

 [00:26:54] they should have been out already, but a

 [00:26:56] theory and some results

 [00:26:57] somewhere. Yeah. And then you want to look at complementary things, like I’m really bullish on like the more Niven’s Ripple. Ripple has a lot of governmental good. I’m really bullish on things like chainlink and I’m really bullish on something called VRT and JAYATI. The reason why I like it is you have to look at like when you’re getting into this stuff, look at what happened with the Internet, right. Like look at what the first steps are. Then it is the same conversation, like, oh no, we’re going to do this. Technology is too complicated. Nobody gets it. Bovines like slowly like application. And if these you know, we’ve got this and we got that, I like Jayati and stuff like that. Don’t think Jayati might not be the best one, but it’s creating a search engine for cryptos. I’m like, do that smarts. Fuck dude, if you’re creating a system that you can then leverage and search index and understand like what people’s purchase behaviors are and create algorithms and stuff like that, I’m like, dude, that that solves the huge fundamental like Babloo.

 [00:27:46] I remember tabloidy. I mean it’s all about data. At the end of the day it is is not about

 [00:27:50] structuring data, but I’m thinking of like this is the Google of your your your collection system. Like I want to invest into the first movers in the areas that worked in the Internet age, don’t like don’t recreate the wheel and like look at the players in a market that are solving problems that exist because of the Internet and then jump into those and then start thinking of like how you can tie it into everything else.

 [00:28:10] There’s and I think I didn’t like that’s.

 [00:28:12] So I’m like, that’s that’s exactly what you did.

 [00:28:15] So I think I think one thing well two points here. One coin that I think is is going to be interesting. Once it does actually I think you can like buy it, but you got to like contact the fucking developers and do all this bullshit because it has actually released yet it’s like Mina or Milo coin or something like that. It’s just going to instead of they’re trying to just create one centralized coin that is going to act as the distributor coin for buying all coins. So like instead of having to buy, like, you know, XP or instead of having to buy A, B and B or all these kind of things, you would just buy like the that one coin and that would allow you to transfer it to all the different kind of all coins. That’s kind of neat. If all coins are still around in like a year, I think that coin is just going to grow because the only reason that smart chain and B and B is growing is because it right now is the only is like the biggest coin that is used to buy all coins.

 [00:29:03] Yeah. I mean, BMV is cool because like, if you own it, like it takes away from the fees that they charge and they’re creating their own marketplace, like in a bit, I think they they announce something like that. So that’s going to be fun, you know. Yeah. I wonder how that’s going to happen.

 [00:29:16] I did. I think it wouldn’t be fair to talk about NFT, but that’s how we’re talking about like the kind of downside stuff like that is. How do you feel about all this, like environmental downside? Like I mean, not the big environmental downsides of NAFTA and everything like like

 [00:29:34] like mining and stuff

 [00:29:35] like that.

 [00:29:35] It’s partially so like I mean, I’m sure, you know, I mean, like when it comes to, like, transferring it NFT, like during like the big craze, like about a month ago, everyone was just like popping on like and if you were getting traded left and right, I think it was like in that one week of like heavy NFT trading, there was enough energy like created in that one week to power all of like some South American country for a whole year, like literally like like a lot dude, like a shit ton of energy was being used. So I’m curious is like how you like how you feel about that just because, like, I know my my brain, I’m just like, well that to me just means two things. One, it needs to be more efficient. Yeah. Like easy when you figure out a way to make the actual blocks and way more. Lenar Yeah. Like where it’s not taking up so much time, so much space and to we just need to do renewable like why are we wasting.

 [00:30:25] So then I mean I feel like just being in this community and just like listening to people talk like there’s other people figuring out stuff for this problem and then they’re. Like, for example, just for example, is like Tasos right there, like their own block chain and like I’ve been in that community because I’ve been on clubhouses and then we go to the marketplace, they use this cornichon. So it’s basically it’s like basically a cheaper way of, like, minting stuff. And it’s more eco friendly, too, you know, because it doesn’t use up all that energy. But that is a definite problem because, I mean, you don’t want to be minting and then destroying the world to, you know, so I but at the end of the day, honestly, the biggest polluters are still big as companies. You know, they’re the ones that could fix global warming. You know, picking up a trash like outside is not going to help anything. You know, I also do it, you know, by like at the end of the day, it still falls on big corporations that, you know, that pollute. You know, they do the stuff. You know, they’re the biggest factors in this, you know.

 [00:31:23] But I do think, though, it’s like there their like that she has to get fixed.

 [00:31:28] Oh, I

 [00:31:29] know I do. I’m on your side. And you can go back to, like, old podcasts. I think foreign corporations are fucking awesome. Yeah. Like, that’s just that’s just me doglike. It’s like I don’t fuck with them because they try to put the pressure on people and it’s just not fair because it’s them doing it.

 [00:31:42] And I did weird man.

 [00:31:44] Yeah. But it’s one of those things where like so I first like when I first heard about NAFTA, I was like sick. This is where digital a this is the obvious this is the obvious evolution of digital art.

 [00:31:53] Obviously not even art, just like everything or anything, because we’re going into the digital age. You know, it just like it’s going to happen. I mean, like look at this one hundred years back and then look at us now and then, like, look at us 100

 [00:32:05] years from now. And it’s like from Splinter’s, like complete people.

 [00:32:11] People used to fucking just like eat something bad and be like, I fucking I’m dying, dude. Here’s my fucking will. I’m right in that shit right now. You where it’s different, different nowadays. But like it’s one of those things where like you like looking at like all the benefits, looking at all the pros. I think moving forward it’s one of those things where like we’re in a situation now with like numpties where it’s so early on that we can figure it out now, like doing it cleanly. Right. Doing it and more eco friendly because it’s going to it’s going to keep fucking happening.

 [00:32:39] You know,

 [00:32:40] it’s going to end. You’re going to have big companies jump on board and they’re going to change stuff.

 [00:32:43] So you don’t like the company now, dude, wait until the fuckers are minting NFT and you think like and like Topshop and stuff like that. Like they don’t give a shit about the environment. They’re just pumping out money right now, dude. But, you know, it’s right now it’s young enough to where you can figure it out really cleanly. And I think with like the communities that are there, everyone wants to do it. No one fucking like fifty years. No one wants to be like, well, yeah.

 [00:33:07] Yeah. This though. Yes. There’s no no one is going to be like, wow,

 [00:33:11] dude, I can’t I’m we’re standing in line for like three hours to get some water but like fuck you know, I got this sick NFT. It’s like, nah. Do you like figure it out now. So we’re not in a situation where, like, shit’s bad. I think for me that’s that’s like the big.

 [00:33:24] Yeah, because I mean like we can have council culture canceling NATCA.

 [00:33:27] No, no. We’re not going to happen. I don’t think I’m trying to change it.

 [00:33:31] Tried. But like the other thing tied into that is I did read a research report that actually right now, even right now, like we’re speaking either sixty seven percent or up to eighty seven percent of things are happening through renewables because the countries that are doing, like actually talking about it or company are places like Iceland or companies. I like places like Denmark because you have to have coolant systems and coolant for leveraging renewables because those countries are already ahead of the curve by doing it. I luckily we don’t have farmers in us that many because the US we wouldn’t care about it, would it. Would not be.

