YouTube Content Creation with Ramon of The Crazy Gorilla

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Today Luis talks with Ramon of the Crazy Gorilla to talk about his time as a YouTube content creator, and how he utilized a niche to grow his audience and reach!

Topics Discussed in Today’s Show
0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Ramone’s Intro
2:02 – Who is the Crazy Gorilla?
4:50 – The Crazy Gorilla Journey
17:34 – Trade School
19:53 – Crazy Gorilla Journey Continued
22:53 – Food and Travel
53:58 – Crazy Gorilla Finding Their Niche
1:00:01 – More Food
1:09:30 -The Future of Crazy Gorilla
1:13:42 – Ramone’s Rogue One Story
1:27:30 – Ramone’s Failure Stories

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[00:00:00] Consistency, we can’t preach it enough for like anything like when you go to school, like studying, that’s I mean, you’re practicing, that’s what it is. All the more you practice, the better you get at it.

[00:00:24] Hello and welcome to The Brew. I’m joined with my very good friend and I think the one half of the crazy gorillas, Ramone. Ramone, how are you doing?

[00:00:36] I’m doing all right. I’m surviving. They’re surviving just like everyone else.

[00:00:40] OK, Ramone, I’m going to cut straight to it, OK? We’ve been talking for a while. We’ve been here for a good minute. Yes, right. But I need to know. The gas needs to know who are you. Tell me your story and tell me how you intersect with the crazy gorilla.

[00:00:54] Who am I?

[00:00:55] Who are you?

[00:00:56] I don’t even know who I am. That’s a good question. I never, I guess, ask myself that I’m just a boy man going through life, just trying to do what makes them happy. That’s that’s literally it. I’m a guy that makes YouTube videos I’ve been doing for a while now. I enjoy long walks on the park. I enjoy a nice sunset. You know, I, I like making eggs in the morning. For myself. Just an egg and like salt, pepper.

[00:01:29] Are you a scramble man or are you like a overeasy guy?

[00:01:31] It depends on the day. OK, like if I would just have toast, I’d say you said. Said. Price scrambled just like this quick. I don’t have to worry about anything. Oh, I overcooked, you know, a good day.

[00:01:44] It’s a good day

[00:01:45] if I’m a good day. Sunny side up.

[00:01:47] Sunny side up. So you’re going for some

[00:01:49] ham on the side of

[00:01:50] bacon.

[00:01:51] OK, now here’s the thing. Are you the type of person who covers puts a lid over the sunny side up now? You know, like that now. OK, now

[00:02:00] I’m not there yet, you know, like my chef skills.

[00:02:02] Yeah, I’m just

[00:02:04] quick and dirty. Yeah. I’m like I’m eat. OK, nothing fancy. But yeah, I’m just because you say you tuber a content creator, whatever that means, whatever that means. I’m on all these social media platforms and yeah, I just make videos for a living and that’s who I am and I love my cat.

[00:02:27] Yes. So. So tell me, what is a crazy gorilla. What do you what do you do, what kind of it is you make? Because I’m curious, obviously, you know, you’re in it like you do it every day. Yeah. You I think you are on camera and you also edit. Correct. So you’re you’re like in the whole.

[00:02:46] I do a little out of the box. OK, so OK. So yes, I’m behind this. I’m in front of the camera. Yeah. Also behind the camera we both every night we pretty much do a little bit of everything. It’s just a two man team so. Right shoe edit produce everything. Like we pretty much do everything. Yeah. So we started off as you tubers now I guess you could say consecrates with all the social media different social. There is each platforms different. You got maneuverer, you solve differently on each platform. So there’s that and but normally I mainly write like OK, I thought I kind of focused more on the writing aspect and then I guess the acting. I don’t think I’m that good. I don’t think I’m that good, but I try my best.

[00:03:35] Yeah, I think I think you’re not giving yourself enough credit.

[00:03:38] I think I’m not I’m not good. I am not good.

[00:03:41] As long as you keep believing you’re not good. But then you are good. You’re fine, I think because you are it runs you play off pretty well on camera. OK, I accept that. But I do want to know. Tell me tell me your journey with the crazy killer because obviously, like now you’re over a million subs. You’re like a million and a quarter right

[00:04:01] around

[00:04:02] one point two million to around. Yeah. So you’re like one point two mil subs on YouTube. You’re getting close to 100k on Instagram.

[00:04:10] I think we’re like around under 100K.

[00:04:13] Yeah. And then I have no idea what you guys are on Twitter and tech and also Twitters

[00:04:18] are like our lowest social media. We’re not we never really focus on it. OK, but it’s just for fun. Yeah. And then take talk we have I think

[00:04:27] also you have a million on Twitter.

[00:04:29] All right. I’m actually talking to you. Yeah. What’s up?

[00:04:31] Yes. Jesus Christ. I can go on a tangent about Iraq right now, but I’m going to say. All right, so tell me the journey. Tell me honestly, like I knew you from high school. Yes. And that’s one of the I to me at least, that’s one of the cool things, is like we were in high school together. We, you know, through life you have is like ebbs and flows of relationships. You know what it’s like. I knew you in high school. I we didn’t we were never really, like, too close. We went through all this kind of ups and downs. And then now we’re in a situation where we very quickly become become pretty close to each other. Like where and, you know, we enjoy each other’s company. So I’m OK. Yeah. So I’m I’m curious to know what your journey was through the whole thing. So, like, we’re talking like you started the crazy girl in high school. Yes. Which was close to ten years ago at this point.

[00:05:22] We were doing this for over ten years.

[00:05:23] And you’re doing it for. Oh yeah, that’s right. You started in high school, so you were doing for over ten years, you know, to where you are now. What is the what does that really look like and like what are the what are the moments and the peaks and valleys of that.

[00:05:33] OK, so as you said, ten years plus. Yeah. We’ve been decades for. A while now, yeah, it’s it’s been a journey, so Anthony started the channel because it really started with Andrew and Christian Gray Hummes. Yeah. So it was the three of them at first and at first. Like, honestly, in the beginning, no one knew what was going on. We still don’t know what’s going on, to tell you the truth, like people think we got it figured out. No way. We stress every day, like, oh, we don’t know what we’re doing. We really don’t. We’re like everyone else. We’re just trying to figure it out. So in the beginning, we’re really trying to figure it out. So we’re just some kids having fun making videos. Anthony Anthony would hit me up, say, hey, you want to be in a video? I was like, what does that mean? Like like what are we doing? I just come over here and I was like, All right. And that’s like we did like the Bernie dance on, if you remember that. And there’s like a Drake and little Wayne song, I Forgot Bedrock. Yep. We did the bedrock. So I was

[00:06:34] like, I blew up. Right. The bedrock one.

[00:06:36] Was it that one. We got some views. Yeah. I want to say blew up.

[00:06:39] It blew up in like back in those days.

[00:06:41] Yeah. I mean so I think Anthony just like video and I don’t like a thousand views like one thousand people watched our video. Yeah. Let’s make another one. You know, it’s like, it’s like what the heck. Like that’s crazy. It’s a cool feeling. So I will let’s make another one. So then we started making these little dancing videos, Bernie Bedrock, and I was like the first three original videos. I don’t think they’re up anymore.

[00:07:10] Oh, did you archive them?

[00:07:12] Yeah. I mean, they’re not they’re

[00:07:13] not they’re not up to par. Yeah. They’re, they’re

[00:07:16] not up to par and it might not be as ad

[00:07:18] friendly as. Yeah. I mean I think that we’re fine.

[00:07:21] Yeah. But there could be a little

[00:07:24] you should start like a channel that no I don’t, don’t like promote it at all and just like open up another channel that just how they just hosa like houses those and then just.

[00:07:34] No no no no. You don’t want hatriot. Oh okay. Okay. They want the good stuff. That’s a pretty good incentive actually.

[00:07:42] Yeah. That’s pretty good actually. Do you have

[00:07:44] Patrina. What do you, what are you doing.

[00:07:46] You have a million you know Patreon.

[00:07:48] The kids. I mean, what’s your point? They don’t have credit cards

[00:07:52] from credit cards we don’t

[00:07:53] want we don’t want we don’t want

[00:07:55] them getting. I’m getting I’m getting our demographics.

[00:07:57] I like pretty much everyone loves us. They’re like, yeah, yeah.

[00:08:01] So so you you start off with the dancing videos. You have that happening initially. You have some success going there. Tell me kind of next steps, kind of how? Because like, if you are someone who like who knows, you know, the evolution between like you have these like more dancing, more like skit based videos and then like, well, I saw the dancing videos and like more trendy videos and then it starts to become skits. Yeah. And then I think from there that’s when that’s when, like, the whole team tries to find out the rhythm and stuff to find out, OK, this is these are the kind of skits that we’re really good at and this is the kind of demographic we want to go for. I’m curious what that journey was like and finding your actual niche.

[00:08:39] OK, so yes. So we start off with those dancing videos and then it was Anthony and Andrew and Christian. First, Anthony hit me up every now and then just to be in the video. So I was like, dude, yeah, this is fun. Sure. And I guess at that point they started doing the skits, but they would just do skits on random things like on anything. But ah, that’s I think after school they would we would meet up, have lunch real quick and then just think of an idea, shoot it and that’s it. Like there’s no game plan in the beginning really. We just meet up like ah what’s funny, what can we make a video about. Like we make videos about like a chair or something. Just a wig. Like whatever I like. Yeah. Just we’re just like oh this is funny, I just do it. Yeah. So like that’s the beginning years, you know, trying to find our niche. And I think one of the first kind of public is like how to get a shuffle. Girl shuffling was big back then, so

[00:09:31] I was very

[00:09:32] big back then. Yes. I still can’t do it.

[00:09:33] The scene still alive. I think it’s the scene is still evolving.

[00:09:37] It’s one of those things, dude, where like so I we we know Isaiah Isaiah taught me how to shuffle. And then, like, I just repressed it, it’s like a repressed

[00:09:47] memory, it’s a good it’s like a rough ride. I don’t know, dude shuffling it is. It’s a lifestyle.

[00:09:53] It is. Dude, I one of the best memories I have of, like, going out going out with a friend is I don’t think. Well you do know him. Remember, he came to the show one day. It was Colin like the taller balding. Yeah. So Colin we went out one day and didn’t like a shuffle or him like the like, like something that he could just shuffle to and he started shuffling. I kid you not dude like the Red Sea, it just partied open the

[00:10:17] dance floor and everyone was just watching him. It’s an art form, it’s an

[00:10:21] art but it’s repressed in here. But you I tell you what, you get me in the right mood. I think I can bring it out.

[00:10:26] I think he’s just scared to shuffle.

[00:10:27] Do I think I am scared? I’m scared because

[00:10:29] it’s an open like it’s an open thing to you. They don’t care. They just do your best to have you. I guess you’re right. I am right. Yeah, right. But anyways, you know how to get a shuffle girl inspired by superego, like how to get a cholla. He’s like early inspiration, superego, one of like one of the first big Latino Mexican country creators. So I was like, yo, like this guy’s tight. So kind of like like, oh, he did this video. We like shuffling. It’s like how to get a shuffle girl. Something like the early years. We just make a video like we just meet up after school or watch the video on this fridge. We could use this fridge for something like a whore, like, you know, it’s like just random things like, no, there’s no direction, really. And then we’re like, all right, let’s kind of start taking this a little more serious, because even back then, we would make videos every single Sunday. So for the past ten years, we’d make videos for every single Sunday. Well, at least we tried to we skip we skip the couple here and there. But you really

[00:11:32] were really consistent early on.

