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Workers Unions and Augie’s Coffee

Watch the interview with Kelley Bader of Augie’s Union. Augie’s Coffee is a cafe based in Redlands, CA, whose management decided to fire their entire staff even when the they had received federal aid. Listen to this episode and learn about the workers’ new cooperative and the takeaways on the topic of community.

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Small Businesses During COVID-19

Small businesses have had to adapt rapidly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have applied for aid, have large corporations benefited more than small businesses? Tune in to The Brew where we talk about tour top 4 ways to implement change such that you can survive COVID-19.

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Bio-Engineering Innovation

Watch the interview with Will Grover and Robert McKee who are Bio-engineering professors at UC Riverside. Will Grover is Associate Professor in the Department of Bio-engineering and Robert McKee is the lecturer for the Bio-engineering Senior Design Class.

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Warehouse Automation

Watch the interview with Xavier and Oscar Hernandez, the two brothers and co-founders of ARKS, a warehouse automation startup based in Riverside, CA, as they share their knowledge on automation and technology.

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Sustainability in Fashion

In this episode, Christen Montero discusses sustainability in fashion, new technologies in fashion, and more. She was chosen as the top 100 most influential Filipina Women and is the co-founder of two companies!

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