 [00:34:01] I have one. I read about this dude who bought like was it it was like four or five shipping containers and just has

 [00:34:14] and just literally from

 [00:34:16] from the fucking beginning, as soon as you walk into that bitch, all the way to the back is just full of mining rigs like all the way through and like the dudes

 [00:34:22] making fucking oh, cash, bro. I mean, that’s why a man is making dumb money.

 [00:34:28] Like all the computer stuff is like increasing the value. Like all the graphic card

 [00:34:32] pisses me off. Dude, I can’t I can’t buy a used man like you can go. I’m pretty sure

 [00:34:36] they’re all going to minors

 [00:34:37] bro. I got I got

 [00:34:40] twenty seventeen before all this mining bullshit cracked off like that was like I want to get it. Thirty seven days. Fuck I can’t

 [00:34:45] go. But it actually is causing a massive problem and in supply chain. So for example the reason why there’s a bad roll out right now of like Xbox is and, and PlayStation because they don’t have the components they need to make the devices now they’ve only sold like like twenty million to this point, like they should be selling hundreds of millions and they have the demand for like people are like looking at the next gen, we’re going next to this,

 [00:35:06] they’ll be selling Xbox and they’re still reselling like the market is still there and they can’t

 [00:35:11] compete.

 [00:35:12] They can’t give products to people because the entire block chain market is just saying, like, we need all of those components for us, because this move I mean, that’s what happens. And that is the concern we’re talking about here with resource management. Right. Like something pulls resources, it can impact other things. Yeah. So like those are the things that have to be thought out. We’re kind of in a gold rush right now.

 [00:35:31] So I when I was in Mexico City the other day. I thought about I found it, I saw an Xbox One X for sale, just like one sitting there, and I was like, I could probably sell the shit if I really wanted to. I was like, but do I really want to go to go through customs with this fucking Xbox?

 [00:35:46] No, I mean, it does it does affect other markets because the crazy part is I don’t know if you guys are noticing, but they’re stealing like a lot of parts from cars like the under the under what’s under the car. It’s called like a catalyst, right? Yeah. So, yeah, one day I woke up in my car, just didn’t have it, you know. But then like my jeweler, my jeweler told me that they’re using this metal and they’re like they ship it to other countries because it’s so valuable and then that they’re using that to like produce their mining rigs and stuff like that. That’s why there’s such a hard market in that, like everybody stealing cattle in the hood, you know, at least, you know, and it’s just crazy. I just woke up one day, started my car, then turned on only what the hell? I’m like, oh, man, all bad.

 [00:36:30] And it is fucking like you said, it’s the wild, wild west right now. I get it

 [00:36:34] for a while and

 [00:36:34] nobody hears the other reality. Nobody knows everything right now. So if you hear anybody who says, like, I’m a I’m a genius about Alcorn’s, I know this, I know that they’re full of crap. You know, every single person talks about me. I mean, potentially you might just be a dumb luck. Dumb luck, I’ll put it that way. And they just

 [00:36:51] I got lucky. Do that’s a lot of luck.

 [00:36:53] There’s a lot of luck in the community, you know, and it’s cool. And you see a lot of people succeeding, you know.

 [00:36:58] Yeah, I know. I know that.

 [00:36:59] And I’m all about that. But with ups will come downs. And that’s what’s going to show what the reality of the market really

 [00:37:04] is going to be. I just say I’m on my first ever Krypto discord. I was a part of a salesman and at first when I first got in a statement, it was like it was wholesome in there. Like there was one story about this guy that was just like he put in like he somewhere in Africa. He was like, I put in like this much. And I have like this many million coin, like, it’s all my fucking money. And then when I had the all time high to do was like I literally made more money with this one crypto than I have, like the entire fucking year here. And I was like, wow, that’s fucking sick. Do you like the fact that that’s the thing? I hope the motherfucker sold because if he didn’t, he breaks my heart.

 [00:37:39] You don’t have the money to sell.

 [00:37:40] Yeah, exactly. You know, the money to sell Bannerjee they like nowadays though, like he’s seen the transformation like this. I know it’s like fucking wild right now. There’s no regulation. Is the transformation between like early on dischord, it was like maybe like four thousand people in it to now it’s like some hovering over like fifty thousand people in the disco anymore. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like it’s huge. You just cause massive and it’s just toxic as all get out dude.

 [00:38:03] I’m pretty sure it’s bye bye bye bye. No I can pull this grinnell’s. All you see is just like the bio diesel black Lamborghini emojis all throughout the thing they do people

 [00:38:12] to lose so much like what’s going to happen. And this is what kind of worries me a little bit because right now I think we’re in the right direction of like getting blocked him to be adopted. What is what is going to happen?

 [00:38:21] Crazy.

 [00:38:21] Yeah. If you don’t if you’re not getting in, like, I’m going to focus on, like, a shithead right now. But if you have like a fucking hundred dollars to spare, get it on the cheap ass coin. That’s like just cheap as fuck if

 [00:38:31] it’s not financial.

 [00:38:32] But I will say this because my brother in law was yesterday, he was just like, hey, how do I buy, like, all coins? And I was just like, all right, you got to do this. I told him I was just like, look, do you, like, pretend you’re going to Vegas right now? Like, dead ass, like,

 [00:38:44] don’t have to think about it.

 [00:38:44] Don’t take roulette, dude.

 [00:38:46] Don’t don’t put any more money than you’re willing to like. Don’t fucking mortgage the house like some dumb asses did during the bitcoin

 [00:38:51] craze or they took their stimulus checks that they actually needed for another payment. They just did you

 [00:38:55] did you see actually. Hold on. No fucking record scratch for that shit. If you if you had put in every single one of your stimulus checks into Bitcoin, into Dogecoin, you would have like a quarter million dollars.

 [00:39:07] You know what they need to know?

 [00:39:09] You know, those blocks you need to like.

 [00:39:11] No, I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. I read you like that, though, and I sit there and look at like, fuck, dude, my fucking in my dorm room. I do.

 [00:39:19] I do. I am I am I fucking losing my grip on the house. All right. Now do like am I not hungry anymore.

 [00:39:23] What’s going on with me.

 [00:39:24] Like we’re building a business that compares like

 [00:39:27] like lifetime dividends. I think I’m putting too much I’m putting too much on my hunger in this business. We’re starting Dekha. I got to get scrappy again.

 [00:39:36] I mean, it’s fun, though. I mean, what do you guys think of did you guys see Gary Project?

 [00:39:40] Yeah. So I actually have I, I don’t think we give as much and

 [00:39:43] that’s why I mean it’s like I think because of the whole movement like this is why I’m like pro the craze. Right. The pro the craze is creating more innovation, more time pediatric anesthesia are jumping in and do stuff. What does concern the crap out of me is what is going to end up happening is some of these all are going to go to zero, right? They’re going to because it

 [00:40:01] has denied there’s

 [00:40:02] there’s endless supply. There’s no cap, meaning that there’s eventually like it’s pointless because if not enough people are buying per day, the value keeps dropping and people sell. It’s going to be sell off and then everybody loses money. That’s going to be the first time it’s going to happen because we have so many people going to be the answer. It is that’s unsophisticated investors and a couple of people can make a lot of money and everybody else is going to a white man. And what concerns me is that they’re going to be scared, right. And say like, oh, that’s a scam. I don’t believe in this one. You probably didn’t, you know, educate yourself enough before you jumped into the whole thing and. You think about

 [00:40:35] I mean, I just like investing in long term

 [00:40:38] wrong, you know, just like I don’t

 [00:40:40] mess with, like, all coins.