[00:11:34] I think that’s, I guess, the recipe for our success to just consistency. And I think that’s with anything to like. You got to practice. Yeah. Because if you don’t make videos, you’re not going to improve really, and then you’re not going to see what works or what you could improve on. So consistency, we can’t preach it enough for like anything like when you go to school, like studying, that’s I mean, you’re practicing, that’s what it is. All the more you practice, the better you get at it. So we’re like, all right, let’s let’s kind of like try a little harder now. Let’s start trying to write actually write something so we have more of a focus. And we started doing that because like so I’m skipping a little, you know, thing,

[00:12:14] you know, you bounce. Bounce. Yeah.

[00:12:15] So like Andrew and Christian life happens college, you know. So they’re like, bro. Because I mean, we had like we don’t have that many then and then, yeah, so like we’re like, dude, I got I got to go to school, right? Yeah. So life. And then Anthony picked up our friend Freddie Gray, you know, some gray pick up pick up in the draft.

[00:12:39] Fantastic.

[00:12:40] Pick up and lay around here.

[00:12:42] So they’re killing it. And then I still I think would always hit me up to help. I there wasn’t like actual like an actual member. Yeah. So I would still hop around and then one day I guess she’s like, you just hit me up. He’s like, hey, you want to be a member of this. I don’t know what that means. They don’t know what we’re doing here, but sure. Like I like making videos, like I’ve never just know I never grew up like, yo, I want to be a YouTube because YouTube wasn’t that big. Wasn’t a thing when we’re growing up. Yeah. You know, it’s like yeah.

[00:13:10] Sounds like especially back in like twenty eleven. Yes.

[00:13:12] So it was like brand new. Yeah. And like there’s like super superego to the ghetto like we always watch. Yeah. So I was like do that like this is cool. Like this is just fun. It’s like because just making cool stuff. So I mean it was never like I want to be that, it was just I like doing this like let’s just keep on doing it. Yeah. And I mean that’s what we were doing. We started taking a more serious every single Sunday yada yada. Life happened again. Now it’s just me and Anthony making videos. It’s just us too. So I’m like, OK. And I think around that, we’re still like I think under under 100K. We like making 100k subs, so we’re like just making these videos for fun or passion project. You know, we like doing it and little by little our numbers will grow. But it wasn’t, like, substantial. So we’re like, OK, like, what else can we do? So are we like we started experimenting with our videos a little bit. We’re like. I think we tried like a Mexican thing, I don’t know which one. No, no, at first. OK, so I’m going the timelines almost like

[00:14:14] it’s clicking now.

[00:14:15] OK, so now we’re in college, right? So college full time, both of us. Part, the full time college, was

[00:14:23] this before or after he switched over to Pamona? Before before he was like I say, yeah,

[00:14:28] OK, so like we’re both in school, I was I was I was going to Valley at the time, part time jobs, both of us. And we’re still making a video every single week. Crazy. We could not do that today, even though, like, we have like all this time to make video productions more about, but like. Stamina wise, we can argue, like you can not like I don’t know how we did it back then. Yeah. School studying finals, blah, blah, blah, family plus little boo boo part time and then plus the videos. So it’s a

[00:14:58] lot. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:15:00] It’s like so it’s like it’s not, it takes a toll but like it is like you have to commit in a way if you want to do it. So you

[00:15:08] know, working late nights,

[00:15:10] lots of late nights. So and during that time we weren’t making money on YouTube is just a passion project.

[00:15:17] Even if you weren’t making enough.

[00:15:19] Wow. It’s like we make because not enough

[00:15:22] to not be enough to be like, OK. Yeah.

[00:15:25] Oh no. Yes. It’s just a

[00:15:25] little something

[00:15:27] for a nice t shirt or something. Yeah. Go get yourself something nice

[00:15:30] in case of Jersey.

[00:15:31] Yeah. Every every time, every two months.

[00:15:33] Get yourself a trip maybe.

[00:15:36] All right, three months, very much

[00:15:39] so, I mean, somebody was like, OK, once you start making money like, oh, this is this feels cool. Like, yeah, like the work we’re doing is kind of like a payoff. And plus the comments people like in the videos or my. We’re doing something right, like we always felt like people like us. Yeah, it’s like we feel like we’re doing something right. Yeah. And then I think our first viral video, if I recall correctly, was, ah, Drake video, I think was like music videos without music.

[00:16:07] Yes. Yeah I remember that.

[00:16:08] I remember so I was in school, I think I had like a midterm the next day or like a test or something and we stayed up all night filming like working on the video all night. I remember I was like, I did like this is crazy. I guess we both have to go in the morning. Like, I took a lot of caffeine pills back then. So we finished that video. Then we uploaded. And I think it takes like a day or two for it to kind of like start popping off. Yeah. And then once we see, like, these numbers just go up, we’re like, yo, like this is

[00:16:43] how much that one hit.

[00:16:46] I don’t

[00:16:46] recall, but I want to

[00:16:48] get hit six

[00:16:49] figures. I think it went viral, like on Facebook. Oh, on YouTube. But because we’re like we worked on our Facebook too. Yeah. I want to say like thirty six mil. Like, yeah,

[00:17:01] yeah, something like six figures, like it’s like you you hit like a thousand views, like, no, this

[00:17:05] was like this was viral, like it was all over Twitter and stuff. I was like also, yo, we got some power over you like this. I was like, OK, I just review the batteries and I guess I was like, whoa, this is cool. Yeah. So I mean I remember that feeling. I was like just my living room. I was like. Why then I was like, OK, back to class

[00:17:28] and the

[00:17:30] depression,

[00:17:30] you’re sitting there like, I’m so much better than these people,

[00:17:34] I don’t like school.

[00:17:35] I don’t think anyone like school.

[00:17:36] But I feel like I didn’t learn anything, like, beneficial, like, oh, read this book and study chapters three and four. And you have a pop quiz on Wednesday. And although you’re not teaching me anything. Yeah, well, you told me to read a book. Why would I come here then. Yeah. I mean, I’m not saying school’s bad. You need to go to school for, like, a lawyer doctor, blah, blah. But for my experience, I don’t like it.

[00:17:57] Yeah, it’s something I, I will say this, something that we preach here on this podcast. A lot is like go to trade school like like do like you know. Yeah. For sure. Do it like we need plumbers, we need

[00:18:07] they make good

[00:18:08] money to make like 80 plumbers. Maybe that’s good. That’s good. Well what do you want.

[00:18:14] There’s maybe like six figures. Once they’re out of, once they’re out of their apprenticeship. It’s ridiculous.

[00:18:18] It’s like those ocean welders

[00:18:20] to make dumb money.

[00:18:21] I thought about that too. I was like, dude, I like the ocean. I my dad knows that well.

[00:18:25] But I got this

[00:18:26] when I was at Valley working for the marketing department when I first started there, one of the beats, like I call it a beat because it’s like we all had different departments we had to come to. One of my beats was the Applied Technology Department, which was like welding, automotive mechanic, engineering woodshop, all that, all that kind of stuff, a carpentry and glassblowing and stuff like that. All the technical skills. Right. And I remember I was I was covering a welding event because they had like welding competitions at Valley. And I remember I was covering it. I was like taking photographs of it and stuff like that. And it just kind of came up like through conversation. I was like how? I was like, how much is the wall to make? And then like a regular welder makes like sixty K and up like sixty kids like starting and then it goes up depending on how much experience you have. I was like no that’s pretty good money.

[00:19:14] Yes. That’s good money. That’s like a good comfortable living

[00:19:17] and like you’re kind of right away. You’re not like wasting your time. Yeah. Learning about

[00:19:20] geography, you’re like especially here in IHI, like it’s

[00:19:23] like that’s really good money for

[00:19:24] sure.

[00:19:26] And then, but then like oh but if you’re like a more specialized welder you can make a lot more money. And I said, I said, what do you mean a specialized one like well there’s these things called like underwater welders. That’s really

[00:19:36] dangerous. Yeah. Like it’s really dangerous.

[00:19:38] And because it’s so dangerous, you get paid a lot more money. I was like, how much are we talking? Like, oh, they start at like one hundred and twenty k. And I was just like, what?

[00:19:48] I literally where do I sign up. I looked at my camera and then I,

[00:19:52] I thought about my life. I thought, oh, for a second I was just like, do I really want to be in marketing? Like do I really like do I want to be an entrepreneur? Like is that what I want?

[00:20:02] I want to be a freakin underwater

[00:20:05] or do I want to have like a snorkel and like be welden like a gate underwater license type. Obviously I’m here not making

[00:20:12] one hundred and twenty k we made some mistakes. Yeah. We made some mistakes along the way but

[00:20:16] but yeah that’s, that’s where we are. But I mean it’s so. Yeah. So you’re in school. The music videos, art music videos go viral. You feel like you’re better than everybody.

[00:20:26] You know a little bit.

[00:20:28] But yeah I mean we always felt like we weren’t like we initiate. So, like, I think that’s like a huge part of like not our success, but like our family, our drive. Well, that’s the thing.

[00:20:41] And I will say this is as someone who has seen like. Popular YouTube and the way that they act like first hand experience and then I refinding, I think, our friendship, right, refinding our friendship recently, it’s something to wear. It’s it’s fantastic. I think it’s cool, like you didn’t even get lost in the sauce.

[00:21:06] I don’t think I’m harsh. Like I really I really genuinely I don’t think so. I’m just a normal dude. I like watching my Lakers

[00:21:14] sad face, Big Teardrop, their

[00:21:17] sad face. I like going out to eat.

[00:21:21] They know Chelsea won. You got that going for you.

[00:21:24] Congratulations by that’s gone.

[00:21:26] I should have been PSG and Chelsea in the finals, but whatever we won’t

[00:21:28] talk about PSG don’t matter to you. We’ll take on the heat. It wouldn’t matter anyways. The Chelsea champ.

[00:21:33] I am. You’re not wrong.

[00:21:34] Just so I’m happy about that. Yeah, it’s I guess I’m happy I got to live and see through both Champions League finals, you know. Yeah. And like, I guess even the one they lost versus men united. John Kerry slipped. Yep. Hit the poor

[00:21:53] the the last. No, I’m thinking of a major league. I’m thinking like, no, I don’t. The Champions League is like new to me. But I pretty much have all the Premier League,

[00:22:04] all of the Champions League. The best.

[00:22:06] Yeah, it’s the best. I sort of all it last year though this this last year when Chelsea won.

[00:22:11] There this Sopranos was great, I mean, both times they’ve won the Champions League. There’s like managers, which is the team wasn’t playing as good bye, blah, blah. You know, it was like so weird season, you know, ups and downs. And then you win, like, the greatest prize you can get as a club. It’s pretty friggin sick and that’s pretty cool. So I love Chelsea. I don’t want to go to London. It’s it’s a dream of

[00:22:34] mine to go see him.

[00:22:35] Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s go right now. Let’s go to they go today right after this season’s over.

[00:22:40] But let’s wait till they start and I’m done.

[00:22:42] Well, what of that bridge or whatever and just a Brexit country,

[00:22:46] whatever it is, I don’t know. I don’t even know. Big Bandy did

[00:22:51] when I when I went to London, Big Ben was under construction. I saw you believe that they were under construction. They were like fixing it up.

[00:22:58] It’s different now. I appreciate what you saw. Do they get like everyone sees normal people like you saw like a little her, you know, like like

[00:23:07] I’m trying to

[00:23:07] help. I’m trying to feel upset that I didn’t see Big Ben. And you’re making me feel like I should I should appreciate what I saw.

[00:23:13] You can’t control how Big Ben looks, dude. So why are you worried?

[00:23:18] Have you been to London?

[00:23:19] I’ve never been in Europe.

[00:23:19] Fantastic. It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. De la la la la la.

[00:23:23] I want to try some fish and chips. You know, I’m down for that dude.

[00:23:25] Fish and chips is bomb like.

[00:23:27] It’s like they’re not they’re not lying when they say like it’s

[00:23:29] like Long John Silvers or

[00:23:32] if it’s exactly like if you go to Long John Silver, do you

[00:23:36] know fish and chips in London is like smacking like it’s good. They look

[00:23:40] good. I’m not like a huge fish too, but like anything fried, I’m like I’m there for, like, slimy.

