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Being a Creative During the Pandemic

Val and Luis are joined by Constantine Pappas and Ethan Castro to discuss what it was like to be a creative during the pandemic. From disc golf to OnlyFans… learn with us what took these two individuals to survive COVID as creatives!

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Mental Health Awareness with Hana Brannigan

Listen to our Mental Health Awareness chat with Hana Brannigan of You’ll Bee Okay! From sharing our own mental health stories to tips on how to manage anxiety, the Brew team and Hana are here to tell you that it’s okay to struggle and seek healing!

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The Future of Sports Journalism

Watch this episode with Jon Fernandez and Jaryd Bongcaras of the Technically Foul podcast! Join Val and Luis as they speak about all things related to sports journalism, including how sports fans can become their own commentators.

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Digital Artists and the NFT Market

Tune in to this episode with the NFT Jeweler Gambiit, the creator of the NFT Chain. Listen to Gambiit’s story of losing his crypto wallet, his thoughts on the “old money” mindset, and what’s next for NFT’s and artists!

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The International Student Experience

In today’s episode Val and Luis are joined by Free Logic’s first fulltime hire and international student Heidi Chen. From culture clash and language barriers, the team discuss the challenge of being an international student and how others can learn to make the best of their new environment to better themselves.

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Inclusivity and the Future of Education

In today’s episode of The Brew, Val and Luis discuss the future of formal education in the United States with special guest Alyssa Stump, Regional Director, Mission Advancement of Best Buddies. With the rise of career related boot-camps and crash courses, where does the normal 4-year formal college education stand in the future?

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Understanding New Trends in Technology

In this episode, Val speaks with Kan Wang, lecturer of the University of California, Riverside and the Assistant Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder with the County of Riverside, California, to talk about the importance of understanding new trends in technology and how it can save your business from falling behind your competition.

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Rebranding Your Company

In this episode Val, Luis, and Nikhil reunite to talk about the rebrand journey that transformed Free Logic Media into Free Logic Inc.In today’s episode of The Brew, Val and Luis explain what lead generation is, what it means to build a sales funnel, and why small businesses need to build their online platforms as soon as possible.

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Building a Hardtech Startup Company

A hardtech startup is a company that involves the creation of new hardware technologies in the startup field, much like the company that Abhishek Sastri founded, FLUIX LLC. Watch this episode where Abhishek talks about the ins and outs of building a hardtech company!

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Reflecting on 2020, Our Year in Review

Tune into this episode as the team looks back and reflects on the year. From non-profits to small business surviving COVID, worker’s unions to Quibi, the team reflects on Free Logic and The Brew, and how businesses can look forward to 2021.

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How to Effectively Market to Gen Z

Tune in to this episode with Neal Sivadas, Senior Strategist at JUV Consulting and current senior at the University of Southern California. Neal Sivadas has made it his mission to help brands and marketers better understand Gen Z through consulting for several companies and his marketing newsletter called Find Gen Z.

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New Trends and Pivots in Technology

As tech companies face hardships with new competition entering the market, companies can either fold to the competition, change their business models, or partner with other companies. Tune into the Brew as the team talks about new trends in tech and how companies are staying afloat in these uncertain times.

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How has Covid-19 Affected your Organization?

In this episode of The Brew, the team speaks with Dr. Kyle Ingram of UC Riverside who completed his PhD in Organizational Behavior at the London School of Economics. Learn about his research on the complexities of workplace relations within a company, and how it comes into play in light of Covid-19!

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