 [00:40:41] That’s why I don’t have doors and stuff like that. This guy gives you

 [00:40:44] the crap about it, because the day he did tell me if I did have it, I would have like both of us would have. I mean, I would have had the same amount as he took the bet, but I didn’t do. And I would have like 20 came a bank account. That being said, I don’t I don’t think like that. I think about like. Oh, yeah. Worthy. What do you

 [00:40:56] think you got to brain cells die.

 [00:41:00] I really have three concussions. I need another one.

 [00:41:03] You might need it honestly at this point.

 [00:41:04] And you keep using that brain too much. I will say this. There’s two things that I think are like big time. When you’re looking at cryptos and you’re looking at any of the stuff is read the white papers, you know, like read up on the actual company itself, read up on and then read up on the road map, like, see what it is that they want to do when they want to do it by and then by looking at the white papers, you see one what they’re based out of. If they’re based out of what’s that one fucking fucking beep to beep beep two or whatever the hell it’s called. Like anyone can make a crypto with under under the beck, you would be up to protocol. So like that that everybody should put you off just a little bit but like read what the fuck that about. Don’t just listen to like some person like tick tock being like oh look at the

 [00:41:46] fucking market cap looking out for contributors. Look at the

 [00:41:48] volume to someone on tick tock girl.

 [00:41:51] If you listen to someone

 [00:41:52] talk in the first place, you can put your money in. You’re literally are one hundred percent gambling at that point.

 [00:41:56] I know. Yeah.

 [00:41:56] There is no difference at that point because things like market cap and all these things, that’s how you start analyzing for I like my favorite. It’s like the people that are doing like that, the peak drops.

 [00:42:05] I like showing them. It’s like, do

 [00:42:07] gear drop here?

 [00:42:08] This is this isn’t a fundamental analysis of a stock that actually has assets in value like this can go. Do you do drop like to nothing because there’s no value associated with it.

 [00:42:17] I mean, that last Bitcoin job, well, it went from like twenty two to like five k you know

 [00:42:23] early in forty, forty eight hours. Yeah. Yeah. You know,

 [00:42:30] in forty eight hours it dropped it half it half. And then within that within a week if I finish the rest of it. But think about that, the first 48 hours everybody panics. Right. And the only way you can sell something is if somebody is buying that on that price point, meaning that if you were trying to sell and then you don’t have enough volume, that person gets the first did so they can sell and you’re really screwed until you get to sell out like five K. So you just lost everything at that point and people haven’t experienced that yet. It’s going to happen and it’s going to freak people out

 [00:43:00] like I

 [00:43:01] mean those is always going to be like a mean, it is always going to be people and like names always

 [00:43:06] survive because right now it’s like right now I’m at the point now where I honestly do believe that at the Doge and Bitcoin are going to be like the fucking cockroaches. They just like survive anything just because, like, Bitcoin is the first one. So it’s like, yeah, it’s coming. Grandma knows about Bitcoin is Santoshi.

 [00:43:24] Yes. And then

 [00:43:26] fucking Dogecoin. Everyone fucking around. My point is a dogecoin is it’s one of those things to her, like it’s just that it’s that cheap shit, you know, like, yeah, you can go look at bitcoin like Amazon stock, like you can go buy some Amazon shares. What are they fucking trading. I know I foregrounded

 [00:43:39] thirty thirty five thirty two hundred thirty

 [00:43:41] two hundred pop right now. Like I could do that or you can go invest in like fucking forward. That’s trading like thirteen dollars here. That’s the way I see bitcoin and dogecoin likes

 [00:43:50] it just like. Oh no, it’s the truth. We’ve had a conversation with the stock market.

 [00:43:55] All I know is the truth though. It is the stock market is all emotional. And what’s happening now is the crypto market is finally starting to get now.

 [00:44:02] It’s emotional right now. It’s emotional when in fact, when

 [00:44:04] it’s a buyer’s market

 [00:44:05] right now, when it’s a bullish market, it becomes an emotional buy. And it’s all based off what you perceive things.

 [00:44:10] And it’s buy the rumor, sell the news.

 [00:44:11] And that’s what scares the living crap and does the whole thing with GameStop. All these things like, look, I’m all for the thing that games like the GameStop situation was because I think it was pushed back. Yeah. Like all these people that say like, no, you can’t do that. I mean, you’ve been doing this for people. I mean,

 [00:44:24] sure, it is their fault.

 [00:44:26] And they overstored they didn’t just it they showed it in more than they’re even allowed to through. So my whole thing there, though, what concerns me is that when when you start messing and manipulating financial markets like that, you don’t understand. It can cause literally what happened back in the Great Depression, because that’s the whole thing with penny stock pushing and like everybody just start losing money. Then everybody goes, the banks are like, I need my money back and all these kinds of things that people start freaking out, I don’t

 [00:44:48] see that can happen. I honestly think that this is just going to be another dotcom bust. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but the all Cornilles all points, it’s right now it’s early on making money and get the fuck out of there. Set your set parameters like don’t make yourself emotional, like be about it. Feel like I’m putting in this much money and put

 [00:45:03] on put on a special drawing.

 [00:45:05] That’s whatever you could lose. That’s that’s the best advice I would give anything.

 [00:45:08] So I have a question for you, like moving forward, like from what you can see and how like the your market’s going and what market do you think like what’s the next

 [00:45:17] and

 [00:45:18] what’s the next. Let’s let’s play like this. Let’s play long term. What’s the next three years like for you? Where do you envision the next three years of NFT? Like what new technologies do you think should exist to help you fucking get your bag, you know, like. Seriously, though, because you’re an artist, that’s that’s your shit right now, your shit is fucking getting your bag. Do you like, what, in three years, what do you think is going to be there that makes it easier for artists to do that? And then what do you think is going to be here or not be here anymore? Like what are the things that you think?

 [00:45:46] So I feel like a lot of these artists are not going to be here, you know. Yeah, something like especially like the ones that are like pumping up their price and then you’re selling all time highs just because of, like foma and stuff like that. So I think that’s going to look like a lot of projects are going to definitely disappear, you know, because they don’t hold value. You know, they have to hold value, you know, but in something like three years from now, I’m just excited about, like the metaverse roll. Like, that is going to be super crazy and always just like I want to put on my Viarsa and just like go to like the Western world or something, you know, and just like doing my own thing and video game, you know, I am with all my digital asses, my all my energy and all my my NFT gun my NFT Skins on my NFT chain, you know.

 [00:46:27] Have you seen the dare I forget which which website it is. But you can have like a house, like a virtual house that you can hang up your Nevison. Never seen the

 [00:46:38] virtual

 [00:46:38] house. Yeah. It’s like a virtual hallway.