[00:23:46] The crazy part about it is like you you walk into this place like the fish and chips, like a good fish and chip shop is you walk into this place,

[00:23:53] what’s the smell? Give me the smell. Vinegar. Yeah, yeah. Vinegar and like

[00:23:57] tartar sauce, you know, just vinegar. OK, just like a light vinegar you smell when you walk in and like oh like all the good times we went to the front was just like an ice cream shop. So, you know, I sometimes I have like the glass and you could see like everything is going on, OK, it’s like that. But it was like fish and chips, like you could just buy ready to go. Like if you’re going to go, you could just buy them.

[00:24:19] You go. So they’re ready.

[00:24:20] Yeah, like it’s like a little Caesar’s.

[00:24:22] So those are like if you if you’re getting it to go, those are ready to go free. OK, like especially depending on time you go, like you could just go and be like I want that to go and they just wrap it up for you in the newspaper and then just bounce newspaper.

[00:24:33] Yeah. There is a healthy I like the ink.

[00:24:35] So supposedly not. I was like, yeah, supposedly not weird. The FDA ate something I didn’t know FDA.

[00:24:42] But if you, if you sit down or they come for you fresh like they, they, they batter them and they fry them fresh right there for you and you get the fish and chips.

[00:24:51] What kind of fish is it like.

[00:24:52] It depends on something. It’s I had pike.

[00:24:56] Never heard of the fish,

[00:24:57] it’s a

[00:24:58] fish man. And then I think. Like cod and stuff like that,

[00:25:03] it’s like causing, I think is like the most popular one, like a court is the most popular one that you’re supposed to do with fish and chips. But I had I had to pick one. I think that’s correct. I could be wrong. I don’t know fish. I just know tilapia. That’s it. Because I just

[00:25:16] say, you know, SpongeBob,

[00:25:19] you

[00:25:20] know, you remember. But London’s fun. I mean, we’ve it’d be fun to go back especially like without the pressure of like because when I went for my honeymoon, so like I had that would not pressure, but I had that weird like everything has to be romantic and like everything has to be fancy honeymoon now to be nice to go back and just like Bomont, just like

[00:25:41] go like no, no, please. I really like go and

[00:25:47] like not feel the need to like go to a nice restaurant.

[00:25:50] Everything needs to be perfect.

[00:25:51] Exactly. Exactly. Not feel that need to be perfect because that was for sure there last time. Like I felt like everything needed to be like the most. Yeah. The most version of it. So like we went to like get like fish and chips. We looked up like the best fish and chips,

[00:26:06] five star ratings and reviews.

[00:26:09] We went to like Michelin restaurants in London and France was like Michelin. I did London and Paris. So we went to like Michelin restaurants was like Michelin reviewed restaurants. We like we do we we

[00:26:19] blew we blew

[00:26:20] more money on food than we did on our flights.

[00:26:23] That’s the way to do it. I mean, I guess

[00:26:25] I mean, if you’re going to spend money like spend money on food, on food like that. Yeah, it was nice. It’s a great way to, like, learn a culture, you know, different people.

[00:26:31] Yeah. We write like down the street from our like so right out of our Airbnb was a market that had like amazing food. Like literally every morning we’d walk down and just breakfast would be right in front of us, run from this far. And then down the street was a Michelin starred a one Michelin starred ramen place. And I’ve I’ve never in my life still to this day, that place I asked for, I was like, hey, can I get some, like, not tonkatsu. Yeah, tonkatsu, ramen. I said, can I get some, like, tonkatsu, ramen? And they were like, OK, cool. Yeah. Do you want. They said, how

[00:27:03] do you want your news? And I said, what do you mean how do I want my noodles. Yes.

[00:27:08] And they were like, yeah. Do you want them. Like do you want them medium. Do you want them well done. Do you want them all dentate. That’s a thing. And I said, excuse me.

[00:27:16] I said how should I. I was like recommend how should

[00:27:20] I get them. And he said, well the broth is hot. So if you’re going to have appetizers, get it al dente and then it’ll cook a little more. And then you can, you can eat it when it’s medium or if you want it, like, perfectly cooked, like, well, well done. You get that medium, eat your appetizers and then you get them. Well it’s like or if you’re not getting any appetizers, you want to eat the news immediately get well done. Well it’s always just like, oh you kidding me.

[00:27:48] That’s a I was like that’s a thing.

[00:27:50] It’s a system.

[00:27:51] That’s what I learned was like, God, I can’t I can’t be a baker all day.

[00:27:55] I’m kidding. I love because I’ve got I got to go and get bakers in my life.

[00:27:59] Yeah, I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I don’t know. I said, bakers, let’s go with the Taco Bell. Let’s go talk about the best Mexican restaurant. And in the US, by the way, you know

[00:28:08] who comes up with this stuff? Who’s they need to consult with me. You’ve got to think

[00:28:12] what’s in Montana. You think you

[00:28:14] think like

[00:28:15] are there Mexicans in Montana? You know, then there shouldn’t be.

[00:28:18] But, you know, there is Montana. Taco Bell.

[00:28:22] That’s not that’s American, that’s like a

[00:28:24] bell is the best Mexican food in the U.S. now

[00:28:27] Mexican, it’s like stoner food.

[00:28:30] Have you had it’s good.

[00:28:32] I like Taco Bell, like those late nights when you kind of let

[00:28:35] you know it’s the one areto cheese or detA Crunch do. OK, I heard laugh. Are you kidding me? It’s good.

[00:28:43] No, not every day.

[00:28:44] But if you have problems every day, I got to I got to buy Hublot.

[00:28:50] What’s better. Baja Blast or McDonnel. Sprite Chiche coming down below.

[00:28:58] Can we. Can we, can we get all going.

[00:29:00] McDonnel, Sprite or Baja blast. What’s through.

[00:29:05] Let’s do this. We need Atsugi.

[00:29:07] OK, ok. Are we talking about a medium size or a big size. How big is the size.

[00:29:12] Big. A large big. Large is big gailani it we’re killing. It sprayed 100 percent spicy. I’m going McDonald’s pretty spicy. I’m going with the sprite ten out of ten times.

[00:29:25] You ever

[00:29:25] drive and just drink with

[00:29:27] your eyes. Get out.

[00:29:27] Walking hyperventilating.

[00:29:31] Dear Lord dude I,

[00:29:35] I don’t know what they do this but like think about like this.

[00:29:37] A Baja blast, a small bahah blast

[00:29:41] hits like a medium Baja small to medium Baja blast. That’s all you need. I think anything bigger than that, you do yearn for it. I feel like

[00:29:51] you don’t want to live just kind of like you

[00:29:53] don’t want to just live a little. It’s not an everyday thing. I’m not saying go out and get this Bahaman.

[00:29:58] I’m going give it Yusri

[00:29:59] like a road trip, like a nice road trip. You know, they’re going to San Francisco hours or something. You got to sip on something to the most powerful blast to quench your thirsty.

[00:30:08] Can I be honest with you know, you don’t like us. I’m I love OK, but I have not had Bahah blast. In for sure, more than five years for sure.

[00:30:25] That’s for

[00:30:26] sure. More than five years I haven’t. Why? Because I know what’s wrong with me, because I know me and I know I wouldn’t just do

[00:30:33] a medium bobbly.

[00:30:35] Well, that’s the thing. And like a large bomb blast every year, just one day.

[00:30:40] Give yourself that. I get my yearly body on my birthday. Yes, I get my yearly Wahhab last.

[00:30:47] Have you been to Greece?

[00:30:50] I’ve never had the freeze. I’ve never had the freeze. I’ve never in my life had had, like, that slushy one dude.

[00:30:56] Never in my life have you lived you’ve been to Europe and stuff, blah, blah, blah, but you haven’t had a blast brief. What’s your issues, man?

[00:31:03] Like, I think I’m just I’m scared. Oh, I’m scared to talk. I ever

[00:31:07] was scared to live someone to

[00:31:09] try something that is so

[00:31:11] good that it changes my perspective on other things I thought was good. I have something, I have a tier system in my head

[00:31:19] of like what’s tasty and what’s not tasty.

[00:31:21] Scratch that.

[00:31:22] I’ll scratch it. It doesn’t exist. You think

[00:31:24] so? You’re limiting yourself. That’s the thing. Am I you’re setting like these parameters for your like taste buds or whatever. Do you like free it

[00:31:32] up for you. For me, for your

[00:31:34] so for me I’m a little have that ballbuster year to buy one. Barbossa, I must say the day once. The next day, once the next time you’re going to Vegas. What’s the next time you going to Vegas.

[00:31:46] Taco Bell Cantina. I went to

[00:31:47] I saw my favorite thing in Vegas.

[00:31:49] I saw the talk about Cantina.

[00:31:50] It’s my favorite Las Vegas safari hunter. I just looked. I looked, I looked at my binoculars and I was just like, dude, no, it’s no place to get married in there.

[00:32:04] People the first time I went. I might have seen someone. Di, excuse me, three a.m. like Saturday night Vegas, first

[00:32:14] off, 24 hours, I don’t know, dude, I

[00:32:18] was to white, I went to White Castle, I was

[00:32:21] down to the White House with the White Castle. Disgusting. I went

[00:32:25] to, I guess, felt like talking like 5:00 in the morning, hadn’t slept

[00:32:28] and fucked up. And it’s like

[00:32:30] I wasn’t tired yet.

[00:32:32] You have no self-respect.

[00:32:33] And I was I was let’s say I was under the influence. We’ll put it that way. And I remember. I was just like, you know what, I’m going to get everybody’s order, and

[00:32:45] it ended up it ended up I got a kid, you not I spent I dropped like 200 dollars. What are you trying to prove? And nothing. I just I didn’t think. What are you trying to I think we were my

[00:32:57] family was self-respect.

[00:33:00] We went to the thing we went for.

[00:33:02] It was like ten people behind me. And they’re like, this is this is like ordering. And I was like, yeah, I don’t think a few

[00:33:06] burgers or whatever. And and and then we end up with, like, everybody had

[00:33:13] a box in their hands, like all ten of us have

[00:33:15] boxes and we go to

[00:33:16] the to the hotel, we go back to the palazzo and then we just and we a

[00:33:20] sweet and we’re just sitting there with a bed. I kid you not a queen size bed.

[00:33:26] Top to bottom with boxes of White Castle

[00:33:29] smell like

[00:33:30] onions. Do it smell like death. And like for the rest. For the.

[00:33:36] We did that so we got there like Thursday or Friday. Whatever we got to say Friday. We got there on Friday. That was Thursday morning, like Thursday at like 5:00 a.m. when we got that oh excuse me, Saturday. And when we got that

[00:33:49] the rest of the weekend, that’s their job. Yes, we would have. I kid you not like this is me. I would wake up, I would turn my body and just go and just like take a bite of a little slider, like sliders. We we didn’t warm them up in the microwave. We do

[00:34:07] anything. We just eat sliders.

[00:34:08] You should put like by the sun, like on the window, just like

[00:34:11] I think that might have killed us a little crisp. Oh Christine would have added texture.

[00:34:15] Maybe you’re not wrong. We had my last memory of my last memory vegas’. That is my last memory. My last memory. Vegas is what is

[00:34:24] is waking up.

[00:34:27] And just hating my life, but guess what was there for me? Why oh, why can’t a

[00:34:31] slighter

[00:34:31] shadow Harold and Kumar movie? That’s what I want to try. So I guess I just went to Vegas two months ago. Maybe I’ve had the White Castle there downtown before for life is beautiful.

[00:34:44] Yeah.

