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Mental Health Awareness with Hana Brannigan

Listen to our Mental Health Awareness chat with Hana Brannigan of You’ll Bee Okay! From sharing our own mental health stories to tips on how to manage anxiety, the Brew team and Hana are here to tell you that it’s okay to struggle and seek healing!

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What is the No Code Movement?

What is the No Code Movement and could it potentially be the future of coding? Tune into The Brew as Val and Nikhil explain what No Code is, different services that offer no-code solutions, and how the possibilities of No Code are endless.

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The Future of Blockchain Technology and NFT’s

Val is joined by Ryan Chew and Qing Ze of Tribe to discuss something he always wanted to talk about, the world of Blockchain and NFT! Join us and learn what exactly what these things are and how exactly your future might be impacted by this future technology.

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The International Student Experience

In today’s episode Val and Luis are joined by Free Logic’s first fulltime hire and international student Heidi Chen. From culture clash and language barriers, the team discuss the challenge of being an international student and how others can learn to make the best of their new environment to better themselves.

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Inclusivity and the Future of Education

In today’s episode of The Brew, Val and Luis discuss the future of formal education in the United States with special guest Alyssa Stump, Regional Director, Mission Advancement of Best Buddies. With the rise of career related boot-camps and crash courses, where does the normal 4-year formal college education stand in the future?

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Rebranding Your Company

In this episode Val, Luis, and Nikhil reunite to talk about the rebrand journey that transformed Free Logic Media into Free Logic Inc.In today’s episode of The Brew, Val and Luis explain what lead generation is, what it means to build a sales funnel, and why small businesses need to build their online platforms as soon as possible.

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Understanding Lead Generation

Lead generation is often overlooked in college curriculums even though it is vital in finding and capturing potential clients/customers for your business. In this episode, Val and Luis explain what lead generation is, what it means to build a sales funnel, and why small businesses need to build their online platforms as soon as possible.

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How to Effectively Market to Gen Z

Tune in to this episode with Neal Sivadas, Senior Strategist at JUV Consulting and current senior at the University of Southern California. Neal Sivadas has made it his mission to help brands and marketers better understand Gen Z through consulting for several companies and his marketing newsletter called Find Gen Z.

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How has Covid-19 Affected your Organization?

In this episode of The Brew, the team speaks with Dr. Kyle Ingram of UC Riverside who completed his PhD in Organizational Behavior at the London School of Economics. Learn about his research on the complexities of workplace relations within a company, and how it comes into play in light of Covid-19!

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Workers Unions and Augie’s Coffee

Watch the interview with Kelley Bader of Augie’s Union. Augie’s Coffee is a cafe based in Redlands, CA, whose management decided to fire their entire staff even when the they had received federal aid. Listen to this episode and learn about the workers’ new cooperative and the takeaways on the topic of community.

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EPIC Games Sues Apple & Google

EPIC Games, the creators of the internationally successful video game Fortnite, is filing a lawsuit against Apple and Google after the removal of the Fortnite app from their respective app stores. What caused Apple and Google to remove the app? Tune in to learn more!

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Is Tik Tok Dead?!

Tik Tok skyrocketed to become the #1 app in 2019 with over 33 million installs. Its unique and powerful algorithm has influenced the future of social media for years to come. But now Tik Tok will either be banned from the US or acquired by a US company… what next?!

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Bio-Engineering Innovation

Watch the interview with Will Grover and Robert McKee who are Bio-engineering professors at UC Riverside. Will Grover is Associate Professor in the Department of Bio-engineering and Robert McKee is the lecturer for the Bio-engineering Senior Design Class.

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