 [00:46:40] OK, so then like

 [00:46:42] a lot of these people are, a lot of these

 [00:46:44] people are starting to create like their own virtual like property already. So then there’s like this Tantallon land. Right? And like RHOA, it’s like real estate, but it’s like digital real estate. Right. And it’ll be going up for auction at my home. He just said that he bought like a plot of land on the digital world. Right. For like three a.m., which is like, what, nine thousand dollars right now. And then in this world, like, he wants to create like no voice shop for all his NFT. And also then like, when you or you or me, you know, put on the VR. So we go into the metaverse, you know, we’ll go and we’ll go visit his land, we’ll go see his art, you know, we’ll go see his exhibitions or, you know, it’s just something else or maybe someone crazy, like a cool ass roller coaster. You know, it’s just like it’s up to anybody to create because there’s literally roads. You can create anything you want, you know, you create anything you like. This is the beginning.

 [00:47:32] But the one thing, though, is you got to make sure that you’re building this stuff on the right platform, because if you end up building and investing and creating something on something that is not going to exist, everything you invested into is nothing. Right. So, like, that’s for my whole thing. It’s like I’m somebody who I can be very patient if I need to be. But I would look for those strategic opportunities and I’ll jump in like full speed ahead. And once I see it, I haven’t seen a single platform right now that I’m like bought in, like, this is this is it. But I think we’re getting there. I think I think we’re right around the corner of, like, being able to build something that’s

 [00:48:06] I mean, they’re building there right now as we speak. I know that’s

 [00:48:10] crazy.

 [00:48:10] That’s the crazy part. And like, we’re like, if we’re moving so fast, right. So fast, it’s like twenty sixteen. It was the whole like, OK, this is stupid. This doesn’t exist. Right. And the little hype and more people are investing like because I went to the block chain conference in L.A. and listen to those guys. I’m like, dude, some of the stuff that they’re trying to do back when if they can pull this off, man, this is insane.

 [00:48:30] Back when Bitcoin was hovering around 200 bucks, I never had it. I was like, I’m going to invest, come invest in either stock

 [00:48:38] or crypto stock. I was dumb.

 [00:48:41] And then. And then and then I said I said, I can buy five Bitcoin and this might go down or I could buy some shares or some bullshit. And if I can go up, that’s my fucking dumb ass. Not if due to fight fucking five shares of bitcoin right now. If I can I just see me fucking pull up in a Lamborghini.

 [00:48:57] The prosecutor who would have been in Cancun know I would have been fucking Tolu chillin. No, no. You still want to roll up in the Prius, but you want got go rims. You got you at the bottom of the thousands of Natans on the VIN.

 [00:49:13] No I mean it’s fun bro. I mean I’m excited like it’s literally just the beginning right now. And just like

 [00:49:19] that’s the crazy thing is literally just the beginning.

 [00:49:21] No, I don’t think people in like

 [00:49:23] like Bitcoin’s been twenty thirteen, twenty twelve but like dude that’s like that was the bullshit. No one knew about it. Twenty, sixteen people kind of knew about it. Twenty, nineteen people lost a lot of money because of it. Twenty, twenty people got a lot of money because of it and I think I’m

 [00:49:36] twenty twenty one people still getting the money from me. It’s true. Yeah.

 [00:49:39] I will keep getting money like if you but it’s like you can’t just take, you can’t take the stuff that made people money last year and think it’s going to make you money. This, that is not going to work if you got money

 [00:49:50] and if you put money in bitcoin now fuck

 [00:49:52] you’re doing dude. I mean you stole it. Also potentially any money that

 [00:49:56] you’re putting in crypto now, I honestly do believe should be going towards it. It’s going to have five grand, I think by the end of this month. It’s going to take my

 [00:50:01] money and I love it there.

 [00:50:02] I’m since I find out about like cryptocurrency, I always like it there. And just because of what it could do, just because a little blotchy, you know, and that’s why I created, like, you know, I created the block chain for like respect for that.

 [00:50:14] Just stop. Let’s talk a little bit. Right.

 [00:50:17] There’s another thing

 [00:50:18] I’m talking about. All right. There you go. Right there.

 [00:50:20] Yeah, I had to end. It just makes perfect sense of it there.

 [00:50:23] Youngblood Chino is like the perfect name for it. I’m glad. You know, I’m glad I came up with it. I’m happy, man.

 [00:50:30] Now, you know, it’s a one on one piece.

 [00:50:32] Have we have we talked to you to. Steve Aoki and how that all that shit went down.

 [00:50:35] Can we talk about that? Yeah, so

 [00:50:37] so then we’ll

 [00:50:40] be getting all right. When you were born to me. Right.

 [00:50:44] So first my dad and mom now. But OK, so then I posted that they was crazy because I posted it first on Reddit and then I read I loved it. Right. The energy read it and now I’m going to. All right. I’ll post it on my Twitter, see, you know, because I first I thought I like down. People are going to make fun of me or something, you know, just because it was just like. So yeah, it’s just like, oh, like I’m like Dante’s my first jewelry design will mess up my name, like, should I do it or should I not, you know? And I’m like, all right, I’m going to do it, you know, really. I loved it. And then I have posted on my Instagram and Instagram kind of love there and I’m already posting on Twitter. And then I put it and then just like I tagged like a couple of people and I guess they retweeted and then I it and then out of nowhere, like, it just skyrocketed. Right. So then like the next day on I think the the NFT artist, I worked with, Steve Aoki, his name was Anthony Disco or something like that. Right. I think he’s from Germany. He’s creating some crazy as inevitable. Really, really though. But he posted on his story and then out of nowhere, I just seen Steve posted on his story on that wall that’s told me, you know, nine million followers, money that’s tight, you know, and then I messaged them. I’m like, yo. So, Steve, I want to show you the peace, you know? You know, like, let me show you the peace. Let me go to your crib. Oh, no, no, I didn’t say that, you know, but I would love to show you the peace. I told him. And he’s like, oh, yeah, he’s he’s my manager or whatever. And they contact him and now they’re all right. Cool. Like, but I’m in Vegas. I’m like, oh, you know, I’m in L.A. So I just sit on my homie darling. And I was like, What’s up, bro? You don’t go to Vegas this Sunday. I pick them up like at three a.m. and then we just drive off, you know, no traffic and we just drive out to Vegas, bro. And then, yeah, I mean, we we pulled up to his crib. I showed it to him. He loved it, you know, and then then we came back. Oh, my God. The worst part about that whole trip was that my AC wasn’t working.

 [00:52:39] Oh, no. Oh my God. So then it wasn’t a summary of that drive from back.

 [00:52:45] Oh, my God. I’m in the oven roll.

 [00:52:47] Oh, my God. I mean, what’s so funny when you’re going

 [00:52:49] through, like, the actual desert part of it?

 [00:52:51] Yeah.

 [00:52:51] It says, though, like if your car breaks down this all those signs back to back to back.

 [00:52:56] So, I mean, it’s definitely a cool as experience, you know. And then, I mean, I took my homie Dara and he loved it too, you know, and just that whole drive, me and me and him, we’re just talking, you know, and I just I don’t know, man. It was a good adventure, you know, I appreciate it. I mean, I know. I know. I got some phone projects, you know, but I don’t want to say right now, but I think they’re pretty cool. I mean, especially my new chain. I mean, you already seen you know, I don’t want to take it out. Yeah. But I mean, that’s more of like a traditional piece, you know, but I mean, like, the possibilities are endless, you know, like, I kid like, I could keep making one on ones that were like the best three artists, you know, and then they create the anything I create the jewelry or like we work together, you know, I just like the possibilities are endless now because, like, you could just switch the entity whatever you want, you know, and just and I’m happy. Yeah.