[00:34:45] I’ve got to try it like I love her. Harold and Kumar. Yeah, definitely. I was like, I got to try it. I was like, it’s like Webb Bread. And I

[00:34:54] was like it was

[00:34:56] because it’s like steamed. Yeah. So I was like I was like like this thing way, like, I don’t know, I’m not used to this. Yeah. I was like I kind of like the cheese or whatever. I was like, oh it’s not bad because like my mom would buy the frozen ones. Oh those are those. Hey you don’t this like little real ones. I guess if they’re real in Vegas, I don’t know if that’s like I mean,

[00:35:17] you

[00:35:17] know, if that’s how it is in the East Coast cause like I was like, it’s Vegas. Maybe like the quality’s OK. Yeah. So I try to like life beautiful. And I was like, all right, I don’t really like it but I got to try it again. Yeah. I got to give them a second chance.

[00:35:30] Yeah. Fool me once. Fool me twice

[00:35:33] like I eat

[00:35:34] it, but it’s not like I want to eat it, if that’s the thing

[00:35:37] last time, so shout out to tell annoys you. Last time I was in Chicago, they were white caps shot down. The last time I was in the sky, I was a dude I love. Have you been in Chicago? Never. My dude. So much fun. Chicago is just fun. It’s a fun city. It’s like a magic Chicago or I was so part. My friends live like close to the south side. OK, like to be like a burro down from the south from

[00:36:05] like what’s a burro. It’s just like

[00:36:07] a, like a, like a place. So like when

[00:36:08] I think of a burro is like a hole or something like that and

[00:36:11] it’s like a neighborhood thing. Like a neighborhood like you know, like that, like the Bronx. And they have like, you know, what does that

[00:36:17] mean,

[00:36:17] just like a section

[00:36:18] is like Muscogee.

[00:36:20] So yeah, Moscow is a borough highlands I guess a city, but it’s like the city. So here’s the thing. We’re all the Inland Empire. Yeah. And within the Inland Empire, we have the boroughs side.

[00:36:31] Somebody. There you go.

[00:36:32] There you go. OK, you go. There you go. So it’s a little different city. That’s exactly the city. It’s a city. But I don’t

[00:36:37] know whether I live in a burrow.

[00:36:41] It sounds fancy you

[00:36:42] live in the Bronx yourself in Manhattan, like me.

[00:36:45] Live just like that. No one except me talk to somebody that’s like from L.A.. Tell me, living in the Highland Borough.

[00:36:52] It does it does sound a little better, but not with it, then they go over there like, you know, what is it? It seems dangerous.

[00:37:00] So we there’s a there’s a place here. There’s a place. Two things want to shout. There’s a White Castle that’s in Chicago, OK? I took my front for the first time. They were just like, we’re really hungry.

[00:37:13] And you gave them the yes God. It is like we’re really hungry.

[00:37:20] And I was like, what’s close to here? And there was this. So there is.

[00:37:25] I won’t say that there’s I’m not going at. So we went to White Castle ago

[00:37:31] and my friends, like I’ve never been to White Castle, I don’t know what to expect. I was like, just eat the food, dude. Like, eat it. It’s good. So we get some we have some sliders. He eats when he’s like he like I kid you not immediately wants to go back like he’s like twenty four hours is like let’s go back.

[00:37:46] So we go back and we go have you. I have never tasted this flavor profile.

[00:37:50] So we go back and yeah we just we so I will say this Chicago White Castle from a drive thru was better than Vegas.

[00:37:57] That’s what I imagine

[00:37:58] in the establishment. So now we have Europe. We have to go together. And I want to go to Chicago together because I have to introduce you to fatso’s fatso that sells burger. My God,

[00:38:11] it sounds like my kind of place, like

[00:38:12] I’m going to whisper right now because I want you to know what I mean right now. I want I want you to know that the best burger ever had in my life was besides Mexico.

[00:38:21] I was about to say I got to say was I. Hold on.

[00:38:23] Hold on. Has been in in Chicago with

[00:38:26] better Chicago or Mexico.

[00:38:28] With Mexico. Here’s the thing to Mexico loves her meat.

[00:38:32] They do. They really care about every other guy. Guy’s a butcher like freedom.

[00:38:37] And I think I somewhat it to you by going to like when we went to that somewhat touristy

[00:38:42] spot and they had a decent burger,

[00:38:44] it looked like it was not bad. It’s like a. It was like

[00:38:48] and we paid

[00:38:49] I paid

[00:38:49] 14 I paid 50 bucks for a mediocre burger

[00:38:54] the other day yesterday at that establishment that we talked about in

[00:39:00] Mexico. There’s a chance that I

[00:39:02] didn’t pay more than two dollars for that. Like I paid I paid a dollar for.

[00:39:05] They had, like, Hamin there to let

[00:39:07] him know it’s everything you want something you want.

[00:39:09] Burger It was the crispy. You know,

[00:39:12] people swear people for all America has the best. Burgers are like, you know, Europe has the best burgers. No Mexican Europe. Europe is pretty good burgers. I fancy myself a burger.

[00:39:23] OK, a connoisseur, if you will. I guess it would be better.

[00:39:26] I never thought I’d ever heard of like burgers in Europe. That just sounds like America.

[00:39:29] It’s thicker. The meat stickler for some reason. I don’t know. They shape them like you’re smashburger is a big thing

[00:39:34] in the States. Yeah, but like you know why they want to give us less meat.

[00:39:38] Did you think of and now you think

[00:39:41] in and outs being being devious.

[00:39:43] They’re not smash burgers. Yeah they are.

[00:39:45] Smash it you know smash burgers but nothing.

[00:39:48] I mean they’re smaller but they’re not in and

[00:39:49] outside the percent. I don’t know Smashburger can we, can we prove that. Can we go with this burger. Don’t want another smashburger.

[00:39:59] It’s still good. I love it. I don’t know. In an hour. Shake Shack dude right now I just know.

[00:40:05] Here’s the thing.

[00:40:06] No I was I’ll say it again. He the think I’ve changed my mind. When we went to Shake Shack the other day I tasted that burger dude and I said, this is wack. It’s this isn’t it. I spent thirty bucks on one.

[00:40:20] I spent thirty bucks on burgers and fries and a shake bro. Thirty. But what I said the three of us in an animal so animal self. Right three by three each. And then I gotta remember,

[00:40:31] remember we got the cheese fries and then they brought us the regular fries dude. But then. But then we touched them. So we get we got the key.

[00:40:38] Oh yes.

[00:40:38] That’s the hack nowadays. Rakova Just touch your food

[00:40:41] and they can’t just cough on it.

[00:40:44] They can’t

[00:40:46] catch you.

[00:40:46] Now I’ve, I’ve come around.

[00:40:49] All right. All right then. In rebuttal in and out.

[00:40:52] Don’t don’t or don’t you say it. Five guys, oh, in and out, I thought, OK, OK, what do you think are the Mexican burgers?

[00:41:01] Oh, isn’t that right? No way. I guess I got to try more Mexican, bro. The thing about it now is the bread and the cheese. That cheese, it’s you can’t get anywhere else like they got. Let me say that cheese is smashed.

[00:41:18] Here’s an opportunity for us.

[00:41:19] Smash very fast

[00:41:22] smashed burgers have not made it to Mexico yet.

[00:41:27] Could you imagine doing

[00:41:28] the Paria hot, steamy, fresh from cooking carne, asada, whatever kind of meat you’re talking about here, and then you smush a burger on that on that grease?

[00:41:38] Ghadeer, forget about whether you might be onto something.

[00:41:41] Forget about it. A taco in a burger place in Mexico. You serve tacos for like for, I don’t know, whatever. And then you serve burgers as well.

[00:41:51] Do a smashburger. You might be on something like Smashburger, but this is for us. Do lay people might take this idea?

[00:41:59] Honestly, I don’t know why there isn’t Smashburger in Mexico, because it’s so much better than caramelized meat.

[00:42:04] Look, we used to the it,

[00:42:08] but now I think I’ve said it. I said it to you the entire flight to Mexico.

[00:42:12] That’s true. Yeah.

[00:42:13] And I think I think I’ve said it. Here’s what I like the best. Burgers are Mexican.

[00:42:18] Amama America

[00:42:19] in my mom’s ranch, sorry, America,

[00:42:21] my mom’s ranch, there’s like this place called Virtual Burger, these dudes that, like, chopped up a Volkswagen Bug and like built a kitchen in their lives, in their house. But like, they just chop this up like it’s in the garage. They put a grill bubble bar thing for the toppings. The burgers are this big. No, they’re not. They are this big burger. It’s amazing. It’s a man’s burger. That’s what that is. A man they’re really like they are. What can we put in this? Everything duty’s all kinds of meats, hams, different kinds of cheeses, pineapple. Did you want to give it to you? Grilled lytes. It’s an experience shadow virtual burger. Dude, that burger, it’s up there like I always remember. Like it’s up there. I just want to let you know, I just wanted to show.

[00:43:11] So here’s the Obergruppenführer Burger.

[00:43:13] If anyone’s Whopper Nisko

[00:43:14] Highly Alkaline Healthy School Akhandananda, it’s like a little oaklawn out one outman. It’s actually where your friends from Odlin outline outland. It’s where Culloton 10 is from.

[00:43:27] Actually dude I’ve been there, I’ve been to outline.

[00:43:30] No you. I have, I have.

[00:43:32] When someone prove to you when you walk in there’s a big old gate that has the music notes over it.

[00:43:38] Correct. I don’t remember about the music.

[00:43:40] That’s there’s a big gator right.

[00:43:42] Is there’s like a little colonia and I’m

[00:43:44] almost certain that there’s like like little

[00:43:45] little music.

[00:43:47] No thinking I could see that. But I can’t

[00:43:50] I haven’t been in a while. I’ve been there. I’ve been there for

[00:43:53] what would be. For what. I mean why. I mean the burgers dude you

[00:43:58] I think my dad had a buddy who was he was selling Kalsu, OK, so that’s why we were there. But we’re not too far from each other in high school because my family isn’t too far from there because we drove there from. Okay, so we come from um. So we’re with extremism together. Lasserre, which is a mountain village, but the bigger city next to it is ITLA.

[00:44:20] I don’t know, I’m not well versed in my high school.

[00:44:22] Yeah, there’s there’s so many cities. This is a tiny, tiny little city. Yeah, but we’re close to each other. So I would say this, the best I’ve ever had in my life was in San Miguel.

[00:44:33] Up, up a little tiny 1500 population Mountain City,

[00:44:39] the age difference.

[00:44:40] That’s why there’s different you and you, dude,

[00:44:43] I, I kid you not I’m not lying to you when I say this. The last time I went to Mexico every day I had to because I was there for like a month.

[00:44:51] What are you trying to prove? Nothing.

[00:44:52] It was just not good. I’d wake up for lunch. I have a burger for dinner and guess what? I’ll have a burger. It was just that good.

[00:45:00] Like you feel sick after that month or did you feel alive, healthier lives because like it’s a sandwich. Like it has like I think like all the food groups.

[00:45:08] Right. I think it’s because I had less blood flowing

[00:45:10] to my to my heart.

[00:45:12] So I just got a little lightheaded. Yeah.

[00:45:13] I just hope that makes sense.

[00:45:15] We have a chat question. Yeah. I hate my thoughts on hot dogs always. There’s also another thugs. Well, we know what he’s trying to do. Yeah, we know

[00:45:29] I don’t know, these three don’t know.

[00:45:30] I know, but we we know

[00:45:32] don’t fall into the trap.

[00:45:33] Don’t fall into that trap.

[00:45:36] The questions from that guy,

[00:45:37] thoughts on hot dogs, he says immediately, what comes to your mind? We know,

[00:45:42] I

[00:45:42] know, but let me switch it off for a bit. My thoughts on hot dogs, the hot dogs outside of Staples Center, the best, the best in the world.

[00:45:52] Those are undeniably the best. But let me just

[00:45:54] say, post covid, we were one of the games

[00:45:58] we have and these

[00:45:59] things are seven bucks now.

