We Left Our Tech Jobs During the Pandemic to Pursue Our Passions

About This Episode

While many use LinkedIn as a type of “online resume”, there are those who leverage LinkedIn to its maximum potential in both self-promotion as well as job seeking. Meet Jonathan Javier, CEO of Wonsulting, a business that helps job-seekers tune their personal brand in order to land an interview at their dream job. He has amassed more than 74,000 followers on LinkedIn with 15 million impressions annually from his content.

Tune in to The Brew as Nikhil and Luis speak with Jonathan about how each of them left their jobs during COVID in order to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors full time.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

1. The origins of Wonsulting

2. How Nikhil left his job at Deloitte to pursue Free Logic full time

3. Finding and utilizing a niche on social media

4. Investing and building your personal brand

5. Jonathan’s Failure Story

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