 [00:53:47] I think moving forward stuff, it’s like even like with all the shit that’s coming out with, like foldable one, like bendable Olá displays and stuff like that, I can see like so many applications with like jewelry that you can like, like I imagine like just being able to like weave the actual screen into the chain like, like I imagine like a Cuban link. But like the links are like a screen or something like that,

 [00:54:05] like I mean there’s going to be definitely hard, you know. I know. Yeah. But I mean, like that’s as far as like a couple maybe a timeline the way, you know, right now, I guess

 [00:54:15] Ossabaw and this is just my I have no idea how don’t feel it.

 [00:54:21] If you ever make

 [00:54:21] the flat screen Cuban link hit me up. Right. That you will be buying with this doge. Why you buy with my those

 [00:54:28] dollars million dollars on it.

 [00:54:33] That’s great. No, no. Like, like, like we talked about before a couple of weeks ago as well. Like I’m, I’m super curious and fascinated where you’re going to be able to take this and excited to see like what the next stages are. Because I think I think you figure it out. Something that was obvious but just not thought about. Right. Like, it’s just it’s such a logical thing that, like, right. When you said I was like, I don’t I don’t know how it like that didn’t cross.

 [00:54:59] Oh, me too. I think I’m funny. How did I invented like one of the have to go to

 [00:55:05] fucking eventually look at it. Go fuck. Yeah.

 [00:55:07] But like I suggest like go run at night. Yeah. Like cause like when you started running I, I just feel like your brain starts working and you just got this clarity of mind and like every time I’m running I’m just always talking to myself like but that’s in a good way, you know, I just like creating plans or like looking at things like a different way. And then I mean, this is what made it possible. You know, when I was just running and I was like this and this boom do it. And that was it.

 [00:55:31] Yeah. Like I like. The healthy way to do it, my way of doing it is like you go out for like a nice, nice night of drinks, you know, bars and stuff like that. And then you come up with a free

 [00:55:40] logic just

 [00:55:41] for

 [00:55:42] the new Texan to kill. You’re like, we’re

 [00:55:44] starting a company. But I just thought from you just eat an edible and lay in bed like a mom staring at

 [00:55:50] the ceiling, just wondering what’s next.

 [00:55:52] No. Yeah, you should go run exercise and stuff like that does like when I’m at the gym, I’m like always thinking I’m like, what’s the next thing? What’s the next thing like this is it just clears up your mind and you’re not like overthinking stuff. I feel like that’s why for me, drinks like talk about getting stupider. I need to like myself down a little bit

 [00:56:08] and then I’m.

 [00:56:08] But you do the dumb rewards when your best ideas go.

 [00:56:12] It’s crazy. You’ve got to just have to be drunk 24/7, you know, be healthy for you, but it can be good for the business. Honestly, I don’t even like drinking, bro. I respect this dog. It’s I can’t. I can’t. I don’t smoke like

 [00:56:26] that, dude. It’s like I’ll drink.

 [00:56:28] I mean, I’ll have my beer if I go to the bar, you know, I love draft beer. I love tasting different

 [00:56:33] like a good deal of being like what’s going on. You like I like I

 [00:56:39] like it actually like nice

 [00:56:40] drop. Yeah. I like and I always like picking new draft beer because I like tasting beer you know, but I mean like getting super drunk, getting hammered like I’m not the way you know, I really just like

 [00:56:50] a drunk right now. Get a bottle of tequila and drove here dude.

 [00:56:57] Four out of ten tequila.

 [00:56:59] Oh do you really. Yeah. Well I’ll get it now. It’s cool but yeah. I mean,

 [00:57:05] no, I think that we’ve had a good very actually exciting conversation about it is and this is probably for those listening in, does

 [00:57:14] this prove that you were wrong and invited me to that lockshin

 [00:57:16] conversation. Oh no. I’m very right for not

 [00:57:19] everybody tablature in conversation. He’s super salty because I had to two gentlemen from Singapore that run the biggest block chain accelerator, one of the biggest blocks in accelerators. We talked about blocks.

 [00:57:30] Well, the biggest in Asia. Right.

 [00:57:31] It’s the biggest in Asia, but it might be actually one of the bigger ones because I don’t I don’t know actually that many blotched accelerators.

 [00:57:36] Yeah.

 [00:57:37] What’s an accelerator

 [00:57:38] with. So an accelerator program is where like our early stage startup that like might not have cells that are really early in the process. They go into a program where they get some investment funds and then you like to help facilitate and actually like build the business and structure it in a very, very intensive program that’s usually like ten to twelve weeks. And then you have like a working space and stuff like that. You get mentors and then you get access to investors. And like it’s a good little hub if you want to, like, excite colleagues are because like accelerates to growth your business ideas, you go in, you should be at a certain point and you get out, you should be at a certain point and then you get into the market. It’s not for everybody. It really depends on what kind of business you’re building out

 [00:58:13] out the bullshit.

 [00:58:14] Yeah, it weeds out a bunch of the people that you don’t talk to talk but don’t actually do stuff. That’s what accelerators are for. Like Ital you only get accepted if you actually have something. And once you get out of there, then make sure that you’re ready for the big time and like you can actually build a company out. So I mean, some of the stuff they’re talking about for blocking their men like Intel,

 [00:58:30] I’ll tell

 [00:58:31] them to open up an office in L.A. because like I’ve been looking into it, there’s investment firms and only, like, up the ass, like crypto investment, but there’s not really any accelerators and

 [00:58:39] there’s a lot change. Summit.

 [00:58:40] That’s it. I guess I’m saying it’s just the summits and like these these are moments when, like a few, like industry leaders show up to play for like a weekend. But nothing

 [00:58:48] really. Yeah, because, I mean, the biggest problem is just like teaching people and making them learn education. Yeah. Like, how are you going to do that? Like, I’m pretty sure everybody is like that’s really into the crypto world, like they study or like the YouTube videos or, you know, they read articles. But I mean, like basically people don’t do that. You give me what’s happening

 [00:59:05] right now is the same is that shit where like you have these geniuses, little like people who are making like like if you’re making an all I can, I can fucking make one in like five minutes nowadays. But like these people who are like legitimately making really strong cryptocurrency that have been implicated, it’s super complicated. You like. Yeah. These little geniuses who just get too stuck in their brains and they just make a thing without knowing how they’re going to sell it or to make it applicable to everyday use.

 [00:59:31] Right. Well, I mean, that’s how Dogecoin was created. You know, it was on the podcast with Ben Baller and he was just saying, like, I just didn’t do it, you know, and look at it now. You see one of

 [00:59:40] the co-founders that sold all of

 [00:59:41] this. Just the dude. That’s the guy. Yes.

 [00:59:44] I saw his Bitcoin. I mean, not Bitcoin.

 [00:59:48] He sold Doge and some other and I cathedra even like coin. And he only got ten grand out of it because he got laid off. So I have

 [00:59:54] go back for the do man because he bought a

 [00:59:55] Honda when he could have bought

 [00:59:56] them. Yeah. And like you could have bought a Bugatti broer here.

 [01:00:00] You could hear in his voice doglike

 [01:00:01] when he stopped me. I don’t know, I feel like the community would take care of him.

 [01:00:05] Hopefully he’s a legend.

 [01:00:07] I would hope the community gives back those that make the money off of Doge.

 [01:00:10] Should you got to chip that man a little bit?