[00:46:01] They used to be five. You paid five dollars. Yeah, there’s

[00:46:04] inflation. Inflation. I’m like Southern

[00:46:09] inflation. Yes. No, these are still your typical folks.

[00:46:14] But like, it’s inflation,

[00:46:16] maybe a little bit of both.

[00:46:17] I was like seven. I was like up seven. But throwing a soda water. Seven bucks for I get it.

[00:46:25] I paid a dollar the last time we went, I paid a dollar more for the same hotdog that you had like 30 seconds before I got my number.

[00:46:31] Oh, yeah, you

[00:46:32] paid five bucks and I paid seven or six bucks,

[00:46:35] I think, because we got like from different we got like we got second sleep. Yeah. The first one was five. The second was seven. And then last time I was seven bucks I was like seven bucks for a hotdog. I’d rather go in and pay for a whole meal.

[00:46:48] I mean, we still do that. Yes.

[00:46:50] I have no self-respect. I’m I get the hotel Gimignano. But my thoughts on hotdogs, those staples are dirty dogs.

[00:46:58] Yeah. The dirty dogs are the best.

[00:46:59] I miss those. I miss them.

[00:47:00] Do you know what’s so overblown? Have you been to Pink’s

[00:47:03] a couple of times. How do I like.

[00:47:05] I want to say it’s like dude you got to go to paying price though.

[00:47:09] Dirty dog grouping’s. If Pink’s was the same price as the dirty dog, what would you go with?

[00:47:15] Pink says more food. Like, you get more

[00:47:19] quantity, you get you get out, what are you doing on?

[00:47:23] This is big with how we answer this, this is how Los Angeles is going to view you.

[00:47:28] As for a real L.A. hotdog, I would say the street dogs, if you want the L.A. experience, blah, blah, blah, like you want to get with the you want to clean out your system for the cheap. Yeah. Get the get the street vendor hot dog, you know, a little cart. Makeshift cart.

[00:47:46] Yeah. It’s just made out of a shopping cart.

[00:47:48] Like that’s the actual it’s a risk but but it’s worth it. So like yeah. If you never had, if you, you’re choosing you got to go with Dirty Dog, you’re going to go through their paces. Like what. The establishment has been there for years. Celebrities go there. Yeah.

[00:48:06] I don’t, I don’t care whether they do this

[00:48:08] just in Burbank. And they named their hot dogs after people.

[00:48:15] There’s a voting place in West Hollywood or maybe after celebrities, I’ve not I’ve no idea. I’ve been I’ve been away on a while. It’s OK, I do. I love pigs and milkshakes,

[00:48:27] you know what, I do love it in L.A. and we don’t have here. Well, we do have it here, but not in like a chain is so many other

[00:48:34] suburbs where it’s the tacos were like the homemade tortillas.

[00:48:37] Yeah. Hematologists.

[00:48:39] I actually wrote to you. I recommended it like a fan of the day

[00:48:42] these houses

[00:48:42] bombed my house.

[00:48:45] And we go one time, you know, we were out there to where we were at their apartment.

[00:48:49] We all

[00:48:49] been out there

[00:48:50] partying. It’s nice. It’s fun. And then I was like, Dude, I’m hungry, by the way.

[00:48:55] Pride Month,

[00:48:56] Happy Pride Month.

[00:48:57] Yeah, OK,

[00:48:59] shout out to Pride Month, shouts Pride Month. But we we ho and someone recommended the USO. Yeah, I was like I think I’ve heard of it before, heard of it before. And I was like, ah let’s go with the smell when you walk in. It’s good. Yeah. No it’s really good.

[00:49:14] I’ll tell you this might as somebody

[00:49:18] like me, I mean you

[00:49:20] know like, as people who have been to Mexico, who have been to the

[00:49:23] motherland,

[00:49:24] who know and have family who were like first generation, like we’re first generation. Yeah. And we know what a good taco is. We know a good Mexican food is. We know how it should be because like Alesco was different

[00:49:34] than the different variation, but

[00:49:38] hardly skin your food right. How it should taste. And then you go to like random like places and then you taste the tacos. Whack DeSales is the only place that I’ll go to like multiple chains that I know they’re tacos are going to be good.

[00:49:53] It starts off with the grocery store starts off. That’s the base. That’s the foundation of tortillas.

[00:49:59] Here’s the thing I’m saying right now. If you tortillas flimsy, if you’re a black tortilla, what are you doing? Because they know we’re in Mexico City. Not known for the tacos, by the way.

[00:50:09] No, I mean, they have taco spots, but I think for taco struggles, it’s like more the border states they wanna be.

[00:50:15] The thing that hurts me is like they’re known for Alpizar, which is the taco.

[00:50:19] But the area we were in, it’s like a little posh.

[00:50:23] You well, there was a Chanel store.

[00:50:25] There’s a Tesla station right there.

[00:50:27] Yeah, it was a little buju when we went. But like,

[00:50:29] it’s the safer part of the city. Yeah, that’s

[00:50:32] what I, we were walking on like 1:00 in the morning, 3:00 a.m. walking around.

[00:50:37] That’s why I chose that location so we could walk around with safety. There’s cops everywhere. Yeah. But yeah I was like that. The food there wasn’t my favorite. I like the street.

[00:50:46] The street when I trusted you with the street stuff. We know how that one.

[00:50:50] Where do we go.

[00:50:50] Pulcher that’s amazing. I the blueberry pulque. Are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. That’s the nectar of the gods.

[00:51:01] Look you’re not actually you’re not wrong.

[00:51:02] I’m not wrong and it’s delicious.

[00:51:05] Yeah. Yeah. I was, I’m still saying I was feeling like yeah I’m not bitter, I’m just I’ve learned to live with this guy. Describe what it’s like. It literally is the nectar of the gods.

[00:51:20] But like for people that don’t know, like so

[00:51:22] pulque is so for I got to describe formulas first. True. Yes. So our meal is, um. It’s Akabi, right. It’s no, it’s not a God. It’s um.

[00:51:33] What planet is it from.

[00:51:35] I’m not from a game but it’s like it could be my favorite hobby. Well like one of those little

[00:51:38] it’s from so there’s a plant called Magalia, a plant called one. I got one of those. And when you cut into them, you get this like watery substance. They little looks just looks like water.

[00:51:48] It’s like after like it’s about to die in a way before the big flower sprouts that you got to like going in there because like it takes years for this stuff to produce.

[00:51:58] So you get the stuff cornmeal, which is just it’s just like sirup a lot of water. It’s literally just sweet water. Our meal basically roughly translated. It’s like just water. Yeah, right. Honey water. Delicious. Super good. Like it’s really good. I remember as a kid I had all done oh I mean they have ice cream, they have all the ice cream, they have like a bunch of guys. Right. But here’s the thing. If you let our meal ferment

[00:52:26] ten minutes, ten minutes, let

[00:52:28] our meal ferment, it becomes Bulc which is what. You know, the Aztecs, the Mayans, these people drank was our meal, but bulk rice, which is the that was the alcohol of the region.

[00:52:43] Yeah. And but it wasn’t really it’s a it’s a kombucha.

[00:52:46] Yeah. I mean, it literally is a great way to like it because

[00:52:49] it’s not alcoholic,

[00:52:50] but it is alcoholic but but

[00:52:52] very lightly.

[00:52:53] Yes. I would say like like those tall whatever this amount is 32 ounce. Yeah. It’s like three or four percent of.

[00:53:00] Exactly. It’s not 100 percent alcohol.

[00:53:02] It’s I think it’s like a day like you just pounded like throughout the day. Yes.

[00:53:07] So here’s the thing. What what happens with though this

[00:53:12] is a cultural podcast. Now, what happens

[00:53:15] is the preamble to your food adventure show. Yeah. This is the preamble to what happens with Pulcher is.

[00:53:22] It ferments in your stomach,

[00:53:24] so when you drink it, you’re getting it, when you drink it.

[00:53:28] You’re not only for the most part, when you drink alcohol, you’re getting it. So you’re drinking

[00:53:32] alcohol. What’s the opposite of Lette? Calm. What’s even worse than that, I would do, yes, dead

[00:53:43] with such thing, if you’re if you’re of the no, if you’ve had Pooka before, if your stomach can handle pulque like yours, for example,

[00:53:50] it’s not so hot in here, but not as bad as it hit me in Phuket,

[00:53:57] basically fermenting your stomach and just

[00:53:59] cleanses you like it goes to work. It goes to work. It puts in the hours for sure. Does the dirty work within minutes.

[00:54:09] Honestly, within hours for sure.

[00:54:12] Yeah. So we had Booligal like what would you say, one one p.m.. Yeah. By 5:00 p.m.

[00:54:20] at the Airbnb I was laying down just like I’m going

[00:54:24] to die. You’re gone,

[00:54:26] I’m going to die. This is the end. This is the end of me. This is where this is where I’m going to take you. Oh, let me out.

[00:54:35] And then but here I am, stronger for it.

[00:54:37] Exactly the easy part, I would have pulque again.

[00:54:40] There’s a place in Downey I know. No, I’ve had you know, it’s like a nice restaurant. They have, like, barbacoa there.

[00:54:47] I asked my parents, I said I said, Metuh, Pulcher, I’m going to say in English, but are you supposed to drink? How are you supposed. I was like, OK, do you know kids that my parents, they’re like, yeah, we know poor kids. And they were just like I said, how are you supposed to drink and then like, get really cold? And I was like,

[00:55:07] OK, yeah, OK. And you’re like, it’s really cold. Like it’s mostly cold.

[00:55:12] Cold because if it’s warm

[00:55:15] you

[00:55:15] you know you. Right. So I thought I started going back. I laid there and I started going back into my mind.

[00:55:22] This thing was so warm. No, the pool at the restaurant was was cold, chilled, was chilled. It wasn’t cold, it was chill. But you’re you’re a roadside pool kid was so good. It was warm.

[00:55:37] They tried their best.

[00:55:39] I took three sips if that that’s all it took.

[00:55:42] All right. So like this

[00:55:43] is what I’m saying is this. If you’re American, never pulque in your life.

[00:55:47] Oh yeah.

[00:55:47] Your put some ice cubes in there, especially fill it up because it’s not worth it.

[00:55:53] But it’s children, poor children. Are you still going to it’s still going to affect your stomach.

[00:55:58] The things we had like three or four cookies.

[00:56:01] Yeah, we had a lot, we had a lot of that. Last one was like those you know, like there’s Beazer, there’s the lady, you know, bees with their hands. It was like you wash your hands. I was like, oh, seasoning. But I put the blueberry puking.

[00:56:18] It was good, dude.

[00:56:19] I can’t stop thinking about it on my sanora like I love you. How do

[00:56:23] you say blueberry in Spanish again today with an

[00:56:25] A? It’s like that’s like I don’t know, this could be wrong some some water or something like that.

[00:56:28] I don’t think that’s what I think

[00:56:29] it’s like raspberry.

[00:56:31] Yeah. It’s something that a

[00:56:33] can we get a quick Google on. What.

[00:56:34] What a blueberry in Spanish.

[00:56:36] He said it also when she said it.

[00:56:38] I don’t know. I think that sounds wrong.

[00:56:41] You know, another boom you.

[00:56:44] I’m sorry.

[00:56:46] You should be sorry I doubted that. I thought. Oh yeah. Rantall. I was right when she said it makes no sense, blueberry, Arunta, Rampal, you will know this. I am so

[00:57:01] happy that we didn’t have that bouquet at that one place in downtown Mexico City. Remember when you were like, oh, the spooky place right now there’s a little stop now.

[00:57:08] But those are those are like the

[00:57:09] typical those

[00:57:10] are established.

[00:57:11] Yeah. And the thing OK, the thing about book is like it’s becoming more popularized because like back in the days like before, like

[00:57:17] you’re starting to get huckleberry

[00:57:20] the bulky polka string from thing. Yeah.