 [01:00:12] Yeah, I like, you know, or at least like help finance a legit project or something like that.

 [01:00:17] Like I said, like you have these geniuses who are making these projects who have no like you. It’s like when you when you talk like a scientist or like someone who like an engineering department, like there’s a reason that there is there exists a marketing department and an engineering department.

 [01:00:29] Because you have got to you got to put the. John.

 [01:00:34] Oh, I know, fixable. I mean, you know, it’s so

 [01:00:37] of to fix this MVP man every day, so

 [01:00:41] you have as you have no idea how to actually manage the damn thing. So I think once once you start creating groups like Accelerator’s that tie in like really strong projects with really strong marketing, forget about it. Like once you can get blocks in things like education, once you can get like deep in education, deep into medical, deep into like government where it’s like like you brought up originally, like when you have like Deedes, when you’re doing like all these other like legal contracts through the block chain, smart contracts,

 [01:01:09] exactly what

 [01:01:10] you want to know. The reason why they don’t exist in the US right now, or there might be some smaller ones, but they don’t exist as Singapore’s government actually invest into that accelerated program, wants to push it forward. What does the US government doing against those? They’re pushing back

 [01:01:21] and pushing back on

 [01:01:22] regulation and to put more regulation

 [01:01:24] like regulations? Not necessarily a bad thing, right? Regulations can work in certain aspects. And that’s actually one good conversation we had with the guys because like Singapore’s really regulated like it’s way more regulated than us. But like what they’re explaining is that actually takes out a lot of the unknowns. So it makes developers more comfortable and you can actually build businesses out of it because you know that you’re not going to, like, build a business, end up in the in prison for building something that you just built out. But the U.S., I think the issue is that it’s like the ambiguity.

 [01:01:50] Like we don’t we don’t know what the rules are, but

 [01:01:52] I think it’s just the system not wanting to, like, lose

 [01:01:55] control. Yeah, but they

 [01:01:57] are already technically dead because they’re laid on the you know, that they’re laying on it. That’s why they’re so mad.

 [01:02:02] So it’s old school mindset. It’s called the old money mindset. The old money mindset wants to hold on how they ownself versus creating the new wealth. And that’s why the U.S. is behind and it’s behind in block change. It’s behind renewables because the mindset of yours and we’re the wealthiest country, screw everybody else. I’m like, dude, I’m sorry. But like with these new technologies coming up, we might

 [01:02:20] not need other countries,

 [01:02:22] like, beating us in certain stuff. You know, I’m like, yeah, we might be the number one country, but we’re not the in a country like in certain subjects, you know, like we should be the number one in everything we’re

 [01:02:31] researching every day, pushing forward that we’re

 [01:02:33] not like we’re stalling.

 [01:02:35] I was reading I read this this opinion piece talking about how if the U.S. goes into another recession, like the likelihood of them banning like crypto or like Bitcoin is like pretty high, kind of the same way that they ban gold when the gold standard, in a way, it’s like when people started buying, like selling off their US dollars and just putting it in gold.

 [01:02:53] I mean, this was like U.S. dollar, right? They got it just like losing money, losing money everywhere. You know, it’s like why having a bank account and like, lose your money. I know it devalues when you can buy, like, crypto,

 [01:03:06] because that’s why I have a fucking savings account, bro. I don’t believe I know. It’s like. No, you raise a good point. I do. It’s like invest your shit because like at least you’ll do something with it. Like people who just like

 [01:03:16] or put in assets or something

 [01:03:18] or like Tesla or like Amazon or like Coca Cola, because

 [01:03:22] like all our lives we’ve been taught just fucking save, save, save, save, put in a savings account. But we’re never fucking taught what we’re supposed to do with it

 [01:03:29] and get a house, get a mortgage and pay back the banks.

 [01:03:31] Exactly how do you

 [01:03:32] make that money to more money so you can afford to do that

 [01:03:36] a savings account to potentially invest it? Because when it’s in a savings account, what are you gaining? Do you like zero point zero zero one percent and nothing?

 [01:03:43] You’re not getting nothing because

 [01:03:44] like the point one API this

 [01:03:47] even like if you get, like, fucking Watsa, Ally Bank, whatever, that they’re the best in the fucking business, they only got five point four percent apart. It’s like

 [01:03:55] all these banks, like they don’t even keep one hundred percent of your

 [01:03:58] money. Now what is it, like

 [01:04:00] three thirty percent or

 [01:04:01] the best decrease is now is the way the banking sector works in the way that like let’s say like we need a stimulus in the economy. If there’s there’s a lot of false real like the Fed doesn’t print money anymore. So what they do is they create a allocated like they do print some money. Obviously, they have to fluctuate in the market. But the way that it works is banks actually have a digital note now saying that they have X amount that they own. Right. But the money is not in the bank. They only have three percent of it. It’s on a spreadsheet, meaning that the money that circulates at all times is digital. It’s all digital. So it goes right back into like it’s digital.

 [01:04:30] It’s all digital. Already roll, always both. Why the fuck

 [01:04:33] do I got to wait three business days for me to get my fucking money to

 [01:04:36] give me my money for a headache? I had to pay payroll and bank transfers. I thought I wasted like five hours of my life calling me my bank after bank on like

 [01:04:45] three to five day business trip. Like I need that money now. Like, how can I how

 [01:04:49] could you imagine if we just had, like, a QR code, we just got blup.

 [01:04:52] There’s no money. Yeah. You all crypto does payroll. All right, here you go. You just have my watch the screen keyboard. But also a

 [01:04:59] big problem right now is like using your bitcoin. In theory. I’m like, do you want to use it? I don’t want to use it. I want to keep it, you know. Yeah.

 [01:05:05] Oh, do you hear about that dude who fucking has just opened up Bitcoin? You can buy Tesla what they point out. Oh, OK. Two more stories. One was Tesla double charged a dude. So instead of it being like fifty thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin, they charge him 100000 on the Bitcoin and they emptied his entire wallet. Oh. And he was like, hey, Tesla, give me my fucking Bitcoin back. Like I this is way more than I fuck. And like, it took Tesla forever to get. They finally did and they gave him the fucking money back or the Bitcoin back, and then the other one was the dude bought the bought the Tesla. But during the time that he bought it, the value of Bitcoin went down enough to where he no longer had the Bitcoin in his wallet. But it wasn’t. It is transaction got declined by Tesla because it wasn’t sufficient for he had the card. No, he like the order went through. But then they like said like, you know, the order was going through. But then he got another email saying that it was declined because it wasn’t enough funds.

 [01:06:06] I wonder if Tesla. I wonder how you buy that, because I wonder if it’s like based on the, like, dollar value or based on the Bitcoin.

 [01:06:14] It is the dollar value. So, for example, when I say I’m saying it fluctuates. It does. So like, for example, this summer when I started selling soy multi-device, I’m going to have creped as an option like you can buy with Krypto for the exact reason, because I can put it on side. There’s actually a lot of good tax reasons why you would want to accept crypto. I mean, I don’t want everybody to buy because of cash flow and this could cause problems in the business. But aside from the point, the way that it works is you can integrate things like Coinbase. Coinbase is your kind of middle market and the way it works. Yeah, kind of, yeah. So the way that works is let’s say I buy the product and it cost X amount of money. It then goes into, OK, I want to buy with Bitcoin, then it looks at your bitcoin wallet. They look at it together through Coinbase and Coinbase validates like today the price point was this, this is how much you did it. This is a transfer through and then you pay it. So that’s like the integration that exists. But right now it’s only Coinbase like I don’t know what Testim I have their own system, which is why they’re having these flaws, but also their price point so high, like for a car. Right. That’s moving so much Kapara. It’s complicated. Like, I don’t think it’s a very simple, simple solution. They’re going to have to figure out the own.

 [01:07:16] I mean, that is the way to move forward, you know. Yeah. You want to buy like McDonald’s just like that eventually. You know, Narino, obviously, but like you want other more companies, you know, I want to pay UCR with my Bitcoin or something,

 [01:07:27] you know, artist. Was it that like way back loans?

 [01:07:30] I like, you know, just

 [01:07:31] just take a look at what you might call it. Is those right thing?

 [01:07:35] I did I forget which artist it was that sold like an album like years ago and allowed crypto to be sold for. It was it was it was fifty cent I think it was fifty because then he filed for bankruptcy. Oh yeah. Yeah it was. Yeah. And then he filed bankruptcy and people were like, wait, what about all your fucking crypto that

 [01:07:52] you’re holding is was like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I got no I got an old crypto.

 [01:07:57] I mean that’s the cool part about too. You can hide when you really want to now.

 [01:08:01] I mean it causes problems.

 [01:08:02] Yeah. The other side of the equation. But I’m pretty sure you know, I mean.

 [01:08:05] Yeah, like anything that’s good, there’s always going to be bad.

 [01:08:07] And that’s what the U.S. dollar to you know. Yeah. There’s there’s sort of Long Island to,

 [01:08:13] you know, and go to Colombia, go to Pablo Escobar and just like dig up some stuff,

 [01:08:16] you know, go to Mexico. You got to fucking if that’s all you need to know,

 [01:08:20] like even in general, like the major banks work directly with the cartel is like that’s how the money laundering like it’s like

 [01:08:25] it’s like HSBC.

 [01:08:27] HSBC already got

 [01:08:29] coffee. How much money? Like like how much money laundering do you think is happening right now in the NFC market?

 [01:08:33] I’ve been hearing some crazy stories, bro. Yeah, yeah. I mean,

 [01:08:38] but laundering happens with

 [01:08:39] it’s anything, right. It’s so easy

 [01:08:41] with easy with

 [01:08:43] crypto though. But I’m easy to crypto every

 [01:08:47] because you get the asset that’s like the main part about money laundering is getting that tangible asset

 [01:08:51] being transferred. Yeah. Oh yeah. We’re not, we’re not teaching money laundering which by the way one

 [01:08:55] other we can know if you want an experience we can teach you. So these are your money.

 [01:08:59] Like there’s a way for Breaking Bad episode on how to money laundering.

 [01:09:03] Oh man. I mean, there’s there’s a lot of Breaking Bad episodes that teach you a lot of stuff. That’s true. You might not want to

 [01:09:09] shout Breaking Bad

 [01:09:10] like Breaking Bad shit almost got filmed in in Fontana.

 [01:09:14] Oh yeah. That shows Albuquerque sons of bitches.

 [01:09:19] They literally just because they’re cheaper. Of course, I’ll bet Vince Gill and Vince Gilligan. Gilligan or Jillian. Jillian. Jillian. Yeah. Vince Gilligan originally wanted Fontana, but then the studio said, go look at go look at Albuquerque because it was cheaper. And then he was like, OK, yeah, it is cheaper and it’s a little cooler where she breaks my heart. And we

 [01:09:40] could have gone to the fucking Fontana roof instead of having I wonder

 [01:09:45] what the hell is the someone just show up. We really just throw a piece up there.

 [01:09:49] I was like, I know that’s insane. Like, I guess I’m in about just leaving my door. I for like, OK, how do I look? Like a fucking pizza dude. That’s funny.

 [01:09:59] All right. Well, what, what. Ninety minutes right now on the

 [01:10:03] show and we’re like, time flies. What we’re talking about, Chief, is that a new headset. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That’s a turtle. Are you really

 [01:10:18] listening to footsteps

 [01:10:19] that you point out? Because you just you know, my old ones broke during rush hour.

 [01:10:31] Yeah. Now, as I remember right before, looks like crap, we’ve got to we got to figure this out. But yeah, so for for the way we end the shows, like I texted you, we always end with a concept of failure story or some kind of story you want to share that, like helped you learn, articulate and to help. Do you think could be anything right. Like the main reason why we do it is because a lot of times as you’re progressing in your life, you realize that those are the pivotal moments. You’re like either I didn’t even get my shit together or like I learned a lot from this or completely change your trajectory. So I’m curious. I’m curious if you got a

 [01:11:06] good story for us. A couple.

 [01:11:08] But I mean, like, I guess recently would be just like I feel it would be like graduating college,

 [01:11:17] but

 [01:11:18] because, like, I had to see it and understand that there’s also a pandemic. So then, like, I messed everything up, you know, but just like I graduated, OK, it’s cool and all that, but it’s like I didn’t have no jobs lined up after. So then I was still unemployed, you know, I was like, damn, what am I going to do? Like, how am I going to pay my student loan bills? Like they’re like like what am I doing? You know, like, damn, I’m broke college student. I’m like, wow. And then I was sitting up Britney, you know, and then it’s crazy because I think college is not about the grades and everything about that I think is just literally about the connections you make and the networking, you mean. So then the crazy part about Britney or homegirl, right. Is like it’s just it was just random one day, like I asked her for help on this project, we were doing just like a little help and go down her number or whatever and then, like, going fast forward now, you know, I gradually I she’s a leader of the U.S. Jeremiahs. Yes. That and then I asked her, I’m like, down, can I be part of the club? You know, I’m trying to learn more, you know, try to get a job out of this or something like that. And she’s like, yeah, join. And we kept and talked and then and I remember telling her, like, I’m unemployed right now. I’m blah, blah, blah. Right. And then, like, fast forward to today, you know, I created this thing and like, it broke the Internet. And I’m just like, well, and it’s just like it’s like college is not going to be the answer for everyone, honestly, like for real. And then it’s just like I feel like you should just focus on something you like or maybe even like go like learn a trade, you know, like that’s important too. And you can make your own money right there. You could be your own boss, you know, you just like for sure, college is not the answer for everybody, you know, like for certain people. But, you know, you just keep working and improving every day and then something will come out of it, you know, but you have to keep improving every day, you know? So then that’s the whole point. Like, I graduated, I wasn’t employed, you know, but then I was like, what am I going to do? Like, what am I going to do? Like, I graduate in business. I honestly want to start a business, you know? So then, you know, I graduated my sister’s been a jeweler for fifteen years and I was like, all right, cool. I graduated. I’m going to I’m I’m just trying to start a family business, you know, so we could get out the hood, you know, get focused on one business for the whole family. And also we could gain that money. I mean, and that’s where I’m at right now. You know, I’m trying to create that. And I like I’m I have a pretty good chance of doing that, you know? So, I mean, just like don’t give up, you know, like the first thing that might be a failure, you know, it might lead to other things, you know. So that’s that’s the whole point. You know, I graduated and I was unemployed and I felt like I was a failure. But, like, know, I just kept improving every day little by little, you know, just paid attention to the people that, you know, I’m trying to learn from. And then, like, something would come out of it, you know? But you have to put in that work, you know, you have to. So, yeah. So that’s a failure that turn into like a success story right now, you know, and that’s where I’m at.