[00:57:22] I just, I just, I mean

[00:57:24] the fermented like that was like known for like the farmers, the like the poor people because like it wasn’t is like cheap and like you give it kind of smells, you know, it has this weird taste but is known for like the lower class people. Now you got like these hipster foods and like they’re trying to bring it up, making establishments, which I love because they’re making them popular again. Yeah, it’s a great drink. It’s part of the culture. It is. And like, they’re just mixing it with

[00:57:50] it’s essentially a smoothie, like honestly

[00:57:53] blueberry binya whyever like so like those are flavored. Amazing.

[00:57:58] Yeah, they’re good. But they were, it was good.

[00:58:01] I was really scared. I was really scared that it was going to be nasty of the texture is going to be gross now. It’s really good. It’s really good. And it’s like a smoothie. It’s a smoothie. It’s, it’s just like a smoothie. So all that being said,

[00:58:14] all that being said, tangent, this tangent, you you are you’re gaining popularity in the crazy gorilla. What’s next? We’re going to bring it back in world domination.

[00:58:33] So so let’s go back before world domination. OK, you’re both still in college. Yes. You’re both working on videos. Yes. You start to gain popularity. I have a question for you. When when do you start doing more of the Mexican Nesh?

[00:58:50] OK, so I don’t remember which video was, but I think we started making we made like a Mexican pie video, like catered for Mexicans. Yeah, Latinos, Hispanics. I don’t remember which one it was, but we we saw that we made one video, I don’t know, beans or something. I don’t know. I don’t remember. And that’s like we saw that it did pretty good. OK, so OK, people like this kind of content, let’s try it again. So we made it like another Mexican Hispanic video. We did pretty good, we’re like, OK. Let’s do another one, and that’s essentially how we found a niche. Yeah, and I don’t remember which video was, but ever since I guess then we’re like, OK, well. Mexican content, we’re Mexican, this is essentially like our lives where we lived through what we are living

[00:59:43] through

[00:59:44] every one of the videos you make like like Ehsanullah Sheilas and all that kind of stuff. It literally is my child, dude

[00:59:49] is my president who like

[00:59:51] it literally, literally

[00:59:54] is like how we grew up. And that’s the thing I love about your videos is like. Yeah, like we live.

[00:59:58] You lived it. Yeah.

[00:59:59] So you know, so that’s the thing is we’re not like we’re not talking about anything we don’t know. Yeah. So like we’re like OK with these videos we can make video on anything but like OK, let’s make videos on what we know, what our experiences. We’re not the only ones who’s lived through this like that seriously. So let’s share our experiences making in video form, share to the world. And yeah, first, like the Mexicans are like yo to dope. Now we got all kinds of people watching our videos. It’s crazy. And they’re like fans in India, England, India is like they love our videos. Like it

[01:00:34] is a massive market

[01:00:35] for you to get to India. Real shout out, shout out India.

[01:00:38] But what are you going to go do a fan meet up in India?

[01:00:41] I really wanna go to India. Yeah, it just it sounds amazing. I want to go take pictures there. Yes. But hopefully soon. Yeah. Visit India Dotcom. I send you boy over like let’s talk but yeah. Like so. We started making these we’re like, OK, Mexican contact works for us, yeah, let’s just keep on doing it and. We’ve kept on doing it. I don’t remember which video was it like this are doing it, but once we saw that it was working for us, really OK, people like like this one just keep on making more. Yep. And here we are continuing making Mexican content.

[01:01:18] Well, the thing is, you’re making Mexican and we are also making regular content.

[01:01:23] It’s like kind of

[01:01:24] it’s a good mix.

[01:01:26] So I thought I’d say, what’s more, I guess Mexican like catered like Nobelists and it’s mainly food. Yeah. Like that’s a huge part of our culture. So one of the best cuisines in the world,

[01:01:38] I think so tough.

[01:01:41] Oh I,

[01:01:42] I’m biased, but I think for sure Mexican Mexican food

[01:01:46] is not top five.

[01:01:47] No, it’s top one. It’s number one. OK, yeah.

[01:01:48] I’m saying like I don’t want to be respectful.

[01:01:51] Top five gives too much leeway. I think I

[01:01:53] want to say top three, but I just do I just want to be respectful to the cultures I try

[01:01:56] to. I did. I love other other cultures. That’s why I travel. I travel for food. I don’t travel. That’s the reason you go to the art and you go to the beach. But the art of secondary food is the one. The food is art. Mexican culture is where it’s at because there are so many other cultures, dude, as European countries, as Asian Africans, African culture, it’s so much it’s everything

[01:02:13] or charta it comes from Africa,

[01:02:15] as I’m saying, like all these all these tasty things. It’s a you talk about a melting pot of cultures.

[01:02:21] Oh, Mexico. That’s why that’s why it’s so fun. It’s cool. Like it’s different perspectives.

[01:02:26] Mexico fantastic. We’ll go back in November.

[01:02:29] Let’s go back right now.

[01:02:31] Look, a flatrock well, ladies get together for melodies,

[01:02:36] yeah, for sure, for me at least. I mean, I’ve been I’ve been saying it forever, but like I’m back in like. In a past life, I was like before I transitioned into business, I was thinking about going into culinary because I love Mexican food so much, that’s like what better like life can I live than to, like, take Mexican food to, like, the next level, you know? And I think I think if I could if I could do it over again, like like I love my life now, but if I could do it over again, I’d probably do culinary. But like, dude, I, I, I’ll never forget. Like I said, it’s here when I’m in the restaurant that I told you guys about pulling in next what we were

[01:03:19] I

[01:03:20] that was that’s the first restaurant in in Mexico that got a Michelin star. So Enrico Letta is the chef there. Homeboy like Mexico for some reason had never been recognized by the Michelin Revue. Really? Because, you know,

[01:03:36] why isn’t there like a lady in like I could be wrong and that’s another.

[01:03:39] So, yeah. So now homegirl is probably going to get a star. Two hundred percent. I hope so. I really

[01:03:43] don’t know her

[01:03:44] name, but yeah, I know. I really hope she gets a star because she deserves it. And so the way that the interview goes, which is kind of I mean everyone says like oh Michelin stars are good. Oh three three Michelin star. Also good to see one Michelin star Michelin reviewed. You have to go there. These are the best places to go. But one thing to realize well is that the interview is super whitewashed, like Miguel Whitewashed. So one of the rules is in order for your country to be to have Michelin stars, you have to have one restaurant or one chef that is Michelin serving. So Enrica, to my knowledge, he served in Europe for a minute. For a minute. He was a known chef there. And then he went back to Mexico. So he was like, you know, he is let me get my train. I went to Mexico and just started shelling out good food. We’re talking like he hired, like the people who made us tortillas, even like a carpenter called Noma. Not really fancy place. I think it’s Ngoma. Ngoma. The chefs for Noma went to Mexico to go cook for like a year, they opened a restaurant in Mexico for a year. So that’s also kind of a Mexican spot. Oh, because they opened up a restaurant and they have like our little house and like the US making making the tortillas. They like them tortillas because they know how to do it better than anybody, the formerly

[01:05:01] exact

[01:05:01] form. So now Mexico, now that Enrique got the got the Michelin star there, I don’t remember how many years ago for him. It’s just like now it’s off to the races now. Now that one is there, then everyone else can start getting it. So I guarantee you you’re going to have that lady. And I think it’s another you’re going to have it

[01:05:23] sent via the wire loop. And he’s probably going to

[01:05:25] do everything I

[01:05:27] mentioned for

[01:05:28] Mexico. Mexican, it’s super good. I’m hoping, at least I’m hoping that more Michelin interviews and more Michelin stars get sent over to Mexico, because right now, I think it’s I don’t know if it’s just him still, but it’s it’s basically Mexico City, Guadalajara, our client, the you know, the bigger cities, Monterrey, all these bigger cities are kind of the kind of get it. But even like Mexicali, like the Chinese the Chinese food and the sushi, not like sushi, the Chinese food in Sinaloa. And it’s another they have the good sushi or Sinaloa.

[01:06:01] Sinaloa sushi. Yeah. Forget about it. God. Okay, forget about it. It might as well be Japanese sushi doesn’t exist. Yeah.

[01:06:11] Yeah. You have all these places that are that slowly we’ll start catering to everything. But yeah. To your point man. Mexican culture is the food.

[01:06:19] Every culture, a huge part of

[01:06:21] every culture is the food. Yeah. Because I you tell stories

[01:06:23] and connects people one

[01:06:25] hundred percent.

[01:06:26] And quick question. Michelin star Michelin. They make tires

[01:06:30] literally from the tires. Yeah.

[01:06:32] Why would I care what a tire shop thinks about food plays in

[01:06:36] places they know it sucks but it is a big thing. The reason why people travel to like Italy, people travel to France is because they’re the they’re the heaviest Michelin star countries in the world.

[01:06:46] Passes on fire. Oh, yeah. A nice little covid Bulgaria Cocodrie. That’s going to a on star. We like glass on you might have you warm this kind of Chef Boyardee.

[01:07:01] What if he have up though like kind of like change the texture a little bit. That’s a little different. Like garlic sauce. I’m with it, you know, like a good chef can make anything good.

[01:07:08] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that. You bring up a good point. Like I said before, it’s whitewashed like Michelin. The tire company is from Europe.

[01:07:17] Well, it’s really them.

[01:07:18] Yeah. Yeah, Michelin.

[01:07:20] I really I was trying to be like.

[01:07:21] So it was an ad campaign. No, it is them. The Michelin star is the Michelin Man.

[01:07:26] No, I know it is not. Is the mission to fact. Is it is. Then why do people care

[01:07:33] what a tire shop

[01:07:35] it was.

[01:07:35] So it was a marketing campaign back in the day that that basically said so. So the way the Michelin stars go, this is all the Michelin reviewed means you should think about going there. One star means one star means if you’re near it, go to it to star means if it’s by where you are, go to it. And then three star, three Michelin starred basically means make your way out there, like go out there. And they they made these rating systems in order to get people to drive more to go to like these random villages.

[01:08:07] They had really good like mom and

[01:08:08] pop places, OK, so they could drive more so they would need to change the tires out more often. That’s that was it was an ad campaign. The Michelin starred the Michelin campaign. It was an ad campaign.

[01:08:19] You just blew my mind.

[01:08:20] I’m kind of I’m like, I’m a little mad, right? I am mad.

[01:08:23] Like it’s not

[01:08:24] here. What a tired tells

[01:08:25] me to do now. It was

[01:08:26] tires. Yeah. The Michelin. So but they branched off after a while like their own team, like after the ad campaign, like after people were like, oh cool list that I can like. I don’t want to think, I just it tells me to go there, I’m going to go there. So they went OK, well now we’re going to branch off. So they’re no more they’re not together anymore. I think they’re completely independent. But you have like Michelin tires that invented the Michelin star.

[01:08:51] In fact, I thought that was like I was trying to be funny,

[01:08:53] you no man, now that’s real.

[01:08:56] I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about that. But, like, I respect the hustle. Like, you know, that’s a great marketing campaign.

[01:09:02] It was a good campaign. Like, that’s smart, but thank you.

[01:09:06] I don’t know. I just didn’t expect the guys.

[01:09:08] You know, Attiya tells you to go to this restaurant. You got to go to it.

[01:09:11] And I’m going to go.

[01:09:13] No, most fantastic.

[01:09:14] I never been.

[01:09:16] I Studebaker’s, that’s all I need. Honestly, dude, I’m down the street right now. I mean, just cut the black community.

[01:09:28] There is one I never been to Newport. There’s one at the border, too, like when you cross the border walking right there on. It’s not what the U.S. city either. Well, the al-Attar. With the name of it, but I right at the border before you cross, there’s a talk about Cantina right there.

[01:09:44] Really? Yes. I haven’t been to that one yet. Interest. I shall talk about Cantina Shade.