 [01:14:04] No, absolutely. And and I love it. Like like you said, the biggest thing for any college student is don’t bank on your college degree for anything you’ve got to put to work. And no matter what you want to do, whatever passion you have, whether it be in the corporate side or whether it be building your own company or whatever the hell it is. Right. If you don’t put in the work, things aren’t going to magically happen unless you have a huge network. And that’s good for you. And, you know, property

 [01:14:28] is money liner and. Yeah, and that’s, you know, for

 [01:14:31] each his own. But like that for majority of people, you got to hustle. You’ve got to work. Not nothing comes easy. Yeah. And I respect that kind of like mindset you brought up, which is like, look, I’m going to focus on one thing and I’m going to put my time into this. I’m going to I’m going to figure it out, obviously, shout out to Britney like she she she helps out everything.

 [01:14:47] She loves the show. She blows out everything is just crazy.

 [01:14:50] Like like the way I see about it. It was just that one day that I asked her for help, you know, and it literally led to this podcast, you know, it’s just that one time I asked for help, does that little string and then like years later, like she has me, I’ll be like and then she introduced me to you and now I’m here, you know, it’s all well, you know, it’s just like you never know. You never know until like, you have to go. You have to do it. You have to do it. And then, like, you’ll connect the dots, you know, but it’s hard going and not knowing what to do at first. But I mean, that’s that’s the way it is, you know, that’s the way they take chances.

 [01:15:24] What is the what is the Mark Cuban always say no balls, no babies, no one.

 [01:15:29] Never heard of you. No. I mean, it makes. Maybe it does, but I’ve never heard there was no baby. I want everybody to show apparently not do. He said it like three times before interrupting. Well I guess I guess he just zone out on. Oh, man, I’m

 [01:15:48] fucking in it. Yeah. No balls, no babies. You don’t take the chance is not really going to happen.

 [01:15:54] I mean, I took a chance bro. And I mean like people out there, you know, like and I’m glad I did like like I said, I was like I was doubting it, you know, I was doubting. I was like, oh, because my sister looked at me like, that’s ugly. But I mean, like, she didn’t understand. Yeah. She didn’t understand the concept. You understand the vision, but like, not everybody’s going to understand the vision, not everybody’s going to understand it. But there’s certain people that are going to like not everyone is not it was not made for the people that my chain was not mean for people who understand it. You know, it’s for people to understand, like the krypto and the physical world, you know, a combination of both.

 [01:16:28] Yeah. That’s like that’s like with any art like I have like, it blows my mind when people like tell me that they don’t like going to like museums, like art museums to like look at the other like oh I could just fucking look it up on Google. Fuck you talking about like the fact that you can get like right up to it. It’s like the brush strokes, like that’s just not made for them dude.

 [01:16:44] Like it’s pretty nice on Google nowadays. You can. All right.

 [01:16:47] Fucking kidding me.

 [01:16:51] I’m like VR museums now. Oh yeah

 [01:16:53] I do. I heard there was a I haven’t heard it but I saw a video of somebody doing it. We’re going to tell you a little bit closer. I’ll have to do this. But like every scene that you can with, like some of the

 [01:17:03] time or something and it’s your

 [01:17:05] worth, the you know, you can make them like 3D, right? Like you can walk through the machine like that and like that blows my fucking mind to the fact that you can like you’re looking at like a piece like that on and you see it and then you can like walk forward

 [01:17:15] and be all like, OK, so then like the cool party is like there’s VR and then

 [01:17:20] yeah, they are

 [01:17:21] so like R is like arguments or reality. So is like I could have something right there and like I could have like my Pokemon right here, you know, augmented reality. So that’s going to be cool. Imagine like when like a company events that late winter

 [01:17:32] you could put a chain on that Pikachu

 [01:17:34] a hey you

 [01:17:36] already know who’s going to be the man to do it. I mean, the biggest thing. Right, to close it out, like you just had to bring a bear here. I’m going to have

 [01:17:43] to you know, my you know, the biggest

 [01:17:48] thing is like there’s so many technologies. They’re all coming together. Right. Aid has more applications today because VR just can’t be at the standpoint VR dope, but it’s not as good as R and then there’s going to be things like mixed reality. Things are going to change block chain titans of this side into that tied into this. Like, I can’t wait. I just think this entire like what we know of today is irrelevant because like what’s going to happen ten years, we’re all just going to be

 [01:18:11] like, I fucking think like ten years ago we had fucking flip phones and blackberries,

 [01:18:15] but I don’t feel like there’s like eighty nine sexy times. I remember

 [01:18:19] underneath the fucking desk you like like a fucking robot just like texting

 [01:18:22] forward.

 [01:18:23] But I honestly feel like this is the most important. Yeah.

 [01:18:26] This is a turning point. This is a turning point for us and I don’t want to go anywhere another

 [01:18:29] way, like once we block everything or at least try to and start going that way. Like, bro, like I feel like the road.

 [01:18:35] All the passengers are basically telling us it’s like big banks, like you think like, you know, all

 [01:18:41] regulatory systems are all going

 [01:18:43] systems. They’re all going to like an inventory supply chain first.

 [01:18:47] They try to deny it, but you can’t deny the future.

 [01:18:50] No one notices because

 [01:18:51] they’re already already coming through. You know, I think it was Chase. They did something for crypto, something like Visa, MasterCard, like that. You know, they’re creating their bitcoin cars that you could purchase like. Yeah, they’re coming from up there. Come in there late.

 [01:19:03] Yeah. And they hate it, but they got to jump on it because

 [01:19:07] they have no choice at this point. So I guess to close out you can you want to plug anything you want to shout anything, anything else you want to do to close out today’s show.

 [01:19:16] Uh, I mean thank you guys for, you know, bringing me on of course, as well. Thank you. Thank everybody that supported me. Things everybody likes to change, you know, keep up with me. I got a new train coming up I feel like is dope, too, you know, and I got a cool little project at the end of the month. I feel like then a.m. you’re going to like, you know, but I mean, Shara’a, all the homies shout out Brittany to. Absolutely. My home in Durham Poller.

 [01:19:43] There you go. There you go. But for everybody to an incident. Thank you for tuning into the brew. If you enjoy this episode, it’ll be live on YouTube as well on Wednesday. So we’ll be able to distribute it out from there as well.

 [01:19:54] But wait, can I show in front of

 [01:19:57] everybody you can go through

 [01:19:58] your whole life as my mom and my mom. Yeah, for Sherman.

 [01:20:04] No, but yeah. Pleasure having you on. It was a

 [01:20:06] great honestly great conversation, man.

 [01:20:08] I like it. It was a good it was a good in between of like our mindsets. I’m all about

 [01:20:12] it. Keep in mind, this whole time I’ve been I’ve been looking at you like I want to fucking just grab you.

 [01:20:16] I’ve been I’ve been on this this whole time.

 [01:20:21] It’ll be on camera once you watch the replay.

 [01:20:23] But for yeah. Anytime I talk to you, you see your face just shake.

 [01:20:29] All right. Well, thank you for tuning in. That’s it. That’s it for today.

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