[01:09:51] So let’s go back here. Next, most videos are about food because of the culture. Where does it go from there?

[01:10:01] We take each day as it comes, honestly, like we honestly, I don’t know what video we’re filming next week, we don’t know. We don’t know. That’s that’s the thing. We. It’s not that we have a game plan like we have a five year plan and we’re going to do this, we don’t like I said before, we do not know what we’re doing. We’re just surviving, but doing

[01:10:23] very well for yourself, I guess surviving.

[01:10:25] I guess our next step, I would like a bigger format like Hulu, Netflix, those type of things, like just larger scale instead of just YouTube videos, even though it’s like, I guess, running gun style. I don’t mind that. But just like this longer and like on these other platforms. But also, I mean, YouTube, I love as a platform, we could upload that type of content there too. So I think maybe I don’t know when this year, next year, remember, but a more larger form content for sure, because in a way our videos are like kind of like series. Yeah. Like we do addict addicted and like Siri, like we have like series. So I just kind of like expanding on like one, just making it longer, elaborating on the characters more, you know, because like everybody is like three to five minutes. I want like like a show like 10 minutes, like I think 24 minutes. I think that’s probably the next step when how we don’t know to what we figure it out. We’ll see. We try it probably. But I think that’s kind of what we want to go towards. We still want to do YouTube for sure. But like, I think just take on like bigger projects,

[01:11:43] more long form stuff. Yeah, OK.

[01:11:45] Whether it will be great or not, I don’t know.

[01:11:48] I think if you’re good at it, I think as long as you think about it in the in a series,

[01:11:53] what we need to do, because right now just kind of focus like each video individually in a way like the next video. This way we kind of just have to break it down, like come up with, like, the whole concept and scripts, like pretty much all of them before we start filming. Oh, no. See, like, I don’t know how to go about it, but

[01:12:09] I mean, figure it out.

[01:12:10] We always do. I mean, have to for survival.

[01:12:14] Yeah. For the sake of survival getting guys to.

[01:12:18] But I think that’s part of the next step. I mean we we it was last year we did the our new channel Mama

[01:12:26] and that’s kicking off right over a hundred and

[01:12:28] two hundred I believe. Two hundred. So that’s doing good. My mom’s popping, she’s getting recognized in the street really. She can recognize in Mexico. That’s pretty sick. Yeah. It’s like oh there’s a she, she thinks she’s hot and stuff like yeah she’s cool and she.

[01:12:42] Watarru when you went to the Galaxy game, Alexi Lalas is just like

[01:12:46] is that

[01:12:47] are you for my mom bought me

[01:12:49] like well so do they want me.

[01:12:52] Noshaq She got pregnant at the game actually. Did she. Yeah, I went to the restroom. I came back. She’s like talking to someone. She’s like, yeah, I watch your videos like to herself. She don’t recognize me.

[01:13:00] Shame. I was like I made her. Yeah, I made her who she is. Here are some respect. I’m your manager.

[01:13:08] So I think like probably more work on that channel to send more that type of content reaction, reaction type videos with our moms or just moms in general. Yeah. Shut out moms. Do they.

[01:13:21] Let me know if you on my mom on that thing too. She’s Spanish speaking only but that’s fine.

[01:13:25] Let me know. I translate fantastic.

[01:13:27] Like let’s we. Soane. Soon we’re going to need more moms.

[01:13:34] OK, we’re going to need moms, OK, we’re going to need lots of moms.

[01:13:43] So I’m. So that’s where you are right now. Yeah. I want to talk about this because I know someone in this room is a very big Star Wars fan. And I want you to talk about your experience when you went to I think it was it was who gave you the ticket? A real one.

[01:14:01] OK, so I guess we’re we’re

[01:14:03] like, I want you to look him in the eyes every so often just so he can be jealous.

[01:14:07] We went we have like a MXN, like a little management type thing. So Univision kind of work with alongside Univision. They have like a creator section, Univision,

[01:14:17] one of these on

[01:14:18] just sort of those people that don’t know where it’s coming in Univision. So we kind of like partner with them in a way. Yeah. And random. But one day they hit us up like yo yo. Want to go to Lucas Studios over there by San Francisco. And I was like, for what? Why not the like for Roeg One. And we’re like sounds. I was like, I love Star Wars. Yeah. I grew up watching Star Wars. So I was like, yeah, what the heck. Like Diego Luna too. Like I was like the shadow Mexico shot. And then I was like, what it have to do. Interview the cast. And I was like, for what?

[01:14:59] Like, why, why, why?

[01:15:01] I don’t know how to interview. We’ve never done this before. Yeah. So we agreed it was like, this sounds cool. So we play for Asao, got a nice hotel, went to Lucasta everything. Yeah. Lucas Studios is like all these like reporters and of course news outlets. We, we didn’t go anywhere then. We did not belong there like we just felt out of place just like. Oh, what do you do, homes like, uh, I make you do? Yes, I was like, what do you do? I work for CNN. Same old thing you do is a time to think.

[01:15:39] Pleasure to meet you.

[01:15:40] So I was like, oh, like sounds like I’m going like I was like nervous also. Yeah, well, maybe I was like, I’ve never like, who are these journalists? Who’s like I’m what is this event?

[01:15:50] You can’t beat them up if you want. Oh, easy, easy.

[01:15:53] It wouldn’t be a challenge. Yeah. Besides the point. So we’re out there and I think at first it’s like a switch. They should have they should have shown us the whole thing. We saw like the first fifteen minutes of the film

[01:16:05] before I came out. This is like how long before this came out?

[01:16:08] Uh, maybe like no more than three months. I guess. It’s like oh no. It’s called I’m thinking, oh, but does those movie interviews, you know something with the interview writers, whatever that’s called, it’s like that before promoting the movie. Yep. So we saw like the first 50 minutes to Lucas Studios. I was like, dude, this is pretty tight as like shows the whole thing. Like while you teasing me. Yeah. And then just meeting these journalists whose bubble but that’s like one where they have like two nights. Oh so nice little cocktails after, you know, little can suites and stuff is nice. Some storm troopers were there like, OK, I was, I took some pics, you know. Yeah, that’s cool. My mom was cool the next day. I like the big day where we had to interview the stars of the movie Diego Luna

[01:17:00] Bryce Dallas Howard

[01:17:01] was there and I was like, Felicity Jones.

[01:17:03] All right.

[01:17:04] Shout out to her. Shout out to her. She was just only hurt. Yeah. So I was like we were like we because we had like come up with like questions. But we were like, oh, how would you feel to get cast by the movie? Like we don’t want like I guess the boring question. So we try to think of something a little different because you guys are getting to ask the same questions all day, all day, all day, like morning till like 6:00. So really and then we got like the later time slots, like the tired, like they’re annoyed. So like, all right, you

[01:17:34] didn’t get the fresh air.

[01:17:34] We were like, OK, we got like the dirty hours. Yeah, the leftovers are there’s get it. So we try to think of some questions and I try to memorize them. It’s like I want to be reading like Diego like sucks. Yeah. But so like I try to memorize it. I have my little notes just in case. Disaster I disaster. I had to interview Diego Luna in Spanish,

[01:18:05] in Espanol,

[01:18:06] in Espanol, which I speak Espanol, I’m confident in it somewhat, but like for like work purposes. I cave as if it’s because I think in English, yeah, I think in English I’m a, you know, subject. I think in English I was like, this was for Mexican. And then there’s me and I remember. So I had to interview Diego Luna. So I was like. This was times like, what am I doing here? Because I let’s get it, let’s get it. I have my little nice by enough shirt persuading. They think like in the video, you kind of see like some sweat stains. And I was like, it’s like on the director’s chair. And I was like nervous too. And like I was kind of uncomfortable the whole time. I’m kind of like sitting like this. Well, just like weird.

[01:18:52] Like a ghoul. Like like a ghost. Yeah. Like I was

[01:18:56] like like just nervous, you know, I was like Diego Luna. Yeah. Interviewing them on camera. And I like to do YouTube videos with my homie. Like it’s just I messed up. We just do it again like it’s not it’s not that hard. But like in public, I’m, I’m really shy. Not people not many people know that kill the interview. Not really. I did my best. Yeah. Anthony interviewed a first name, apemen because was there too.

[01:19:23] Oh yeah.

[01:19:24] Yes. He interviewed him and Felicity Jones. So we killed KDDI. So I was like is cool here for the city. Jones I was jealous. Yeah. I was jealous I suppose. Yeah. I wanted I wanted Felicity, this married man. God, Felicity, who was a married back then.

[01:19:41] He’s not married yet.

[01:19:42] Technically right now he’s married. When’s the wedding though.

[01:19:46] Like they got like married to the court.

[01:19:48] Like OK, but

[01:19:50] yeah back then he wasn’t married ok. I was like God, I’m jealous but yeah. And then so interviewed them kind of like film the musket which is like a little intro natural that George Lucas studios to like OK, because like it’s like the ranch is like, like, it’s like this guy walking around and there’s like some studio like by the bridge.

[01:20:13] I’ve been talking to me like I’ve been to Skywalker Ranch.

[01:20:15] I’m just like there’s like like a Star Wars thing. Before like before the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s not Skywalker Ranch.

[01:20:21] It’s like a little like, yeah, OK, like this time’s like one hundred.

[01:20:28] OK, well, right before the break, so we filmed there like rather enjoying that show, like is. And like those, essentially, you have to interview them and then come up with some content in, that’s it. That’s like the first time, I think only time we kind of did anything like that, man. Like, I was like, I’m excited, but I’m so nervous, too. Yeah. I’m just sweating like my stance and what I do it again. Yeah. I feel like a little more confident now, but I mess up probably a little bit. Yeah. Like it’s who I am. Yeah. But now that I experienced it and then rug one just was amazing. Yeah. I was like my bias just because like if you interview them like no I really like Reglan is cool.

[01:21:11] Yeah. Robots are my favorite ones of the new movies. I guess

[01:21:14] I’m not a huge fan of the newer ones like Hosemann

[01:21:20] Skywalker.

[01:21:21] Yeah. I don’t like them too much. Well and

[01:21:23] then the other one is like another one before I out

[01:21:26] to Empire Strikes Back.

[01:21:28] Always, always employee. And it’s a good.

[01:21:35] It’s fantastic. It’s amazing. Yeah. They can shout out to episode one Phantom Menace. Best best fight music of any.

[01:21:42] That’s right. Yeah.

[01:21:44] It’s just like. Yeah. Let’s talk about Star Trek.

[01:21:47] I was never big on Star Trek.

[01:21:48] I’ve never seen it in the movies ever, ever any.

[01:21:52] Nothing really. Yeah, movies are kind of good, kind of,

[01:21:55] you know, because J.J. Abrams did them. So they’re like visually they’re good. But, yeah, a lot of other legislators and lots of weird establishing shots. But I liked it, I think was fine. But I would never I would never watch, like, what’s like the next generation or something like that. Right. Like New Orleans. Yeah. Like the shows the Chaga. Yeah. I don’t care about shows. I’m not watching that. I’m a Star Wars show. Why are they trying so hard.

[01:22:20] I just watch Mad Men my letter. I love that man. Just give me some whiskey.

[01:22:23] You like he just

[01:22:24] and 1950s

[01:22:27] just for his moral duty. That’s all I need. That’s all you should do in life.

[01:22:34] So I think I think we’ve gotten a good roundabout view of what the crazy girl is, who you are. For the most part. You don’t know who you are.

[01:22:44] I’m still trying to figure it out.

[01:22:45] So I figured out.

[01:22:46] The boy living on a rock and space, the I like music. I like sports. I’m a normal dude. I feel like I’m just normal. I don’t I really don’t think I’m like that special or whatever. I just some a normal dude lets it.

[01:23:04] OK, so. A normal boy,

[01:23:07] like taking pictures sometimes, like going on walks, you take very good pictures. Thank you. I try.

[01:23:12] Yeah, you should try.

[01:23:14] I mean, I like it.

[01:23:15] I mean, if you like, I don’t try.

[01:23:17] Sometimes I just take a shot. Sometimes you just capture a moment. Let’s just whip it.

[01:23:22] Just saying, dude,

[01:23:24] I saw a camera in the aisles. This is my last little attention. I saw a camera in The Conjuring that I really want to get into a little film camera, OK? And yes, yes, yes, yes, dude, I want that. So it’s this little camera that she like, opens up and takes picture and then closes it and then reopens back up to reel the film.

[01:23:43] So I guess like fools do is a little like this

[01:23:46] then is it Levator one 20, stop

[01:23:50] my head and we will start 120 or

[01:23:51] like something like Avatar like

[01:23:54] Jamie, can you pull that up

[01:23:56] on about 120? But you might be like a like for some reason that names popping up in my head. It’s OK. Never mind.

[01:24:06] Camera from The Conjuring the Devil made me do it.

[01:24:13] Oh, my close and it looks like this like it’s like a rectangle.

[01:24:18] Yeah, it’s like flat. And then you open. What’s the name? How much is the cost on eBay, Sony?

[01:24:26] Yeah, honestly, 60 bucks last week, you know? I hope not.

[01:24:34] I’ve seen the film camera from Spider-Man.

[01:24:38] No way, like like the one with the big bubble, it

[01:24:42] was like actual Spiderman, like it’s the new one was a party. I don’t know.

[01:24:47] I haven’t seen far from you. Oh, yeah. That’s I mean, it’s good. It is on

[01:24:51] me. I was supposed to go see in theaters and then we got busy and then we just missed our showing and I haven’t seen it since.

[01:24:58] It’s OK, but John Hardy, good morning, what more do you want?

[01:25:04] I just want him and I think in that movie is like a you a 35 or something. OK, I was I almost got it. So a movie like Spider-Man.

[01:25:13] Yeah, I almost got the the er ones when, uh, not far from home. What was the animated one.

[01:25:21] More miles, Morella’s

[01:25:23] always animated spider versus

[01:25:26] the ones that

[01:25:26] composters,

[01:25:27] yeah, super sick of the movie.

[01:25:30] Yeah, it’s really good. Honestly, one of your animated movies of all time.

[01:25:33] I just I saw a couple of months ago I got to see one. I didn’t see when it came out and I waited, I was like,

[01:25:39] is it good? It was good doing.

[01:25:41] I mean, not now. I wish I saw in the theaters. Yeah. But because I was like animation, I was like they’d give me my live action.

[01:25:48] Like, give me tell me why

[01:25:49] living like my reality is an animated. Give me real. Give me real. I need.

[01:25:56] Mary Jane like to see

[01:25:58] you see Tobey Maguire saving a woman,

[01:26:00] dude. And when Garfield and

[01:26:03] then what’s the last whose name? Tom, all in all, and within like a 10 year breaking

[01:26:10] through Spiderman, we’re all good. Yeah, they’re all good.

[01:26:13] They’re all going to be in the movie again, the new one.

[01:26:14] I’m ready. Yeah.

[01:26:17] So, Ron, I have something to tell you that I didn’t tell you at the beginning of this or at all at any point during our entire conversation, as per usual, accessorize my guests. OK, there’s something that we do here. It’s called failure stories. OK, I’m going to give you the premise, because I like I like when you think on your feet and you think of the first big one hits you like a. I need you to tell me about a time that you felt like you failed, but you overcame that failure and then ended up in a better place

[01:26:49] my whole life and my whole life failed, but I ended up in a better place.

[01:26:57] In your in your opinion, you ended up better for it or better through it?

[01:27:02] Hmm. Good question. I never thought of. I’d never thought of my failures like that. Um, failure or failure. Because like, I don’t really think see things like failure, not like whether they’re failures, but I just I just move on whether we like it or not. I guess I never thought of it like that. We think a better

[01:27:25] way to put it for you then would be a time where you kind of know the outcome that you expected wasn’t really there. And that kind of shifted your perspective into maybe rethinking on how you should go about your outcomes.

[01:27:40] Give me give me a second. Let me let me ponder my thoughts, OK?

[01:27:43] In the meantime, what’s that camera called?

[01:27:45] Oh, I couldn’t find it. You can’t find it. Couldn’t find it. Wow. Because like Google film camera. Oh, he showed it on his camera forward, so I can’t find it. We’re going to find it, don’t you worry.

[01:28:02] Hmm, it’s the only thing that kind of I think it’s like a moment, but it’s just the overall experiences that’s like kind of popping out right now, relationships. OK, I guess in a way. I want to say, like, haven’t had, like, the luck I wanted, blah, blah, blah, but with that, it’s made me appreciate myself more. Like, I know what I’m worth, yeah, like I don’t want to settle or anything, you know, like I know what I deserve in a way. Like I’m not like I say, I’m not sure, but. I know, I know I’m right, you know, I know I’m a good person, so because, like, there’s lots of people out there. Oh, I’m saying there’s no actual experience. It’s just like this overall.

[01:28:50] And I think even in like in any kind of relationship, I think you and that’s the important thing to have is like in any relationship, you know, you’re worth. Yeah.

[01:28:58] Yeah. So, like, I don’t want to one, like, waste my time, waste their time too. And like I think it just made me appreciate myself more. I did a lot of like self searching in a way blah blah blah and just figured out what I like. And I started just focusing more on myself and like giving myself the love that I need. So I think like with like I guess these relationships where I just found myself again, I found more self worth to myself. Yeah. Through those, I guess, failures in a way that’s like the thing that’s popping up. And I think also I guess another like I guess experience was like photography because I think I was in college. I like taking pictures, like I would take pictures of my friends. And I was like, it wasn’t I wasn’t like popping like I’m still not popular or anything like but I wasn’t getting the numbers on Instagram I liked. I was like getting the followers just for, like, my photography, like no comments. Like I was like two people, like my pictures, like it’s just like I just like doing it. It’s a hobby. And then I get to start reaching out to like folk and like companies, yada, yada. And then. Like for a couple of years, I just shooting events like concerts and stuff and going places I Sharpsburg when they came here. So I guess like they’re kind of like my my idea of like feeling like, oh, I’m not good. People don’t appreciate my art or whatever, like kind of like me because I start taking pictures. I just like doing it. But I guess like the idea is like, oh I’m not good enough. And then just shooting, being backstage at shows, shooting celebrities, athletes who I like admire Tiago Silva and Chelsea. Now I shot him at PSG Cavani. I shot him there too. So I was like I did all these pretty cool things with photography, which I never thought I would do. And it’s not like I travel the world who like photography, but I just did these cultural events. What I was like, whoa, like people like my stuff, which is cool. So I just kind of inspired me to like, just take more pictures because I. Because, like, I guess I’m huge on photography. I usually have a camera on me. Yeah. So I think just like the those initial years are kind of starting off. Oh, not getting. I guess appreciated like I wanted to feel like now I don’t feel the need to, like, feel appreciated or whatever, because I just show what I want. But I guess since I’ve been just doing that, people, I just start reaching out and people. Liked my work, so I guess that’s like I felt like getting a failure and now I’m like just shooting pictures every day.

[01:31:33] Nice. So, yeah, I mean, that’s that’s fantastic. I mean, looking at it, especially from a creative perspective, I think this is like most creatives go through this where, like, they feel like their work isn’t like no one got to work about. Yeah, exactly. Valid. And I think you have to make it makes or breaks. Artists, I think is understanding that you’re not making the art for them. No, you’re making the art for you. And then if people like

[01:31:57] that, that’s amazing then cool if they don’t like you doing it for yourself. Exactly. Like what these video with YouTube videos to like in the beginning. So we were doing it for ten years. And I guess you could say we’ve been doing a full time like it’s been our job for the past three. For seven years, we’ve just struggled, you know, I’m saying like like ups, downs, like, what are we doing? It is worth it to continue in a way, because like the kind of like a point where, like, is it working out or is it now we’re going to keep on doing it or not. So even with the video, I expect like it was tough. Yeah. But like I said, the beginning, we just I like doing it. We’ve been doing it for ourselves since we started. And it’s not become a whole our job, you know, so I guess a video aspect to the same thing, like the creativity stuff, because we always just do it for ourselves. So I think just with anything, I feel like if you do it just for yourself, do you have like your hearts in it for the right reasons? If you as long as you do it, you’ll find and you try to find ways to make it work. You’ll have to adapt. You’ll you’ll find your own success. So I think. I think we were like a failure, but we just felt like, oh, we’re not we’re putting all this effort into our videos, like all this work, all these hours losing sleep. And I guess now it looks like it’s paid off. You know, whether people we had haters, everyone has hate, like so-called haters, but. I mean, I never cared, like, because I wasn’t doing it for them. We’re just doing it for ourselves and we like sharing this content by making it. And boom. So I give you like three, yeah, yeah, you know, I hope that was good. I don’t know,

[01:33:41] I can be like 50 hundred bucks

[01:33:42] for to do the, you know, man.

[01:33:46] I think it’s all fantastic. And I think all of those things wrap up really nicely into this. Like just like one you have to identify yourself. Yeah. You have to know your self-worth and then know what you who you are and what you’re about. Once you figure those two things out, you know what you like, you know who you are, you know what you won’t accept. And at the same time, you know, what are you want to see be put out? Oh, yeah. Because, you know, I feel like that’s what you’re doing as well as like you’re putting out the content that you don’t think is there. Yeah. And then you want to see you’re putting the videos out that you want to watch. I think it’s fantastic. Kevin, I think that’s a great I think it’s a great family story. I think I think any artist, anyone who is creative and is trying to get a foothold on who they are, what they want to do, if they should keep going, they’re going to resonate with that much. You know, um, I mean, I really don’t know how to end this, but I think the conversation was great. I mean, what I liked are convoy that we had. It was fun. I hope the chat enjoyed our conversation as well. I’d like to take a second to say to the chat that today is the anniversary, one of the anniversary of the death of Ronald Reagan.

[01:34:58] So is that why you brought me here?

[01:34:59] That’s why I brought you here today. We’re celebrating. Yeah. Today is the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s death. So thank goodness he’s gone. He’s dead, burning in hell now. So that’s fantastic.

[01:35:08] Glad to be here. Thank you for being here on this. The anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s death. I did not know that. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[01:35:15] Fun fact. Yeah. So that’s I’m glad that you’re here for this. I’m glad you’re here. I love having obviously with you. I think we had a fun one.

[01:35:25] Thank you for having me. Think whenever you need me here, you know I’ll be back. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, nothing’s there’s fun. Yeah.

[01:35:31] So you have that camera, I mean that camera. If you want to come over here with me and hug me, we’re not getting that camera. If you want to let them know where they can follow you, where they can find you, go for it.

[01:35:42] We’re the Crazy Gorilla find us on all your social media platforms at the Crazy Gorilla. We’re pretty mellow guys, but our content is pretty mellow, too. So. But where the crazy gorilla? YouTube. Facebook. Tick tock, MySpace, lime wire. You know where to find us, the crazy girl. We make a Mexican-American content and yeah, like follow us. We might follow you back, like, swag. That’s it.

[01:36:11] That’s it. All right. Thank you for watching. If you’re watching this towards the end, I hope that you enjoy the show. And I didn’t go too far off the rails. I appreciate everybody who tuned in. Thank you for watching. Keep in mind, we do have a newsletter that you can sign up for. I’m sure that’s going to go up in the chat eventually. So sign up for the newsletter if you want to kind of stay up to date on who the next guests are going to be or what’s happening with the brew and then go to if you want to read any of our failure stories. Previous guests, if you want to read any blogs that we’ve had with them or just kind of want to get to know the brand a little bit better. Thank you again for watching. I think we can fade to black now.

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